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Goosebumps formed across Aiden’s body at the hot breath in his ear and the nip at his lobe. Sage had discovered early on that the ear was one of Aiden’s ‘buttons.’ His pants tightened almost immediately. It was a shame that Siobhan was still in the room, otherwise, he’d have taken Sage right there on the counter.

                The feeling abated slightly as Sage continued to whisper into his ear. Aiden had no qualms about his boyfriend monitoring Siobhan, but she might… Although there would be certain perks to such a situation.

                Aiden’s head spun and he nipped at Sage’s neck, Siobhan be damned.

                “I think we can leave that bit up to her, mon dieu.”

                Siobhan groaned at the sight of public affection, drowning the last of her whiskey.

                “If you two are gonna fuck, I’m gonna bounce. You will not find a third partner in me.”

                “Oh, don’t flatter yourself, Sio,” Aiden said with a smirk. She rolled her eyes. “Sage… Well, think of him as a… Technomancer… of sorts.”

                Siobhan cocked an eyebrow in confusion.

                “He’ll probably give you a wallet, but if he does, he has access to every bit of you that is connected to that device. You won’t have many secrets while carrying that thing… On the flipside, you’ll never be alone and if you ever need help, you’ll probably have it before you ask for it.”

                Siobhan considered the two men before getting up from her stool.

                “As much as I’d like a new device, I’d rather buy my own if the price is a permanent paparazzi in my pocket.”

                “Thought you’d say that,” Aiden said with a laugh.

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Siobhan had known Aiden long enough to see where this was going. She was feeling a buzz and that meant Aiden had to as well. When the man got tipsy enough, his pants usually ended up on the floor. The years in Blarney Stoned often ended with her leaving after-parties early while he and Kyle started dry humping in a corner… Usually with a third, random dude. It was irritating. But that was men for you.

                Sage seemed nice and all, but she did not need monitoring. Her manager was bad enough, and then there was Ebony in her head, and the other 6 wolves when they were around her.

                You are in my head, Ebony sent over to her as she rose from the ground with a feral yawn.

                Am not.

                I will not argue facts, woman. Are we to leave?

                In a sec. I need to say goodbye.

                Can Aiden not come with us? I enjoy him.

                If you enjoy him so much, why didn’t you bond him instead?

                He is not of our kind. You are.

                Yeah, yeah yeah.

                Siobhan ran around the countertop and pulled Aiden and Sage both into a warm, sisterly embrace. Although she was the one departing, she couldn’t help but feel sad. Her vision played over again in her head. This could be the last time she saw Aiden… Oh, she could go with him, but she wouldn’t. Even if she wanted to, she knew that it would not happen. She was not in the vision with Sage and him.

                “You have my contact information. Sage, I’m sure you can lift it from his wallet. Please do. I’ll be in Moscow for a while… Won’t be touring again any time soon. Eb won’t let me. Please let me know when you’re leaving. And check in with me when you get to wherever you’re going. And let me know when you’re back.”

                Aiden’s voice cracked, “Yes, mother.”

                “I mean it,” Siobhan said firmly, “Sage. I’m trusting you to keep him safe. Please. This world would be darker without this man… But then again, I’m sure you know that…”

                Before either could say another word, Siobhan pulled away and ran to the backdoor.

                “C’mon, Eb. It’s time to hunt.”

                About time.

                Siobhan pulled the door open, Ebony at her heels, and disappeared into the night. As she closed the door behind her, she heard Aiden say something to Sage.

                “Sometimes I don’t know how I live without that woman.”

                Tears began to stream down her cheeks.

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'
Sage tilted his head at the ominous third person quip. Was this a regular thing for Aiden?

Shioban had offered him her number via Aiden, but Sage had already lifted everything about her including the ability to track her own wallet. However he didn't tap into it. He could have. And if he'd not asked permission first he would have. But Aiden meant something to him, so he would follow most of the rules.

She was gone and Aiden was his. Sage wanted to question Aiden on this three person thing. They'd touched on it briefly the night they'd met but he'd never brought it up again. And not that the person in mind was ever around anyway. Unless Aiden had specific business with Nox he as elsewhere. Not that Sage blamed him.

But he had other thoughts... Tonight had been a hell of a night, he intended some alone time with his boy before they were stuck on a plane or boat or train or however the fuck they were getting to Ireland.

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