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Little Brother's Roommate??
Nox walked quickly through the dispersing crowds. They all seemed to be walking away from the direction he was going. The power dwindled to nothing and then winked out. Nox frowned. But he headed for the Red Square anyway - all streets lead to the Red Square or so the maps all said. And it was kinda right. You either went around and around or you went to the Red Square. Nox had walked the streets of Moscow with Aria long enough to know that this would take him where he wanted to go.

Nox answered Cain's question with a wide grin. "I knew before he made the announcement that he was one, yes."

In an effort to gain trust it was best not to hide the bad things. Nox continued. "My partner, Aria, was tasked with killing Ascendancy before I met her. She in the process of carrying out her plans."
Nox grinned at Cain. "Which does not include killing the most powerful man alive."

Which was the truth. If he knew Aria, and he was fairly certain he did, she would have planned something with Ascendancy himself, or with one of his workers knowing fully well what the Atharim response would be - kill Ascendancy at all costs. And she was expendable to the Atharim - she wanted nothing more than to survive. Nox only wished he knew exactly what was planned. Aria hadn't let him in on it - she was keeping him safe - away from the danger and he wondered why. He sighed. Likely a suicide mission...he wasn't sure he could take another loss.

The Red Square was nearly in view, the crowd was vast. Some were lingering, others were leaving the show over. Nox took the last few steps that would give him a clear view of the Red Square and stopped in awe of the massive structure that now stood where the necropolis once stood. The power needed to do that.... Nox stared. He wanted to get closer.... but he glanced down the street towards the Enlightened District and a very unsafe situation. Nox sighed. "We can look after we take care of Asha - Dane is dangerous."

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Jeez what kind of people was he getting mixed up with? His magician Atharim roommate had an Atharim partner who was tasked with murdering their country's leader, who was also likely the most powerful magician in the world. Cain appreciated the honesty, but started to wonder if he should distance himself a bit. At least this Aria woman wasn't crazy enough to actually try to assassinate the most powerful (in both a political and absolute sense) man in the world.

Nox stopped to stare out at something in the distance. There was a really impressive tower/statue thing out there, and Cain enjoyed the view. Nox had lived in the city long enough that the redhead figured he'd be used to it by now. The guy was a bit odd though so maybe he was the kind of person who always looked at the world like it was the first time, or some other new-age philosophy.

Cain couldn't help but bark a laugh at Nox's last comment. "Yeah, Dane is dangerous, water is wet, and the sky is blue."
The magician shook his head. "So who's this Asha person and why is Dane after them?"

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