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Choices to Make
Cruz laughed and the dark light left his grasp. It left everything feeling kinda dull and awkward. He frowned. Ivan's encouraged him to try again until it came like clockwork, but Cruz's stomach growled. "That's going to be distracting." He felt better. Not great, but better than he had in days. Much better than the first day. He smiled. "Besides my father is probably pissed." Cruz walked over to the door. "Come eat. I promise my father will behave. You are helping me after all."

Ivan smiled. "Well I am hungry. Lead the way."

Cruz lead the way down stairs.


Dorian was finished with his dinner when he heard foot steps upstairs. He waved and Pavlo started serving food for the two upstairs. Pavlo poured Dorian another glass of wine and two additional ones.

When Cruz lead Ivan in Dorian was sipping at his wine. Cruz frowned at him as he sat down. "How many have you had?"

Dorian gave his son a wry smile. "I've not kept track."
He turned to Pavlo, "Pavlo how many times have your refiled my cup?"

The butler looked at his employer with a frown, "I've filled it with water downed wine four times, sir."

"How watered down?"

"I'm not sure, sir. I didn't precisely measure. You didn't instruct me to do so. I will do so next time."

"No, Pavlo that is fine. As long as it's done."
Dorian changed the subject. "You look better, son."
Dorian turned to Ivan. "Thank you. Enjoy dinner. I know I have my end of the bargain to keep so ask away. Cruz could do to listen as well."

Dorian pushed Cruz's phone across the table. "After dinner you should call Rachel, she's worried about you if he number of missed calls and text are anything to go by."


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