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Book Shopping
Kiriena stepped into Igor's bookstore and took in a deep breath.  The smell of used bookstores was always one that made her feel at home.  It was a different smell from the plant life she was used to, but still, reading was a hobby that she sometimes didn't get a chance to pursue as much anymore now that she had a business.

Igor's was a favorite.  It was a used bookstore, so it often had treasures that you couldn't find at more modern shops.  Of course, reading had mostly gone to digital, but many still loved the feeling of a real book.  Kiriena smiled at Igor, a tall man with gray hair and glasses, and he gave her a smile and a nod in welcome.

"Good to see you Ms. Blum," the proprieter said politely. "Are you looking for anything in particular today?"

Kiriena smiled. "Not today," she responded. "I'm just here for the hunt."

Igor returned her smile with one of his own as he adjusted his glasses. [b]"Of course. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know."[/color]

Kiriena thanked him and made her way to the gardening and botany books.  It was where she always started. She looked and saw mostly the same types of titles she had seen since college.  Many were in her personal collection at the shop, but she still looked.  Her fingers went along the spines of the books, checking the titles for anything she didn't have that she might be interested in.  As her eyes ran though titles, she almost passed by one book.  Had she not been looking closely, she might not have noticed it.  The green cover seemed to blend in with it's surroundings.

Curiously, Kiriena pulled the book out.  The cover and spine had no title, and the book itself was a leafy green dyed leather.  The artistry on the cover made the book look like interlocking leaves and Kiriena had to admit that it was pretty to look at.  Kiriena had never seen this book in her life and her curiosity compelled her to open it.  Inside, she found that she didn't recognize the words.  The book itself was in a foreign language that she did not recognize, but it contained many drawings of different plants.  She could identify many of these plants.  Like the cover, the drawings were exceptional artwork.  Kiriena found a price, and it was pretty cheap.  She shrugged and held on to the book as she continued throughout the store.

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