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The Omnibus of Gods
Allan got the impression Danika was uncomfortable. "Only if you want to." He smiled. He was her boss after all and not everyone got along well with their boss, and Allan remembered seeing them together at the gala. Not that he'd been paying much attention to everyone of note. Just those who could wield the power the nine did as well. That was part of his job then.

"You look great by the way. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable." He'd remembered Bethany's habits of demurring herself when she felt common. It brought back sad memories. When was the last time he'd been out like with with a woman. Their server went to pour him a glass of wine and he covered the glass. "None for me." Drinking while on duty was frowned upon. Drinking in general was something Allan preferred to stay away from. Last thing he needed was to lose control and put himself and Danika at risk.

"Thank our friend and invite him to join us. We can talk of less dramatic things like the theory of teleportation."
His reassurance left her smiling. "Thanks," she said, biting her lower lip just a little like she was embarrassed. However, when teleportation theory came up, she visibly perked up. In fact, she couldn't quite finish swallowing her water fast enough. 

"Oh! I love the theory of teleportation. Can you imagine the vast amount of energy to even make it possible? Never mind actually designing the process. Successful teleportation would require deconstructing an object at one location, transmitting its precise information or “pattern” to another destination, and then reconstructing that same object using that information. Everything down to your quantum state would have to be scanned and encoded then we would have to transmit from this vast amount of information, and then recreate it all again at the final destination."

She shook her head in wonder, dreamily looking away.

"Do you think its possible? You know, someday?"

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