The First Age

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This board is for all places in the greater Moscow area related to detention, secret bases, and prisons. 

Notable locations include:

The Facility - full description on Wiki page

Located 22 floors beneath the Kremlin, the Facility fills a transformed bunker decommissioned after the Cold War.  The Facility operates with a full staff and up to 100 test subjects with security provided by the highest level of clearance.

Butyrka detention center - full description on Wiki page

Butryka is a predetention holding center in the middle of Moscow City along 45 Nvovoslobodskaya Street. The building is nondescript unless one knew what to look for. There is a subway across the street. Regular neighbors and businesses flank it. It is probably the most feared "center" in Moscow, if not all of Russia, which is saying something given the notoriety of the prison system there.

It is a prison infamous for the inhumane treatment of inmates. It dates back to 1775, and since its first incarnation 250 years ago, Butyrka Prison has been home to a long history of harsh living conditions, human rights violations, and spectacular escape attempts. It was historically used for housing high-profile and political prisoners. It is currently being retrofitted to be prepared to incarcerate channelers.