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Victoria Weston
Name: Captain Victoria Weston, MD. “Torri”

Age: 27

Origin: Army base in Argentina, but her family is originally from London

Occupation: Army physician, Captain. Virtual Genetics specialty. Newly assigned to Medical Genetics at The Facility, Moscow, DI.

Psychological description: First and foremost Torri is incredibly serious while working. She has outstanding discipline and focus, yet she is quite capable at separating her personal and professional lives. Although honestly, she’s been in contract with the army since she left her parent’s home at the age of eighteen, six years of college, and two years in active duty. She’s not had much of a personal life to speak of. She will speak her mind, but she’s not an idiot. She knows when to shut her mouth, but neither is she shy nor have issue with saying what needs said.

Physical description: She maintains physical standards required of her status and rank. Which is to say she’s in decent shape. She has dark, honey-brown hair which when she takes the time to actually style, flows in silken sheets down to mid-back. Such occasions are infrequent, however, it is not as though she has had much time to date in the past. For formal events and dress attire she wears it to regulation, pulled back to a slick, snug bun pinned at the neck. It is a messier version of this arrangement, usually with lose wisps around her face, which she wears on a day to day basis. Likewise, her makeup is professional and uncomplicated.

Powers: None


Torri was born on a CCD base in Argentina: an army brat, as she eventually came to learn she was called. The term bothered her for many years, as she saw her childhood, especially her father’s service, as nothing but honorable. Furthermore, her childhood cemented her faith in the CCD. So on the few occasions she left the housing base, she scowled when other not-so-pleasant names were hurled her way. Eventually her father was transferred to Mexico, and it was in this violence-wracked country that Torri truly saw the need for CCD stability worldwide.

Her parents were originally from DVII, although Torri only knows London as a place to visit every few Christmases. As such her parents’ accents were diluted in their only daughter’s speech, which is otherwise a calm, firm dialect further touched by short durations in many different nations. Her mother was a nurse before marrying her father, although she did not work while Torri was a child. It was her influence which incited Torri’s desire to attend medical school at all. Combined with her fervent patriotism and sincere desire to serve, Torri expressed her intention of enlisting in CCD Armed Services as a physician and was given their full blessing to do so.

She attended a Custody Medical School combined degree program located in the Central Dominance. It was an uniformed service university which trained doctors and other health professionals for military service which accelerated a Bachelor’s and Medical degree into one six-year long program . Her life was fairly isolated during those long, grueling years, confined to studying with peers, sharing a room with a flatmate, and living on what small stipends they were allotted. Yet she found her niches in genetics, pathology, and psychiatry. It was to these three programs she applied for Residencies.

However, although graduating at Captain’s rank, no residency awaited. Instead, she was one of many selected for operational medicine, a stint which was to last two additional twelve-month deployments; two years total, not including the initial three-month CO training during which she nearly pulled her hair out from boredom.

Her time in combat support hospitals was relatively uneventful since the CCD was actually not at war with any other nation. However, the army’s interest kept her in South America’s theater for “stability and support” was the official declaration.

And they were needed.

Over the years, her reputation solidified. Torri was an extremely reliable and a capable GMO. She had a tough bedside manner with a firm enough hand to threaten any soldier into taking care of himself after an injury. She did not cringe at blood and gore, writhing or cursing. Yet the only thing to ever furrow her brow was The Sickness, which army personnel seemed no more immune to it than anyone else.

Furthermore, she was ambitious and not naive. She thought before she spoke and was slow to anger, all excellent qualities for someone of her rank and position. She was fortunate enough to realize she had to pay her dues just like every other army physician, which meant active tours before residency, and she was never bitter over the delay. Besides, when the time came to re-apply, not only was she a year and a half away from the promotion to Major, but she was mentally and academically prepared to earn a rare spot in a civilian hospital Medical Genetics program.

It was a rainy day in Berlin and Torri was on her way home when she was approached by the DPS agent outside the Institute.

“Dr. Victoria Weston?” He called, approaching her out of no where.

“Who asks?” She replied and gave her surroundings a brief check.

“Agent Scott, Custody Domestic Protection Service.” He flashed a badge. “I was sent to escort you. Your presence has been requested.”

Not one to be taken a fool, she demanded a blood sample to confirm his identity, and pulled her Captain’s clearance-issued DNA reader from her bag to take it. Surprisingly, the agent complied and with one finger prick, one drop of blood on the analyzer, and the agent was confirmed for being who he said he was. Although almost everything except his name was classified information - if that even was his name. She sighed, thinking about the dinner and shower waiting at home, but accompanied him without further hesitation. Two days later, she was reporting to the Moscow office.

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