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Akari Miyakawa
Captain Akari Miyakawa, United States Navy (Ret.)

Age: 38
D.O.B: 12/19/2007
Origin: Various U.S. military bases around the globe
Current Location:  Moscow
Height: 6’0
Weight: 145
Occupation:  Private Sector Security Specialist.  Inquisitor, Atharim.
Reborn God: No
Power: None
Ability: None
Alignment: Neutral Good
Loyalty: Atharim

Psychological description

Akari would be a paladin if she weren’t so hellbent on hunting down warlords and terrorists.  Nothing raises her hackles more than injustice or a bully.  From a very young age she learned that sometimes the only way to fix something was to blow it up. 
Physical description

Tall, athletic, brilliant blue-green eyes.  She has the kind of effortless beauty that could have done well modeling or shooting up the big screens as an action star. 

Akari grew up on US military bases all around the world.  She was a smart kid and more in tune with how the world really was as she lived closer to it than most Americans.  Seeing and hearing things at home, on and off base opened her eyes and mind to create an intense need to make a difference somehow.  Of course being the adopted child of Marines, her way of doing so had a little less fluff and a bit more teeth.  Her dads were both jarheads which meant she caused quite the ruckus when she declared her intent to join the Navy.  

A gifted student-athlete, she was a four-time All-American for the U.S. Naval Academy women’s soccer team and graduated with distinction.  Akari then went on to complete BUD/S and having proven herself particularly adept at REDACTED, REDACTED and REDACTED found herself assigned to SEAL Team 3.     

A year in brought a promotion to the fairest SEAL Team of them all.  Chaos in the world saw no shortage of deployments and life among the shooters was cloud nine for Miyakawa.  She had a fulfilling career righting the wrongs in the world, kicking ass and taking names.  Sure there were some gray areas but it was pretty straightforward for the most part.  By 30 she had a couple of rows of medals, a respectable rank and a command of her own.  Operations had seen more and more time spent on the African continent; which was where she first encountered the gods themselves.  Well a god.

Involved in a nasty helicopter crash, Akari was the sole survivor of what had been a team of two Navy pilots.  She was rescued by a local tribe, Healed of her injuries and later returned to base under her own power.  Her eyes had been opened to the extraordinary though and slowly her priorities shifted as the tribe had hinted at a world beyond her knowledge.  She had to know what was out there.  

Akari retired a full Captain six months after the crash and found her way back to the tribe.  There she learned what went bump in the night and who fought off the monsters.  Ultimately her search for answers brought her to Europe and it was there she was recruited by the Atharim.  Learning, fighting, teaching. 

The initial positive encounter with a channeler would shape her views even after accepting a promotion from Trainer to Inquisitor within the Atharim.  On the subject of the gods her standpoint would differ greatly from the accepted party line and would lead to a massive fallout with a certain pupil of hers.  That would be a story for later.  

Her specialized skill set saw her partner with a small but tight knit group of fellow SpecOps soldiers to form a global security firm called Warder International Incorporated.  A proper day-job.  Though small in numbers, Warder boasts a very respectable and successful reputation within the top-tier of the industry; top dollar for top talent because you get what you pay for.  Now the former Navy SEAL can be hired for any number of roles; consultant, trainer...bodyguard.

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