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Ana answered Siobhan's question before anyone else could about her friend. "Aiden and Sage have been nearly inseperable, and the boys aren't percisely keen on telling us where they go. You'd think I had more than one son living with me for all the heads in the house." Ana smiled as she took a seat on one of the bar stools. The kitchen hadn't been much of a gathering place before Nox took hold of the house. Dinner was always in the dining room, as were every other meal. It seemed the young American's were changing this family quickly. Though Ana wasn't unhappy about it, it was for the better. Even Dorian was more family than he had been in years.


Christian laughed at the statement. "Not my place, ma'am and you really have no idea how interesting it really is. It used to be very boring." He winked at Ana. The biggest conspiracy was always out in plain sight in the home while Emilio Vega was away. And this new way of life seemed to bring the family closer together despite putting all their laundry so to speak on the table. Christian didn't hesitate to pull a steak from the fridge. Nox was going to be angry if he had plans for it later, but it was easily replaced and a wolf was not exactly something to be trifled with.

Christian plated the steak and set it down on the floor for the wolf. He smiled as he backed away from the plate despite the wolf's absence. "You're companion is a wolf. Much of your fame comes from them. You are... How does Nox say, a wolfkin?"" Christian paid attention to the boys ramblings, he'd also learned about Elyse's particular condition he had to protect his love. It was the only thing worth doing. This house was most definitely interesting


Cruz didn't like any of this. His dad making deals to save him. To protect him. To teach him. Everything Dorian Vega did seemed to be for him. What if he didn't want any of it? Cruz could go back to Madrid, become a VP in Jivana and he could be happy - away from all this. Nox insured him he was not going to die from the Sickness. The Atharim though, that was another story. And the only reason why Cruz didn't do just that. Well, that and he and his father were sharing more and more moments. But this wasn't one of them.

"So one dirty cop working for another." Cruz sighed as he left his father sitting at the table. He needed a drink, but he went to the kitchen instead walking in on a conversation that was probably not one the woman thought she'd be having. Everyone was learning a lot.

Cruz chuckled. "Don't mind Christian. it's his place as much as my fathers and his topics of conversation are a little out there some days." Christian gave him a glare but it was dampened by the smile he gave Cruz.
Mmm; the wine tasted even better than it looked and it looked delicious. Lih was content to drink wine and listen to Ana's conversation about Sage and Aiden. And Cruz joined in.

As Christian reached for the dish, Lih leapt a little too quickly to get there first. Dorian’s family had done so much for him and he hadn’t given anything in return. Well, he’d start by serving his own pasta and a portion for the others, too.

“Wait. Wait, please let me Christian. You prepared all this for us, the least I can do is serve us some pasta. Now, who is Nox?” Smiling. "And what is... wolfkin?"
Viktor Lih
Officer of CCDPD
Dorian walked in on Lih trying to help. Christian frowned at the pale man's actions. "This is my job, young one. Sit, please." It was bad enough that Nox had taken over certain things without even asking, but this man was a guest in the house - by no means should he be serving food to anyone. Christian was a good sport, but sometimes he just wanted to do what he was paid for though Dorian was 100% certain even if Christian quit he'd never ask the man to leave - he was family.

Before anyone else could answer his questions Dorian interrupted from the kitchen door. "Nox is our resident Atharim field agent."

Christian added, "Ex-atharim."

Dorian shrugged. "Yes, that too. He's your monster guru. Far more familiar with the ways to kill them than I am. My experience lies with making the lies believable so that monsters stay hidden from the normal world."

Cruz rolled his eyes. "Nox is also a channeler. He's here to teach me control and protect us in a way only he can from the Atharim that will hunt me, and him down. His tactics aren't always legal so we should probably stop telling you about him and his affiliations." His son glared at him.

Dorian nodded. "Officer Lih had a run in with a rougarou, there is no one better to tell him, he did the right thing than Nox. He can't give you gorey details on their anatomy, but he can tell you the whys and the hows."

Dorian looked to the woman rockstar. "Perhaps you'd like to explain to the young officer what you are?"
Rowan. Aiden had to have met these people through Rowan. Siobhan knew that she could Channel, the pair had talked about it a lot before Rowan decided to move to Moscow; that little fact was also the chief reason that Siobhan suspected that Aiden could do the same, although Rowan hadn’t been sold on it… Always the ego with that one.

The whole group here had seemed fairly odd when Siobhan first stumbled on to the mansion’s grounds, but as the household converged into the kitchen, she was certain they were all nuts. Surprise took hold as Christian casually mentioned the Wolfkin and then in came Dorian and Cruz chatting on about Channeling like it was the most normal thing in the world.

                It is the most natural thing, Siobhan. If a thing exists in this reality, then it is natural, Ebony silently shot back at Siobhan’s idle thoughts.

