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Allan Rikovi
Name: Allan Rykovi

Age: 26

Born in Great Britain to Russian diplomats stationed there before the annexation of Europe to the ASU/CCD.

Occupation: Before he became one of the Nine Rods of Dominion Allan was a secretary at a law firm while he continued at University.

Skill: Expert

Current: 25

Potential: 33

Reborn God: Janus (Roman)

Personality: Allan has a knack for picking things up easily. He hates politics because of his parents. Allan rebelled against everything his parents stood. Allan’s parents were never happy with his choices especially with those men or women he brought home - they were never good enough for him. He hated the fact that they were always right. While in University he studied philosophy where he took up yoga and became a vegan again much to his parents displeasure. In addition to his degree in philosophy Allan was earning degrees in law and economics. Allan is also deathly allergic to hazelnuts and is an alcoholic.

Description: Allan is 5’9” with a toned flexible build. He had dark hair and eyes. He has three tattoos - all meant to piss his parents off. The first one he obtained at 16 after his parents found him lying in bed with another boy he went to school with. They decided to ship him off to boarding school where such fraternization was forbidden. He rebelled by getting the tattoo while in town. The tattoo was a series of three birds in various stages of flight that followed the his hair line flying in the direction of his left ear.

The second was more personal - a small broken red heart above his heart in remembrance of the girl he was about to marry who died in a car accident. Allan doesn’t like to talk about her or the accident.

The last tattoo was random. Allan was drunk with his much younger college friends right before he came to Moscow. On his right shoulder is an orange and blue flaming portal. The image called to him in the tattoo parlor.


Allan was born to Sawa and Tatiana Rykovi, Russian diplomats stationed in Great Britain before the annexation of the country. Allan was born in the country and until recently had never stepped foot in the Mother land though he had heard all about the great city of Moscow from his father. But Sawa did not like the Ascendancy and was moderately vocal about his dislike of the man’s regime. Not to the point of contention or rally, but he was a disgruntled employee so to speak.

Sawa was a strict man. He insisted that his family follow proper etiquette at all times and Allan come to hate the restrictions his father set on him early on. He rebelled at every turn. This included openly expressing praise for the Ascendancy’s actions. Tatiana was much more loving, but she was a busy woman - her job was everything and too precedence ever over her adoring son.

Allan was an only child - an accident to begin with that neither of his parents really wanted and only grudgingly took interest in as he grew into his own person. He was raised by various care takers over the years until he out grew them - or he slept with them and his father found out. Sex didn’t matter his father soon found out.

After having been caught fooling around on the couch with his much older male babysitter his father sent him to a boarding school with even stricter guidelines than Allan had at home. Their no fraternization policy should have been the reason Allan was expelled but who knew getting a tattoo at the tender age of 16 was also a rule breaker.

With less than three months at the boarding school Allan was back home under what his father liked to call house arrest. He wasn’t allowed out - at all. Until Allan was accepted to attend University early. His parents were ecstatic at the prospect of him studying. They allowed him to enroll in as many classes as Allan wanted and it did in the beginning keep Allan from going crazy. School was always too easy, but now that was different.

Ten years later and Allan was still going to school because he couldn’t decide what he should major in. His parents allowed him to continue this way as long as he continued in an appropriate degree program. Allan choose law, and was working as a secretary at a local law firm. His parents were most pleased. Allan however only did that to keep his parents off his back. He was studying economics to appease them, but his passion was philosophy and was the reason he continued his education ad nauseum.

Allan studied every philosophy he could from Buddhism to the Zen philosophy. Allan became a certified Yoga instructor in his spare time, and picked up the Vegan practice along the way.

A year ago (2044, 24/25 years old) Allan met Bethany Foster a British girl in one of his philosophy classes - many of his classes. She was the one who introduced Allan to Veganism. At first it had started with trying to impress her, but as time grew and they grew together it became a natural part of his life. A difficult aspect to be truly Vegan.

The night Allan proposed to Bethany, they walked home. Bethany was gushing over the ring he’d bought her and a mugger wanted to take it. Bethany fought with their attacker and in his anguish and fear Allan was frozen. Terror coursed through his body. A huge gust of wind threw both Bethany and their attacker against building like a bug on a windshield. The sound still echos in Allan’s mind.

The incident was ruled a freak accident as no one knew what had caused the unprecedented weather phenomenon.

Three weeks later Allan feel deathly ill but even in his fever stricken state of delirium his parents thought he was still in anguish over losing Bethany.

