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Interesting to hear Jacques' take on the CCD situation. They swarm like locusts, then infest and destroy everything in their path. At least, that was Reed's sentiment. It was nice to know Jacques felt the same way.

"People can't eat culture for breakfast,"
she said under her breath. But Jacques carried on anyway.

"What kind of newly elected government do you think will last long here? The Temne and Mende will never share power with one another, and whichever of the two is elected, or fuck, if someone else is, the others won't accept it."
Her tone was level, for once. Her suggestion serious. "So your plan is to get things shored up long enough to bail? We'll be in this exact same situation in five years, and you may or may not be here next time."

She shrugged. It wasn't her place to argue with Jacques. But it was her interest to know how he thought.

Early morning worked for her, but she didn't seem too interested in the specifics. "You calling me beautiful?"
She twisted around to make sure Jacques got a good look. "Because I hope you're not calling me unattractive."
CCD spy and all around badass
The formation of a new government, should his had be forced, would take years to establish. Years of talk and treaties and forced understanding. Years he did not much enjoy the thought of spending tied up in Sierra Leone heading an interim government of his own construction. But if that was what it would take to bring some semblance of peace back to the people of Sierra Leone, it was what he, and his company would do.

It would tie up resources and money, possibly even scare off investors. Unless he could force the hand of other African governments into lending their aid. But many of them were no better then what had existed in Sierra Leone before the coup. Just powder kegs waiting to erupt. It was a tangled web of incompetence, corruption, hate, or indifference.

The woman was dangerous, and certainly not to be trusted, but a trap lost much of it's danger when one knew it was there. She could play her games, and he would follow along, but he would not be so easily ensnared as that American wizard. And so long as she did not turn her claws towards his men, or himself, he would continue to let her nest in his camp.

"I assure you, Mademoiselle. Any task set before me is given my full commitment until resolved, no matter how long that may take."
He said that with a mischievous smirk, clearly enjoying the little show she offered, before carefully tucking an errant strand of her auburn locks behind her ear. "There is no exquisite beauty… without some strangeness in the proportion. You, my dear, must be very strange indeed."
Edgar Allen Poe. The man had had an interesting view of the world.

Jacques stepped away, his smile more teasing now. There was no malice to the comment, no ill will, just a small hint of the boyish nature he was known for in public. He moved away then, intending to tackle some food and more paperwork and reports, arms raising to adjust his Kepi. "If you need anything, I will most likely be in my new office."
Continued at "Inside the embassy"
CCD spy and all around badass

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