                You don’t always have to listen to my monkey-mind, Eb.

                You don’t always have to project your rambling thoughts, Sio.

                Siobhan sighed audibly at her wolf companion before returning her gaze back to the rest of the room. With a casual gesture, she signaled to the rest of them that the sigh was directed at Ebony.

                “You guys are lucky you can’t hear her. Ebony is always riding my chops,” Siobhan announced with a jovial tone.

                I am merely looking out for you, Ebony growled.

                “Yeah, okay,” Siobhan answered aloud, “Anyway, Officer Moon God, I am a Wolfkin. Long story short, I’m kinda like a real-life werewolf… ‘Cept there’s no transformation into a beast, no feasting on human flesh, no passing on my gifts to another, no worries about the full moon… AKA none of the cool stuff. I do get to telepathically communicate with wolves, just wolves… I don’t know why it doesn’t work on dogs. They used to be wolves after all-“

                I’ve told you it is because they were domesticated-

                “Yeah, I know, I know; Why are you special, Eb? You’ve all but become my lap dog.”

                I beg your pardon!?

                Siobhan snickered before turning back to the humans.

                “My natural senses have improved a little too, nothing to brag about mind, but every little bit counts! I’ve had a few strange dreams since meeting Ebony and the rest of my pack… Kinda seemed like an out-of-body experience. Eb called it the ‘Wolf Dream.’ I didn’t like it…”

                Siobhan smiled at Lih and the rest of the room, folding her hands into her lap and shrugging. She had only had this conversation a handful of times. People either believed her or thought she was crazy. This particular group should have taken it all in stride since a few of them already knew what she was. It was irksome, but the assumptions did make things easier on her. She should have guessed they knew her secret, they all gave Ebony the same respect as if the wolf was Siobhan’s dog.

                “So, I got to explain myself to Lih… Mind if I ask a question or two? One. Can Aiden Channel? I mean… I assume he can, but it would be nice to have confirmation. Two. Lih, how in the seven hells did you survive an encounter with a rougarou!? I had a run-in with one on my first tour… Didn’t think I’d make it out alive, but I had some help.”

                You’re welcome,Ebony echoed with a tired tone.

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'
She was a lot more forth coming than Elyse was. Cruz had to think it had to do with the fact she was Atharim too. The whole I can't reveal what I am. Nox told us what he knew which had pretty much been the same, except the part about dreams. Though he had alluded to not knowing what was going on all the time. He wasn't an encyclopedia he kept saying.

But Siobhan asked about Aiden. Cruz laughed. "I guess you haven't seen the videos." Cruz pulled out his wallet and flipped through a few pages until he found the clip of Aiden playing the piano with his feet and the guitar with his hands. Rather impossible if you didn't know he could channel. He pushed the wallet to the rockstar. "That's why he's here. Sage was hacking his system because that's what Sage does and he was playing with his new tech. While there Sage saw he could channel. Having known from me and Nox, and he told Aiden about Nox. So Aiden came here to learn from Nox. Nox is Atharim, a good one." If there was such a thing as a good Atharim, but Nox wasn't anything like his father. He glanced at his Dad standing in the doorway.
The handsome Cruz pulled out his Wallet and showed Siobhan clips of Aiden simultaneously playing the guitar and the piano, with his toes, and singing a cover of the late, great Nirvana’s cover of the even later and greater David Bowie’s hit song, The Man Who Sold the World.

                Classic Aiden.

                Although she had never known him to play any instrument with his toes. She hadn’t even known it was possible. The man had come out here to pursue a writing career, but if he was doing that then the whole novel thing seemed like a ruse. He had clearly come out to the CCD to focus on a solo career, or at least prepare for one…

                Those thoughts were quickly dashed when Cruz went on to confirm that, indeed, Aiden was one of the Channelers.

                Did I not tell you that before? Ebony growled telepathically to Siobhan.

                Siobhan gave the wolf a glare, ignoring the comment.

                “Whoa, whoa, whoa… So you, Aiden, and some chick named Nox can Channel? And she’s… teaching him? But this Nox-lady is Atharim?”

                A den. Of Vipers. Let us leave, Siobhan, Ebony continued on, Nothing good comes from the Atharim. Nothing. Wolves have a long memory. The Atharim once sought to help those of this world, but now they are ignorant. They seek blood. They wish to continue their mission, but that mission no longer serves this world. We will leave now.

                Ebony turned to leave, but she was quickly halted by a closed back door. Siobhan had heard this all before and, really, that’s all Ebony knew on the matter. The wolves knew things from history, but they didn’t really keep time the same way people did. Siobhan couldn’t ask for a year to tie these events with, and things like the bit she just said were ‘secret history’ anyway. Things normal folk didn’t know anything about. Those warnings about the Atharim could be rooted in events thousands of years ago or even 20, the wolves didn’t know exactly, so why should it bother Siobhan.

