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Strange Things
It was like pushing through fog, the mist cool, slipping through the spaces his loosely coiled scarf left open, filling his lungs with chilled moisture. A spring day in Central Park, the smell of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers in the air, the rushing of a stream and the sounds of laughter in the distance.

Physical sensations seemed to somehow crossover, sights he could smell, sounds he could taste, touches he could hear as song, a synesthesia of sensation.

Ana's full lips quirked as she spoke, tiny rosebud tongue peeking out teasingly between her teeth, and he found curiosity welling up in him, a fountain, wondering how it would feel to have them pressed against his own, tongue playful and sweet. Her words spiked through him and he felt a longing, a hunger that was alien to him. Alien and strange and foreign and not him.

And he wanted that feeling, craved that feeling, needed that feeling. Was this what normal people experienced? Was this what drove them? For the first time in his life, he understood. And he understood hunger.

The others in the room seemed to disappear as his eyes drank her in, as he stepped forward, unable any longer to keep from the experience, to feel, dear god, to feel something. Like a light had been switched on, circuit flaring to overload, something he had no framework for, no knowledge of how to control. He stepped forward and his hands went to her hips, felt between them her narrow waist, pulled her to him, aware of how close to her heat he was, dipping down, pulling to feel her body press against his, to taste her lips.

He was high and he wallowed in it, luxuriated in it. This was it!! Was this what they all felt, what drove them to self destruction and pain and loss and risk and death! He understood at last.

For the first time in his life he understood.
[[ Been a month - moving Jerry elsewhere ]]

Jerry's wallet rang. He glanced at the notification and frowned. The boy was with bag and dog and heading away from the Vega Estate. He had to follow him. It was time to move.

He looked at Sergei with a smile and then at the girl who'd come in and upset the dynamic. "I have to go. Thank you for your help, but I just got notice of his movements whatever information you have is probably out of date."

Jerry walked to the door and paused a moment. "Maybe I'll stop in when you are less busy." The woman looked torn between following him and staying, but Jerry didn't wait for her to make up her mind. He left quickly and disappeared into the shadows of the alley. He had a god to hunt!

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