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Unwanted Visitors
Hood's phone chirped, and he drew it from his pocket long enough to eye the message displayed. His eyebrows rose in brief surprise at what he saw, then he just chuckled quietly and turned it so they could both see. A message from Pervaya securities. A high interest possible client sought to speak with Mr White. A one Jaxen Marveet.

"You folks are lucky. I can meet with him, see what he wants to talk about. Then, once we're done, I'll leave, and you two can do what you need to do. After I've left. Can't sully my day job with this sort of work, after all."
He studied the two closely; it was probably the best set up they could get. They would know in advance where Jaxen would be, and could plan how to take the man down on their own terms, rather then trying to guess and hope he fell into their trap.

He'd bait the trap for them, but it didn't sit well. His day job was to protect people, after all, not set them up to be assassinated. If they were going to strike him after the meeting, he needed to be well away and unable to be associated with the hit. Just an unpleasant coincidence and nothing more.
At that, Seth gritted his teeth reflexively. This job really didn't sit right with him, not one bit. His job was killing monsters, not kids born with some strange deformity. 'Course, Rune was fine with it. She'd heard the story about her mother a thousand times. But it wasn't the same thing at all - these people were born and raised as what they were. Weren't like Wefuke.

And they weren't like Rougarou neither - he'd only heard rumors about any of 'em actually killing folk. But they were Atharim. Apparently that entailed following their chucklefuck Reggie to hell. "Sounds good, I'll get my kids together."
He waved goodbye and left, Rune in tow.

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