                She just knew the Atharim were bad and they were to be avoided. They hunted monsters, channelers, anything that they didn’t deem ‘human.’ Which was a real let down because Siobhan was pretty cool. At least she herself thought so. And if Aiden could channel? An even bigger let down because he was even cooler than she was.

                “So why is she a good guy? I mean, don’t get me wrong, all of that business explains a lot. And Lih, the rougarou!? Where're the details behind that? Anything else I should know, guys? Got any of those invisible hell-hound things stashed in the basement?”

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"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'
[[OOC: @Lih asked me to post this for her character!]]

Christian said to Lih warningly as the latter reached for the dish: “This is my job, young one. Sit, please.”

“Yes, sir.” Vitya Lih waved his hand. “I ask no better! I put myself in your hands unreservedly.”

He was himself the least domestic of men—but took a certain pride in the domestic activities of others. He prided himself on remembering people's likes and dislikes— note to self: Christian most certainly liked his job and good well-cooked Italian food.

Lih bowed his head in greeting to Dorian and Cruz as the two men took their seats at the bar.

He deliberated Dorian and Cruz’s replies on Nox, the monster guru and gave careful attention to the matter. The world’s a funny place; he looked round at the room. There was a lot here to unpack. His idol Siobhan West’s explanation about wolf dreams; Aiden Finnegan channelling in public; Dorian and Cruz’s odd-looking stranger in the front yard...

These weighty matters, and the question of more wine, settled.

“Good stuff, this.” He said approvingly of the food given to him by Christian.

Lih leaned back with a sigh and unfolded his napkin as Ebony the wolf sped by him and Siobhan.

He smiled.

“Well, miss, if you ask me… I had help with the rougarou, too… I gave my best… but I haven’t got the balls… can’t get up and get used to killing.”

Lih turned and smiled at Dorian.

"Actually, I’m glad I met you and your family, sir. With you and the likes of Alex in charge, I can surrender my weapon and badge knowing that we can survive. You’ve got heavy tasks ahead of you, and you need the best the CCD can muster…"

His voice trailed off.

There were people to protect. That was his job. That was the kind of cop he was.

“I appreciate your words earlier, sir. I will bear them in mind. I’d like to meet Nox and learn from him. It’s fair to say that unless we learn to fight together, we will die.”

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'
Cruz laughed at Siobhan's assessment of Nox. The man was far from feminine even if he was favoring men these days. Though even that was still touch and go he was avoiding Sage and Aiden when all possible. Cruz really couldn't stop laughing sliently while Officer Lih and the wolf woman exchanged words. Lih spoke of Nox and Cruz blurted out "Nox will hate you for thinking he's a woman. I didn't say he was a good guy. He's Atharim. He's good at his job, but he's like us. So in that he's a bad Atharim. Nox's version of morality borders on the gray line."

His father sighed. "Nox, is a good man. He won't kill a human on sight no matter their failings, but don't get me wrong if you threw your power at him in any attempt on his own life or others, he would not hesitate to put you down." Cruz knew that. Nox was better than his father. At least Nox never lied about who he was. Cruz wondered why it was easy to accept that Nox killed things - people. And his father who only covered it up was worse. It was his father and it was all lies. That had to be it Cruz thought to himself.

His father continued on speaking directly to Officer Lih, "I truly hope you do not step away. Domovoi needs the likes of you. Brave, willing to make the hard choices, but conscious of what it means. I'm working a case, that Nox has been working as Atharim. Mostly just killing the monsters, but I have more legal actions. The three of us need to sit down and collaborate. Work this, it will be good to get your feet wet with some good detective work before we have to take action."

Dorian spoke of the monsters that scared Nox. The one he had saved his father from. Nox only knew parts of the situation, he wasn't going to like what he'd found his father in the middle of. A channeling monster - holy fuck!

Cruz interrupted their conversation to answer the last of Siobhan's questions. "No hell hounds, just an elite hacker, and two channelers with a giant hole in the wall to the underground tunnels."

Christian laughed, "And two vicious dogs and an range of practice equipment you'd never think to find in a house much less their purpose for." Cruz smiled, that was one the best things downstairs, He wasn't as good as Nox, but enjoyed trying to block the flying balls with his power. "That's where Nox, Sage and Aiden tend to stay despite the rest of the house being open to them."
The young ‘Moon-King’ played coy over the rougarou. Siobhan sniffed the air around him subconsciously as he spoke. His angsty scent had changed slightly… Well, not slightly. He was finally relaxing... Although, there was definitely an element there that suggested he was always wound tight. Uneasy? No. That wasn’t the word. Cautious was probably a better adjective there…

                Lih was definitely pure, though. A man you could trust.

