Wefuke comes from the indigenous Mapuche people of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina. These beings can have solid, material bodies, evanescent ghost-like bodies or are extracorporeal spirit-like entities. Their energy is characterized by its propensity to disturb and / or destroy the balance of the world’s natural order.

Unlike other living beings or spirits that possess their own soul, wekufes are soulless. They are said to have originated in mythical battles of old, under the command (and manipulation) of magic users, priest-like men who wore only black. Wefuke have the power to capture, command, or compel a human target most likely by possession. Once in control, they use their newfound bodies for their own purposes. This is the only time in which a wefuke may be killed: while it is in possession of a human body. Unfortunately, the human host must also die.



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