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What's Next?
Morning was early in the pack.  The sun rose and the earth dried out from the night's cooling dew.  The hunt was on.  It was a normal morning for Sierra - except for the fact that her dream still lingers with her.  She stole a glance at the man she had shared herself with - however in the dream it might be.  It was a first - hopefully of many.  But she was here for a reason.  A paying job so she could keep surviving. 

Her camera was slung over her shoulder as Sierra readied to go on the hunt with the pack.  It would be a rare experience most humans didn't get to see.  But Sierra had taken part many times.  This time even with her bow in hand, she held her camera ready to take candid images.

She smiled at Tristan, "Do you want to hunt with the pack?"  She hoped he would.  The wolves wanted to show them the place of the old one.  The youngest were a buzz and Never was sad he couldn't go with them on the hunt, he was too young and no matter how many times Sierra told him this he wanted to go.  the images he projected were of sadness and loneliness.   He was being a drama queen.
The light curled claws around his eyelids. So many hours running wild in the dream left him weary the next morning, but moments upon waking drifted tantalizing aromas. Whether the hint of fresh food or Sierra’s allure, he soon roused.

He hadn’t intended on an extended excursion into the woods. Brenna was content wherever she roamed, but Tristan did have real responsibilities awaiting him. Sierra proved to be too much of a temptation, however, and he was exploring the hunting trails along with the pack soon enough.

The images of an old, twisted tree continued to blur through his mind. The wolves’ chatter was focused singularly upon the smell of must and mold. Whatever they sought, it was ancient. Sierra was likewise curious. He smiled back at her, wondering how much of the previous night may or may not carry into the waking world. “Lead onward, lady.” He bowed grandly, the gleam of adventure in their golden eyes.
"Don’t waste your time looking back, you’re not going that way."
Rognar Lothbrok
The hunt lead them to the place where Growl as a Bear saw the ancient one. They had chased a deer through the wreckage that had come through covered in new growth. Most of the pack wandered back with the hunt. But Sierra stayed and stared at the images that flooded her mind.

A tree like creature walking and talking, and growing on the remnants of the destruction before it. Ancient ones was all she could get from the wolf who'd seen him, it. Sierra drew her camera and took pictures, though the creature was gone a strange sort of peace remained in it's wake.

"I wonder what it was." She looked to Tristan but she wasn't sure he knew either, but for all his talk of trolls maybe that was a troll? But that didn't seem likely, it didn't have the same smell or feel of the stone she'd seen in the dream.

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