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Everything happened so fast.

And suddenly it was done. Hospital staff and patients and visitors had fled to safety. It was just the Inquisitor, Tenzin and her. This entire shit show had seemed to spontaneously come into being the minute he had contacted them, using a little girl as bait for Durante. He hadn't seemed to care what happened to her.

That the sentient had fucked up his head was beside the point.

It seemed the less time she spent around Atharim orthodoxy or hardliners, the less and less she liked the organization she was a part of. She believed in keeping people safe.

But they had become as bad as the monsters they protected people from.

She looked at Tenzin and nodded, following her out. "I don't like what we've become," she whispered. What she had become. More and more, some of her memories are at her. The fondness and respect she had for Regus had been struck a blow, yet another one in a series since she had met Tenzin.

A lifetime of shoved aside cracks were widening into ever larger fissures, a foundation crumbling. She had already finally processed what Regan had done to her. But that had been only the beginning.

Outside, they hailed a ride to a random location, then another, and another until they were suitably satisfied that they couldn't be tracked to their safehouse.

Once inside the walls, she could breathe. This place had become a home. A sanctuary even. A place to think and figure things out.

She sat down at the table staring at her hands. "Things have to change." Then she looked into Tenzin's black eyes. She was Atharim, but of a different tradition. One that was more...nuanced. "Tell me about the Atharim you come from." She wanted to know.

But it was also an opening. She had things to share.

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