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Computer's Talk
Katya bolted, and Jensen didn't delay following her.

The flashlight he abandoned to the basement, a housewarming gift to their new friend, better it were a holy water bug bomb he thought grimly, imagining the thing screaming in terror at the fine fog of faith.

The girl wasn't long-legged nor particularly athletic, yet she was a spooked pup and ran like the wind. With the head start, he had trouble keeping to her pool of light, and had to slow his pace simply to keep footing on the stairwell.

Finally, he popped out of a firedoor and into a familiar hall. He was relieved to see the young lady well and safe, as much as she could be at least. Katya was panting, but he was glad to see she wasn't out of her mind with fear. As any sane person had the right to be.

He caught up with her, peering around as he approached and being careful to respect her personal space. Though he was tempted to put a comforting hand on her shoulder and shamelessly lie through his teeth: that everything was going to be alright.

Fortunately, Katya didn't give him the chance. As soon as she laid eyes upon him, she wisely fled once more.

He followed her departure with heavy eyes, "You're welcome," he answered quietly, drawl slowed to a whisper, and looked around the empty hall, one level above his own; he'd bypassed his floor to make sure she was okay.

Conviction stung his conscious. He should chase after her and explain what happened. He should find her parents, sit them all down, and tell them the truth. That evil was real, but so also was redemption. That mankind was damned as the creature haunting the building.

Shoulders heavy, he sighed and regretfully took the stairs leading down.

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