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Bait and Hook
A response came back of an agreement and Jer sent the location coordinates. Today he sat in a unmarked van a block from the house in question. His camera was trained on the building and he had a periodic drone flying around the houses. The flight pattern was that of some kid playing near by. And it wasn't constant.

This was usually grunt work, but this was a god, and Jer had every intention of catching this one and putting him down. And the help of a so called Archangel was hopefully going to be helpful.

Jer sipped at his luke warm thermos of coffee and watched the girls house through the video screen. Sitting in the drivers seat would be a dead give away. A van always worked best. And tech was so small that the cop shows from the last century were put to shame. Stake outs were not the sit in your car and watch type affairs. Though he chose to do it because he wasn't about to put it past the god traitor to use technology to his advantage. God only knew what these things were capable of.

So he waited for Jacinda Cross to show up. He perused her record and that of the boy Durante for the billionth time. He had memorized his file by now, but he was still looking for something - anything to find the bastard.

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