In her youth during the 4th Age, Sylara Telukai displayed exceptional skills in combat and strategy. She was trained rigorously in the martial arts, honing her natural talent for swordplay and mastering the intricacies of various weapons. Her determination and discipline were unmatched, making her a prodigy among her peers.

As she grew older, Sylara caught the attention of the Deathwatch Guards themselves, who were impressed by her abilities and unwavering loyalty to the Empire. Recognizing her potential, they personally selected her to join the elite force responsible for protecting the imperial family.

Throughout her service, Sylara proved herself time and again in the face of danger. She fought against rogue channelers, darkfriends, assassination attempts, and various other threats to the Empire. 

However, life as a Deathwatch Guard was not without sacrifice. Sylara severed ties with her family, as the demands of her duty left little room for personal relationships. She rarely saw her loved ones, and the weight of her responsibility often weighed heavily on her. Yet, she found solace in her purpose, knowing that her service protected not only her people but also the stability of the Empire. 

By the end of her life, Sylara Telukai had risen through the ranks of the Deathwatch Guard, becoming a symbol of dedication, honor, loyalty and strength. Her story became the stuff of legends, inspiring a new generation of female warriors in the  Empire and beyond. 

Other Reincarnations

1st Age –Tanis Peregrym, she is an Atharim hunter based in the greater Moscow region.

2nd Age – Thalei Covunetin, late in the Age, she was a champion of gladiatorial games, a dueling blood sport that pit combatants against one another to the point of defeat before a crowd. Later, during the war, she declared her allegiance to an Aes Sedai patron and fought in his armies.

3rd Age – Tiallin Sharif, she was a Maiden of the Spear of the Aiel .

4th Age – Sylara Telukai, Deathwatch Guard who served the Emperor and Empress of Seanchan as a member of her their personal guard. 

5th Age – Bānu Gošab, Persian mythology. A heroine knight who frequently killed or captured suitors who did not meet her standards.

6th Age – Vishpala, a warrior of Hindu pantheon who who lost her leg in battle, was given a ‘leg of iron’, and returned to fight. 

7th Age – Khawla bint Al-Azwar, legendary Muslim warrior. 



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