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A friend in need
It took a while for both of them to recover fully, and by the time they did Reed looked like hell. Not that he'd tell her that; Nicholas liked his scalp right where it was. After taking a few moments to berate him on his lack of magical ability, Reed leaned against the doorway and went straight to business.

"I don't like your new friend, and I certainly don't trust that guy. You shouldn't either." She raised an eyebrow. "I want you to tell me what you two are cooking up for this trip. My plate's kind of full in case you didn't notice, and I won't be compromising our mission just to save his puckered ass. You're my key, not him."

Nicholas couldn't exactly play surprised about Reed's mistrust of Jon. Hard to make friends with the guy who threatens to control your mind if you don't do as he says. Truth be told that whole episode put a bitter taste in Trano's mouth too. Still, Jon was needed.

It was hard to play the role of the reasonable guy sitting on the floor. He got up before responding, only a little wobbly. Maybe he could see about finishing off that other bottle too. "I can't say I blame you for not trusting him. That said, he's also the closest thing to an expert we have on something that, until a few days ago, we thought was just a fairy tale. I haven't made any plans beyond him teaching me how not to kill myself, or blind you."
Probably not best to remind her of it, but the look on her face was hilarious. Not that he'd tell her that. "Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but right now he's the most valuable resource we've got."
Now that Reed had her sight back, she watched the fearsome image of Trano climbing to his feet. Wow, got ourselves a real Spartan on our hands here. Manly.

She rolled her eyes at his joking. She hoped it was joking. And went on in. He had carpet fuzz all over his pants. She only shook her head. He could pick them off himself. She wasn't going near his pants.

She pushed a finger into his chest, however. "I'm the most valuable resource we've got." And as she turned to leave, she glanced back over one shoulder. "But good to know you're not a total blind idiot." She shrugged, "metaphorically speaking, anyway." She smirked.
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