                The whole smelling-thing was the strangest part of being a Wolf-kin to Siobhan. She had never gotten completely used to it, although it had eventually become second nature to her. What she smelled didn’t always register with her, not unless she paid attention to it. Ebony had claimed that she was choosing to be ignorant. Siobhan usually just huffed at those statements. She wasn’t lazy… She just didn’t like constantly knowing how others were feeling. It affected every social interaction she had and made performing on tour something to be dreaded. With thousands of fans in the audience, the scent was nothing she could ignore and it was almost always too much to take in at once. She had collapsed once, on her first tour, when she realized just how powerful emotions were amplified amongst that many people. Since that night, she often rubbed scented oils and lotions beneath her nose to help cover it all.

                “Modesty suits you, Moon-King. Still, I’d like to hear your side of it… one day.”

                Siobhan winked at him and smiled devilishly.

                Cruz went on and shocked Siobhan, proclaiming this Nox-character to be a man. Dorian added a comment or two on the man, as well. Not a man to be crossed. Siobhan made a note of that. A self-preservationist ex-Atharim and he was teaching one of her oldest, dearest friends how to Channel. None of that phased her. It was odd, but nothing odder than talking to a wolf.

                I like to think that I am talking to you. Not the other way around, Ebony growled in the back of Siobhan’s head.

                We are all the hero in our own story, Eb, Siobhan thought back as the she-wolf sulked back towards the front of the house. She had read that somewhere before… Perhaps Aiden had said it, Siobhan wasn’t too sure.

                “I’m none too sure what you two are talking about, but if your ‘police work’ needs any help, Ebony and I can be of assistance. We’ve both got pretty good noses. I can’t track, but Eb can… I can detect lies, though… Most of the time,” Siobhan said to Dorian and Lih. It was not her place to but in, but she already liked the young albino, so if he needed help she would offer what she could. It would be a nice change of pace from the touring.

                You said we were taking a break, Ebony said, apparently listening from the other room.

                Yeah, I did. What else are we gonna do?

                Run. Hunt. Wander. Enjoy the solitude of the forests. Like you promised.

                They didn’t accept yet, Eb. Relax. We’ll probably get the brush off anyway.

                Then why did you offer in the first place?

                I always thought you wolves were a ‘Force of the Light,’ as you so elegantly put it?

                That does not involve… whatever you’re offering these two-legs.



                Cruz provided another answer to one of her questions. There were at least 2 or 3 different conversations happening all at once, so it was easy for her to forget she even asked anything of the dapper fellow. Christian even made a comment, laughing jovial. What a warm house this seemed… Mostly. There was a tension between the Father and Son duo that Siobhan couldn’t help but sniffing. It was definitely there though. Such strange answers too, yet they all talked about it as if none of it was any less normal than the moon hanging in the sky.

                A loud and cheerful bark erupted from the other room and Siobhan could hear Eb groaning across the mental connection they shared.

                Yes. Yes. It is good to see you too, Lasher. Remove your muzzle from my backside, Ebony growled.

                “Lasher!?” Siobhan half-screamed in a squeal.

                Aiden’s dog gave a loud yip from the other room and rushed into the kitchen, bounding up to Siobhan, tongue lapping at her and his nose sniffing every square inch it could find on her. Lasher was the best boy. So well behaved, playful, loyal, and, above all, adorable. Siobhan almost liked the dog more than Aiden. She hadn’t even thought to ask after the pup, assuming him to still be back at Aiden’s manor in Suzdal.

                “Whosagoodboy!?” Siobhan said in a silly voice to the dog, “Oh, I’ve missed you too! Yes, he’s a good boy. Youwannatreat!?”

                   Without looking up, Siobhan asked of her hosts, “You guys got any treats for him or a hunk of meat or cheese? Oh, he’s so cute! It’s been far too long. And look how big he’s gotten!"

                   Siobhan loved dogs.

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'
The trip to Jaxen' had been a little weird. First unexpected, but the proposal to Aiden and then Aiden asking him along made things even more strange.

But then to come home to a house full of people? And this alarms tripped? Sage wasn't exactly sure how he missed that. Too busy with Aiden apparently, but whatever, he'd have to write some more monitoring programs. He really needed to a server up and running, but now it looked as if that wasn't gonna happen soon.

The kitchen was bustling when Sage and Aiden walked into the kitchen. Lasher and some large dog which wasn't a dog were playing with a woman with golden eyes. Sage's breath caught. He knew her. Just as he'd known Aiden. She was still active on the music scene.

And then a pale man sat eating in his spot. It was funny how often he claimed that particular stool in the kitchen. Christian was pouring more wine and plating left overs. Whoever cooked always made too much food. Nox or Christian didn't matter - always too much. Sage wrapped his arm around Aiden's waist "Looks like we are missing all the food and wine."

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