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Angelika Woźniak
Mother: Anastazja Woźniak
Father: Iwan Helwing
Partner: Sante Ricci
Son: Simone Ricci

Age: 53
Origin: Warsaw, Poland
Occupation: Doctor/Scientist in the Atharim

Powers/Supernatural Powers: Atharim knowledge - intimate knowledge of the monsters the Atharim hunt.

Personality: Angelika is a hard worker devoted to the Catholic Church and the society within called the Atharim.  She is scholarly but enjoys her family time when she manages to take a break, which is rare.  Angelika can be short with people when they try to tell her about the monsters, she avoids fictions of all sorts her reality is strange enough to immerse herself into.  (strength: knowledgeable in all things occult weakness: poor people skills)

Description: Angelika has chestnut-colored hair that runs past her shoulders she usually keeps it tied back in a low ponytail to keep it out her face.  Her eyes are a shard darker than her hair.  She looks younger than she actually is thanks to lifelong beauty treatment and avoidance of the sun. (Dreyken and monsters typically lurk during the night and hide in the day time after all.) Angelika has an athletic build from years and years of martial arts training.


The Helwing family has been part of the Church for as long as the family can remember.  And they have been with the Atharim for just as long if not longer, but it is not the cause that keeps the Helwing family with the Church or the Atharim, it is the mysteries of the unknown that pulls the family towards their own goals.  Every generation for as long as there have been Helwing's, a child has been part of the Atharim.  And in 2046 that is still the same, though Angelika does not go by Helwing.  Her father was a zealot of a man.  He believed with all his soul that the gods of old would return and one day try to rule the world.  He died chasing the mortal enemies of the Helwing's the Dreyken.  They are the reason the Helwing's joined the Atharim in the first place.

The story goes:  One long ago a man corrupted by darkness took the fiance of the first Helwing son in generations.  The man was cursed so the legends say.  He drank the blood of his victims with razor-sharp talons.  Helwing devoted his life to finding his lost love and in the mystery of the corrupted man.

Helwing met a man of the church hunting monsters of the deep.  A man-like creature with razor-sharp talons drinking blood.  Together they found his love, but she was long since dead, the creature kept her alive for years before she died of blood loss.  But they captured the creature alive and Helwing discovered many mysteries of the man who was not a man.

The man from the church told Helwing of the Atharim and all the glories of his travels and Helwing spurred by the mysteries of the unknown began his quest to understand these damned creations.  

Helwing went on to marry another woman - a woman inside the Atharim and born him two children.  Each child entering the Atharim, and ever since a Helwing has been part of the Atharim.  Father to son, and son to son on and on until Iwan died shortly after his wife gave birth to their only child - a daughter - Angelika.

Anastazja let the church take her daughter at thirteen and train her in the ways of her father, but the girl was never a Helwing except by birth, but she continued in the path of her father. 

Not only did Angelika continue with her father's work, but she also studied lore and traditions of other cultures as well as medicine far and wide.  She obtained her PhDs in forensic medicine, infectious disease, and anatomical and clinical pathologies.   The Helwing legacy proceeded Angelika but she made a name for herself.  Not just studying the creatures of the night, but how they affected their victims - how they died, what mechanisms killed them. 

In between her research projects with the Atharim Angelika found the time to fall in love, and have a son whose father raises him in Rome.  When he is 13 - another 6 years or so - he too will join the Atharim, but until then her son would live a normal life.  Angelika rarely sees her family due to her travels, but she loves spending time in Rome with them.

Angelika currently has an Atharim Lab in Vatican City underneath the Cathedral itself, but a strange new monster has brought her to Moscow - where their Regus had fallen and the worst of the worst was happening - a reborn god was in power and not just of Moscow but most of the modern world as they knew it.  Times were dire, but Angelika didn't care about the politics, only the monsters - just the monsters.

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