Chief Inspector Drayson McCullough

Every last member of the new counter-terrorism task force, dubbed simply ‘task force Domovoi,’ were among those like Drayson. The ones that had witnessed the inexplainable, be it monster or magic user, and had kept both their sanity and their jobs. Some had even made a career of dealing with explainable cases, always managing to find a way of writing the reports that seemed plausible, or in some cases, dealing with a problem in a fashion that never made it into a report.

Drayson, A New Family

Drayson had always been a man of few hobbies, and fewer friends. Growing up in a small town on the Isle of Man, he had always stood out as being far too mature for his age, and the only times he was seen as being aggressive was in a good rugby scrimmage. Drayson considers himself an easily angered person, but it is rarely seen by others. Instead, he is described as having almost supernatural levels of patience.

He is a large man. 6’2″ and heavily built, he has a penchant for somewhat dated wool suits, well tailored of course. A bit of a pain in the height of summer, but the rest of the year is usually pleasantly cool. A strong exercise routine is evident in his build, although rarely made obvious thanks to his chosen style of suit and jacket.


Although just a boy when the King of England and the elected government made the fateful decision to bow to the CCD, Drayson still identifies himself as a Brit. The Royal Family are still a remembered and respected tradition, and now defunct United Kingdom still exist as a fond memory in his mind. But Drayson’s a realist, not lost in the glory days of the past. Britain would rise as a powerful contributor to the CCD, and it was the men and women of those once isolated Isles that would bring it there.

As a boy, Drayson was the eldest son of five boys, raised by a single mother who did all she could to make ends meet. With the dying economy, she failed. Drayson, aged 9, watched his youngest brother die of pneumonia before his first birthday; funding for public healthcare was steadily cut as the government’s coffers dug deeper and deeper into the red. After that, the young boy’s entire view of the world changed. Gone was the carefree child, and Drayson quickly took up the mantle of being the man of the house.

He cared for his younger brothers, helped with the chores, and did odd jobs to earn money, food, or odds and ends that the family needed. Kerosene for a heater, blankets, some loose change, a bag of sugar. He was up early and to bed late every day, a diligent student and a common face around Castletown doing whatever he could to help his family. Drayson finished his public schooling and won a scholarship, which he used to pursue a degree in criminology and criminal psychology. Three years of schooling achieved him his Bachelor’s degree, and he was quickly accepted as a police officer.

His loyalty to the CCD is more a carry-over of his loyalty to his homeland. So long as the CCD flourishes, so too will Britain. He served with distinction in the DVII Capital Region police department, with a sizable portion of his uncomfortably small income going to his mother and younger brothers, to help cover their ongoing education. It was during his time in London that Drayson drew the attention of the Custody Domestic Protection Service, and after five years as a police officer, he received his transfer notice to the DVII CDPS, based in Scotland Yard.

Another eight years of distinguished service there saw him transferred to the Moscow branch as a Chief Investigator.

After a supernatural encounter with a Wefuke and a dead priest who was secretly Atharim, Drayson was consequently transferred to the Custody Domestic Protection Service (CDPS) and Moscow, where he has remained since. Soon after he headed Domovoi, the CDPS’s task force for dealing with supernatural crimes.



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