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I saw your interview with Evelyn Avalon.
The pointed questions directed towards Evelyn were infuriating, to say the least. Using Maddie's corpse as a way to get at him, Nicholas wanted to do more than just slap the woman. But still, it wouldn't do to get angry. He gulped down the last of his drink, hoping it would be enough to help maintain civility when he sent the message.

It sounds like you had some questions about my character. Why go to the trouble of finding those answers second hand when you can have them from the source? Have your staff contact mine, and I'll get you an interview. It'll be interesting, won't it Gwen? With me on the show, maybe your views will come within shooting distance of mine from before I went to Washington.

- Secretary Nicholas Trano, Department of Powers

He pressed send; civility be damned.
Gwen poured herself a second glass of red. She deserved a second after knocking that interview out of the park with Evelyn. Not a third, though. She smiled sweetly and took a sip, then set her glass down and was limbering up for her evening martial arts exercises when her Wallet went off. She glanced at it. Secretary Trano had seen her interview. How lovely!

She fired off a quick reply. By all means, Mr. Secretary, I accept your gracious invitation for an interview. My people will be contacting yours first thing in the morning. Until then, Ciao!

Gwen put her Wallet down and smiled at herself. She knew she couldn't aim directly at the target to get to him. He'd be too smart for that. Sometimes you had to aim just slightly off target. How in the world would she be able to get him to sit for an interview with a competitor? Simple. Make him come to her. Men were easy to manipulate in that way. But that's why she was number one in this industry. She chuckled. Maybe America's Media Darling deserved that third glass of wine after all.

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