It wasn’t until several months later that Allan realized what had truly happened the night Bethany died. Another moment occurred, he was drunk, walking home after a night alone in a bar. He was walking across the street and a drunk driver came barreling down the street while Allan was crossing. With a horn blaring, and the streetlights blinding him in his drunken state Allan quickly sobered to the sound of crushing metal as the car collided into an invisible post. The car wrapped around nothing and Allan stood immobilized in the same terror he’d felt the night Bethany died.

The next morning after speaking with the police who could not explain what had happened anymore than Allan had he realized that he was the only common denominator. He had killed Bethany.

Allan sank into depression and failed the semester of classes entirely. His parents cut off his education funds, and what he made as secretary barely covered his bills. The depression grew until Allan was at his end. He climbed to the top of the tallest building in the middle of the night.

Allan jumped. As the ground hurled towards him the terror came again and so did regret and the desire to live. Allan swore he saw lights and everything came clear as the ground softened and the air thickened. He didn’t really understand as he barreled towards the ground only to land softly.

Sirens were blaring, and a crowd had formed despite the hour. Before Allan knew it he was being taken away from the scene of his attempted suicide in an ambulance.

But Allan didn’t find himself at an ordinary hospital when he woke up the next morning. Yes there were monitors and IVs but the room was locked down and he felt sleepier than he should have.

For three weeks he lay in bed seeing only a handful of people. At least he thought it was three weeks, but there was no sunlight, no way to really tell how much time passed. He would have had the worse hangover of his life except whatever they had him on he felt numb to everything.

Until one day he was walked into a room with a chair that wasn’t a chair. He was attached to leads and machines and he was asked to do what he did. Allan blinked back at the doctor and technicians. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Another man came into the room, “When you jumped, what did you do?”

Allan shook his head. “I…” The terror… The light shone just out of the corner of his eye. It flickered and fluttered. And Allan grabbed at the flickering hope and the world felt clear and right, and it was amazing.

“Fear? Terror?” the man nodded. And that was the last he saw of the man until later when they discussed the reasons for jumping. Therapy. Something he now had to endure for as long as he remained in the Facility and After. Especially after. The Ascendancy could not afford to have any liabilities.

Allan hadn’t had a drink since he got to the facility. Through all of his testing, and all of the training Michael Vellas put them through. Everything came easily once Allan realized what it was he was doing. But it wasn’t as if there was drink available in the Facility anyway.

It came so easily that Allan tried to explain it several times to people but he kept getting tongue tied and wanting to find a bottle. So instead he sat down with pen and paper and started writing it out. After hours and hours of writing and revising over the course of weeks Allan wrote down what he was calling “The Void”. It was a method of various meditative philosophy techniques he had learned in his own studies that allowed him to obtain the power inside to channel with ease. The concept boiled down to pushing all emotion into a flame leaving a void and the power. Once mastering the flame and void seizing the power was just a matter of grabbing the source and use it.

Jullian found the paper and Allan took to the void and had Jullian pinned to the ground before he could escape and ruin the paper he had meticulously worked. The unauthorized use of the power had caused him a few days in solitary as punishment - as well as extra time talking with his therapist for anger management.

But while he was in solitary he had a visitor. Apparently the paper had made it to the desk of the Ascendancy and he came to visit. Meeting the man himself was not something he’d ever thought would happen. He was in the facility to be studied he understood that. And as he grew in strength and power and knowledge the herd thinned. But he never imagined he’d be sitting having one conversation with Nikolai Brandon himself, much less the several he had. He was interested in the paper and talking about philosophy.

Meeting the Ascendancy made Allan a little bit of a target with some of the other guys. He tried not to mention it at all, but when he was called away from the group to talk it was well known. But it was sticking it to his parents he wished he could show. Talking to the Ascendancy like a man would piss his parents off. Allan had told the Ascendancy of his parents in their first meeting - mostly to tell him he did not believe their words. He was not like his father and he hadn’t wanted his parents to get in the way of what was happening here.

The big gala was the first time Allan had any access to any alcohol, the months of training and captivity had done Allan some good. But he had a purpose now. He didn’t talk much to anyone in the facility. He wasn’t there to make friends. And he had been paired of with Im Sueng during the gala. He had no reason to reach for a bottle, and he was honored to protect the Ascendancy and his guests.

The whole thing ended in a shit show, but Allan had learned a few new tricks - as had all of the Nine if they cared to pay any attention at all to what the Ascendancy, the consul and the other man had done to dissuade the mist creature.

There was a whole world of things he didn’t know about. He had another purpose - his need to learn more in both the power and of other things grew. He was grateful he hadn’t been assigned the Africa tour. He didn’t want to be a military man. He wasn’t cut out for it. And war probably was not good for his mental state either.

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