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Full Version: Doing Time
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Yeah. So doing time at Butyrka was fucking like getting punched in the dick. Especially when you fucking got punched in the dick. And with the summer months coming again things weren't looking like they were going to get any better.

First he got the galloping shits. Then that needle he scored was full of dope that wasn't even dope. His reaction to the cell mate who ripped him off, especially after what he paid for it, went over so poorly the guards had to put him in solitary after that. And he didn't even want to get started on that Pi'zda caseworker assigned to his defense. She wouldn't do a fucking thing about getting him out on good behavior. Said he needed rehab. Fuck that.

Yeah, it was lonely, but so what. Food was probably half rat turds and half jailhouse chef splooge, too. The worst part was being stone cold sober. He tried making toilet wine but kept forgetting to shit somewhere else. There was no energy in life. The power was all gone and he couldn't touch it. Or even see it. That was the real loneliness. Life was so damn dull and drab it made him want to stick himself on the end of a bedsheet rope. If he had a little more courage he'd do it.

Even watching Mudak decorate a room with his brains wouldn't have been worth this shit. And he didn't even get to see that, cause of that stupid fuck fighting back against the pigs. He'd wished he had the foresight to keester some Blue Candy. If he'd just be able to touch the power he could probably remember how to make it. The pattern was there. One, two, shit in the loo...Yeah...

Midday came and went. He sat on the thin foam mattress laid across his concrete slab bed and watched the sunlight move across the floor of his three meter wide cell.

A guard came by. "Inmate 345432. Get up, you're coming with me."

Yuri perked up. "That's what your mom said to me last night."
He stepped back in expectation of a swing from the dude's nightstick, but the guard just gave a halfhearted sneer. Someone's got the case of the Fridays. He stuck out his hands so he could be shackled in order to make the trip. He was saving a wicked fart to let out when they did his leg irons, but the guard never put them on. Fucker was slacking.

The guard took him down to the first floor where there were some offices and shit. He put Yuri in a concrete room with no windows but a camera in the corner and a second door. There was a concrete table and bench. No metal furniture and nothing that can be moved. He waited.

The other door opened, and that fucking Pizda came out. She even had her hair back in one of those nanny buns and black framed glasses that screamed bitch. "I fired you already,
" he sneered at her. Get me a lawyer that knows her twat from her asshole. I'll show you how to tell the difference."
At least that fart wasn't going to go to total waste.

The bitch gave no hint she was bothered. "Yes, I know. And you represented yourself. That's why you got four years for a possession charge. The judge decided you were not competent to represent yourself and that it would be a miscarriage of justice to allow it to continue." She looked down at her notes. "I'm going to file to get you another trial. It seems some of your...behavior at your first trial was believed to have tainted the jury. But you were going through withdrawal symptoms. If the judge won't retry the case I'll ask for a plea down to a lesser charge. I can probably get you down to a two year sentence."

Two years? "Why the fuck two years? For trying to run a fucking bakery? I didn't do nothing wrong."

The bitch wrote on her notepad. "I understand. It's complicated because CCD law enforcement officers were killed during the raid, and it pissed them off that they came up with no drugs, only sugar."

Yuri smacked his fist down on the concrete table. Ow. "That wasn't my fucking fault! Tell them that. I didn't do that, that Mudak did all of that! I don't know what his fucking problem was!"

She took a step back. He knew she was a fraidy fuck. "Look, the reality is you're the only person that the state has who is still alive to point to to show that justice is being served, since they already killed Vladimir in the raid. There are family members who wanted you strung up as well. They were out for blood. Look, I'll keep working on it. Is there anyone you want me to send a message to on the outside?"

Yuri stood up and made the fig with both hands. "Yeah. Tell Date a Russian Inmate this is what I think of their girls. Put a personal in the local rag for me instead. Partying SWM nonsmoker likes to spend time in contemplation and DTF. And don't fuck my case up or I'll fire you again."

Pizda was on her way out already but fuck her. The guard came in. "All right, I'm taking you home," he said." Don't get behind me."

"That's not what your sister told me last night."
That one earned him a stiff jab in the gut. Guess it wasn't quite Friday yet. As Yuri struggled to suck his breath back in he couldn't help but grin. You got your kicks out of what you could when you were doing time.

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Roman Mordvinov

God, Roman missed Bas. The prick. Had to ruin everything. What kind of moron just attacks people in the streets? And a cop at that? But Bas had been spiraling. The weirdo paranoia just kept getting worse.

But damn but the guy was fun to hang with. It had sucked when pops told him they had to cut Bas free. They couldn't afford any attention from the cops, though. Not with Andlain around and being called a terrorist. Not when they were absorbing Vlad's old territories and operations. Hands had to be greased, threats made- the usual stuff. They didn't need any extra attention.

But it had sucked to cut the guy off. He had saved his life, back at the beginning. And many times since then. The guy was loyal. It hadn't felt right. Still. It was done. And the guy had gotten himself killed.

