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Nadia Sokolov
Name: Nadia Sokolov

Age: 23 (Born in 2022)

Strength in Power: 18

Goddess: Hathor

Nadia. In the language of her parent’s in Russia, her name means Hope. Hope that the world will find order. Hope that the natural disasters that shake every corner of the Earth will stop. Hope in themselves. Hope in the future. Hope for their beautifully dark haired infant daughter, born into a world where hope was hard to come by.

When Nadia was only two years old, her father’s job in the Ascendency’s Military had them moved to Dubai to begin diplomatic relationships there. Here, she would spend her childhood. She was brilliant, learning things quicker than the other children, and was soon fluent in not only her native tongue, but English, Arabic, and Swahili which she picked up from the refugees of disasters deeper into Africa’s heart. She excelled in schools and was always ahead in the bases classes. She was a happy child who loved to learn more than anything else in the world.

Due to her father’s outstanding service to the Ascendancy, her father was promoted up the ranks and soon took a government position in the newly formed Dominance V. As such, her family became wealthy and she lived a privileged life, but was wise beyond her years and was always aware of the suffering of the rest of the world around her.

By the time she became a teenager, she began looking for ways to help those around her who were less fortunate. She would sneak out the clothes that she outgrew to people in the city who would see them distributed. After dinner, she would hide leftovers and sneak them out to the people in the streets, as well. She was always looking for something more to do, much to her father’s chagrin. Filled with power, Nickolas Sokolov was the face of the corruption of the new CCD government. To the world, he was a man who commanded control and received it, a man who got things done, and in these times, that was the sort of ruler the land needed. But his passion was not saving the people, it was the paychecks. Nadia’s mother, too, was caught up in their wealth. She wanted what was best for sweet Nadia, and to her that was to become the new age belle, always dressed in Moscow’s latest fashions and being courted by the right sort of men.

At the age of 16, Nadia’s privileged life changed forever. The headaches began over breakfast with her parents. Soon, the fever began to overtake her. For a time, she was able to hide it from her parents. The sickness among teenagers was well known by this time, and she was sure that if daddy found out that his daughter had it, he would use it as a ploy to gain political power.

One evening, she was walking home late. Suddenly, like a flash of light, the sickness overtook her in full strength and she collapsed on the side of the road. There, she was found by an unknown man, beaten, and raped. At least that is what the police report read, and sure enough, 6 weeks later she was found to be with child. Her parents were devastated. How could this happen to THEIR daughter?

Nadia was so deep into her sickness that she was rarely coherent enough to speak. The doctors were not hopeful about Nadia’s survival, much less the baby’s, but when Nadia’s parents made the decision that the child should be aborted, strange things began to happen. Nadia, through her fever, was determined that she would keep the child, but was never conscious to express that desire. The day the abortion was to take place, all the water in the building froze over. No one could explain the cause of it, but they could no longer undergo the procedure and postponed it. When the new date arrived, the doors to Nadia’s room inexplicably sealed themselves closed, allowing no one in. The locks were undone and the door wasn’t tampered with, but still they could find no way to get in. By the third such strange occurrence, they decided that it must be fate and to let mother and baby live or die together. There was nothing more that they could do.

The nurses in the hospital, many of them refugees from African nations seeking refuge and work in a CCD state began whispering in the halls about the strange occurrences by this Nadia girl. “Caller” they called her, which was Nadia in their native Swahili. The caller of strange things. Maybe even demons perhaps. Either way, many of the staff began to fear the disease that plagued Nadia.

The next 6 months were much the same. During the nights, she would moan and sometimes even scream through the fever, but as the hospital staff monitored her and the baby, they lived. In fact, the pregnancy was nearly perfect. In Nadia’s subconscious, all she could think was I must live. Must live. Must live for my baby.

One morning, a nurse came in to check them and to her utter amazement, found Nadia with a tiny baby girl curled against her chest. Both Nadia and her baby looked healthy, and while Nadia looked exhausted, her color was better than it had been any time since she had been admitted. Nadia, looking up at the nurse, smiled and said “Meet Zoe!”

Once returning to her home, though, the tension in the house was high. It had been announced that Nadia had died from the fever rather than the scandal of the bastard child be discovered, so Nickolas made quick work of finding a place for his daughter to be shipped off to. Not Moscow. There were too many people liable to recognize her there. Tokyo? Mumbai? Anywhere in the ever expanding CCD would do. After all, he didn’t want his daughter to die… just be very well hidden.

Finally, it was decided and Nadia and Zoe packed a few small bags and were smuggled out through the night to Prague. There, she has lived, raising her daughter for the last 4 years, working for a company to transfer all of the precious oil out of the Central Dominance and out to the ever growing CCD.

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