And they had work to do. Vlad's little blue pills were gone. But they had a rep that was growing with each retelling about how fucking awesome they were. They had their guys working on it, with the precious few that they had. So far, seemed to be sugar. How you got the best high of your life on sugar he didn't know. But he wasn't alchemical or whatever. Trouble was, the glasses couldn't explain either. But the demand was growing and only a fool turned down the market when it practically begged for it. Shit was wanted more than the other blue pill out there. Shit was better than that, it was that good.

So they shook a lot of trees (by which he meant paid some visits that didn't exactly turn out all nice and shit, what with the pliers and hammers) and it turned out no one knew how it was made cept for Vlad. Who knew the mudak was a brainiac? Guy had never seemed all that smart to him. Face like a hammer that had been pounding nails for the last week. Very punchable, though Roman hadn't done it.

Anyway, word was there was this guy who Vlad had started to work with. Like a protege or something. Or maybe something else. Could be something on the DL. But whatever. He was relaxing in jail on a four year ride. Caused trouble too, from what his people told him on the inside. Mouth on him, anyway, begging for attention.

And somehow, Roman was looking forward to meeting him. Bas was cooler. Chill. Laid back. This guy was anything but. Still, if this guy had the formula or whatever, then it'd be worth it.

So, long story short, he's walking through a metal detector and checking out the cans on the pouty mouthed female officer. Not a smart move for them to put her in this place. Prolly featured in a lot of pound sessions for the inmates. Bah. Maybe that's why they did it. Keep em all calm and sedated and shit. Hmm...that actually might be right. She'd prolly get pissed that he was thinkin it, but whatever. He smirked at her though.

And then he was in the visitation room, waiting for Yuri to come to the window. The phone was old timey and grimy and he didn't want to think about whose ear it had been close to. He hoped they wiped em down, anyway.

Waited. Pop had wanted him to visit in person, rather than a flunky. Let him know this was serious. And could be beneficial to him.
The jailer came by with a tray that looked like it was supposed to be plov, if you had an imagination. Yuri wasn't feeling very imaginative. Grimy carrots and withered onions, and that sure as shit wasn't lamb fat the rice had been cooked with. A weevil or some kind of fucking insect squished between his teeth as he ate.

"Get this goatshit out of my face!"
he yelled down an empty hall and threw the half-empty tray at the wall. "I'm going to bust out of here, you hear me? YOU HEAR ME?"
Raging, he strained for where the power should be. But nothing.

Silence. He couldn't even sense the power. The fire went out of his lungs and his shoulders drooped. Fuck. I'd suck a dick to get out of here.
Fuck, he was lonely. Maybe he should just end it all.

Footsteps. His door opened, revealing a guard. "Come with me."

. Yuri couldn't even muster the motivation to give the guard a hard time, he just let them shackle him. But they hadn't hooked his arms to his legs, which was odd. Maybe if they brought him to see that pizda lawyer he could grab her and hold her hostage. Yeah...

But they didn't take him to the same room, instead to another area with banks of phones and plexiglass on the other side. He hadn't been here before. A visitor? No one had come to visit him. No one gave a fuck about Yuri. Which was fine. He didn't give a fuck about any of them either.

"Go sit at number 2," the guard motioned. Yuri looked over and saw some guy on the other end, checking out Tightbuns. Who the fuck is this guy? That's my girl.
Yuri went over there and picked up the phone. It felt sticky. He looked in the fucker's eyes. Dipshit didn't look away. Yeah, dude had a story. Probably some fucking Brodyagi who wiped the ass of some boss like Mudak and gave guys like Yuri a hard time. Like that fucking turd Peter.

"What do you want to see me for?"
he told the guy. "You better not be answering my personal. I said blondes only. Cept for Tightbuns, she's cool. Ain't like I can do shit for you either here. Something you can do for me? Who the fuck are you anyway?"
Fuck, Yuri hoped he didn't have to suck that guy's dick.
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Roman Mordvinov

Guy who sat down looked like he'd set a cat on fire just cuz he was bored. That or drink a couple bottles of vodka in one sitting and then decide to really have some fun. The guy was perfect. Not good enough for Kallistis, more's the pity. God damn you Bas!! You needed class for that. But he'd be good for one of the grimier strip clubs. And some other work they might have.

Roman barked a laugh and smirked wickedly at him. "Yeah I saw your personals. Got a couple large Samoans coming by later on to pay you a visit. Crack you open like a coconut and turn you into swiss cheese. I made sure to tell em to wear a blond wig while they do, tho."

The smell of the phone against the side of his mouth, the feel of it against his ear made him feel dirty. He'd rather do this in person. "Names Roman Mordvinov. Your old boss was a...cousin to my dad."
The calls could legally be monitored, but money had greased a lot of hands. One of the dickheads was on a piss break and the other was getting his pole waxed. He didn't have to be too circumspect. Plus, there was the little matter of everything having changed.

"Anyway, wills being what they are, looks like Mordvinov's were named the primary beneficiaries in Vlad's will. Lot of his stuff has already come to us. And some of his people too. Word is you and Vlad were getting close. Did a lot of science together. Could use a man like you with us. I can get you a real lawyer- not the flat assed one you have now. If you're interested. Otherwise....well, I heard food here ain't too bad. What they have tonight? Tossed salad?

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So Brodyagi had a bit of a mouth on him and liked to dish it out. Fucking drago could probably roast a couple of day one fuckboys pretty good. Yuri decided he liked the bastard.

"Yeah, if it's got tits and a slit on it, you know, I ain't going nowhere,"
he replied. "Can't even get any good shit cause they got me in fucking solitary."

His eyes tightened a bit at the mention of Mudak. Science experiments, huh?
His mouth watered at the memory of Candy. Sugar. Made with the power. Fucking best high he'd ever had. If I had just one of those I'd bust my own ass out of here.
But then Brodyagi mentioned he was family.

"Yeah I worked with that fucking Mudak,"
Yuri continued. "You family?" He smacked the counter with a fist. "That cock-knocker nephew of his Peter's a fucking snitch. I saved his bitch-ass life from a fucking overdose and he went to the pigs on his uncle. That's why I'm fucking here. I ever see him again I'll snap his fucking neck. You know. You better watch your back with him. Just giving you a friendly heads up."

Yuri took a breath. He realized he'd been pounding the counter pretty hard. Damn guard would be coming over soon if he didn't cut that shit out. Besides, the drago wanted to get him out of here, it sounded like. "They got my head all fucked up in here and shit, okay? If you can get me a real suit I think we can be real good friends. I bet you I can get us some candy and we'll have a blast with them Samoan girls. "
Dipshit better not be trying to play him.
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Roman Mordvinov

Roman laughed and shook his head. He had meant Samoan guys. Went over his head. Not too smart, but that was ok. Not everyone had to be, not even to be a cooker. He wanted out though. Bad. Bad enough to help them.

"Well then I think we might be able to hook you up. Hold on a minute."
He got up and went to the chick with the cans. It only took a moment of whispering- she glared at him until he took out a card and handed it to her. One side was his name. The other an online gift card account number. Just a few hundred, but enough to get something nice. This wasn't usually allowed- keeping a guy in visitation without no visitor- but with the right name and the right amount a lot could happen. And he thought it would be funny to see how the prick responded after he had been gone so long.

He stepped out the of the room through the security and got his wallet. He messaged his pops. This was good. The little blue pills would be theirs. And that meant the Mordvinov's would be on top of it all.

It wasn't long before the door opened and in came Spetzel. Little guy had been on their payroll since long before he was born. He knew the drill. He'd already been in contact with the Prosecuting attorney and had made the requisite information known- along with something to make the realization that much more pleasant.

The Ascendancy's revelation- who'd a thought that Mudak could do magic or whatever?- was a godsend for old Yuri. Because now it could be pinned on Vlad. There had been a lot of weird stuff happening around the prick- documented statements and everything. And the whole attack that took him down and had Yuri end up here had left a lot of open questions.

Now, it looked like there had been a rush to justice. The conviction had been quick and without all the facts. Already, there were was an appeal being submitted to reopen the case. Roman'd make sure there was some reasonable doubt then. And in the meantime, posting bail on the guy- he didn't have a real rap sheet. All his stuff had been under the radar so far cept for a brief commitment to the Guardian as a minor- would be cake.

He'd be out within the week.

He brought Spetzel through and Cutey-cans gave them a look- this time it was a bit friendlier and Roman winked at her and then watched her walk away. Nice. He might check her out later. He picked up the phone and spoke. "This is Itzaq Spetzel. He's a friend of our family and your new lawyer. Just sit tight and he's gonna take care of you."
And then he winked at the guy. "And then maybe you can see about finding some Samoan girls for yourself. The ones I lined up for you had nice 5 o'clock shadows."

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Fuck yeah! Yuri pretty much stopped listening after hearing the suit's name. A fucking Kraut lawyer too. Everyone knew they were the best. They didn't fuck around with nobody. Dude looked like an egg noodle too "You fucking lit, bro,"
he told Brodyagi. "Yeah, you're a motherfuckin' berserker."

The suit started asking Yuri some questions, this thing, that thing, whatever. Who gave a flea's snatch about any of that crap. This was his day. They were going to light up this town. So long to sobriety. Lines from the classic song Berserker of all things going through his head started so he started humming them to himself while the suit was doing his thing.

My love for you runs down your back Berserker,
Would you like to smoke some crack Berserker,
The Berserker is just so obscene
Likes evil people, you know what I mean
He takes your soul and then just rips you apart....berserker steal your heart...

Yeah, Yuri was getting sprung. And he didn't even have to suck anyone's dick.