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Elixir of life
If there was animosity before, it was buried by the compliments pouring from his lips. A smile gleamed like diamonds, and Spectra tipped a shoulder modestly. "There are few times the real person is revealed. War drags you out. Desperation pulls you to the surface. Hunger and pain strip away your masks." 

She sighed, bored from these ramblings, and reached an arm across the table, fingernails laid like knives near his. "Only one way is the best way." Her arm retracted a moment later, eyes narrowed pensively upon his. "What did you learn about your little girlfriend before? Secrets no doubt of the deepest, darkest sort. Will she give you what you want? The real you Señor Consul?" 
Two fingers rubbed his chin as he studied her, watching the mask seem to fall into place. Ironic, given her words. Funny how easily they could be donned and doffed at will. His words were slow, as languorous as the smile that formed. "I would have said 'Fire burns away the dross.' But I suspect you said the same, there at the end."

The near touch of her sharpened nails, blades to rip at him, sent a chill up his spine. Strangely, it was not without some appeal. That made him chuckle on the inside. Very unexpected. Knives to poke and to prod. Something from one of the endless preachers he had been forced to listen to as a child- on pain of beatings of course- came to mind, though as it had marinated and aged in his soul, had became darker, deeper. His reality. The truth is sharper than any razor-edged blade, slicing deep between bone and sinew. Splitting it open, to dig at and scrape out the marrow. It was a delicious image.

The moment drew out. Her comment about what was best left him curious. "If I were to guess, I would say it was the latter," he said quietly. Malik saw glimpses of that darkness, pulsing. Energies twinned, he could almost imagine a warping of the air.

Hand removed, the temperature seemed to drop, the outdoor cafe and environs brightening once more. A touch of bite laced her question. He raised an eyebrow. "I did not seek anything from Danika- at the moment. Nothing beyond her company at the Ball last night." Malik could not hide the slight twist of his lip. "I doubt she has any secrets, though. She is utterly an open book." His eyes focused on her. "What I is simple. I want her work. She seems to have discovered the power using scientific equipment."

A slight smile. A gamble, the dice rolling. And Marcus DuBois dropped the mask completely. Darth Malik stood revealed, hiding none of the churning hunger and anger and desire that boiled in his soul. She had not taken to his earlier hints, promises of what she might find at the Consulate.

His voice lowered and he allowed his deepest desires to show for the first time. "I want all of it. The Consulate is a funnel, a vacuum, bringing every last drop of information about the power- and so much more! And it all flows through me. Channelers-" he paused, tilting his head slightly, his word changing to be inclusive "- those like you will be at the forefront of this new world, but I will hold the key." His whispering voice hardened, his brows drawing down as his eyes darkened. "A world of order. Of justice. Of vengeance."

His eyes searched hers.
Spectra’s shoulder tipped innocently. “She is a sweet one. I see why you want her work.” A sly smile touched her lips. The banter finally reached a crescendo and truths were shared. The words he spoke lit a fire in her eyes, one set to sizzle on his dark skin. In her mind, all the channelers in the world gathered to one spot until the crowd spilled over one another just to get a glimpse at him who would unite them all. Marcus on a pedestal, spotlights illuminating the globes of his eyes. It was intoxicating.

Except for the souring notion that Spectra was herself squeezed shoulder-to-shoulder with the masses like a common nobody. That certainly couldn’t be allowed to continue. Whatever the future held, a goddess as herself would not deface herself.

This was her chance. Marcus couldn’t be allowed to become distracted by sweet little girls when a real woman was willing to join his side. Marcus was already willing to accept flattery, though she suspected he was not swayed by it as much as he let on. This was the mind of a strategic genius.

Neither was Spectra willing to beg him to allow her to ride his coat tails. She would only deign the idea if he asked her to join the cause.
“You’ll be happy to know that I am free this weekend for you to take out.” her lips pursed, languid lashes winking suggestively.
Darth Malik relaxed, a tightness (Anticipation? Hope?) in his chest he hadn't noticed- a snake coiled around his heart- releasing. He did not hide the smile that split his face. A smile women had said was sweet and boyish, full of laughter and joy.

Finally! He reached out his masculine yet manicured hand to lightly touch hers, holding the blazing green fire of her eyes with the smoldering roiling brown of his own. He seized the Force and felt as if reality had warped. As if he were inside her, felt the sound of her breathing, inhaled the sight of her, tasted the smell of her. He focused all his attention, every last shred of it, his gaze consuming her in her entirity.

Her eyes shifted seductively, lashes winking, filled with promise.

He did not deny himself any emotion or hunger that slithered up from the depths as if they were "good" or "bad". Labels were mere societal constructs of control.

Malik was not afraid to reveal his male response to her words and body language in his look and the slow animal smile that stole across his face- though tempered of course. He let a playful tone color his voice, full of surprise. "I am beyond delighted. And I would be pleased to have you- your company, rather- for the weekend." A playful wink. "I would be pleased to show you a world with you as queen. As a goddess even." And he brought her hand to his lips and kissed it reverently.

No insincerity graced his lips. He wanted her to feel worshipped and power in a way she had never experienced- not even as the magnificent Spectra Lin.

The pull had to be complete. The promise of what he could give. Only then would she be completely tied to him.

[[ Ill pm/notify spectra for that weekend thread. It shouldnt be long.]]
Spectra had never been seen by a man the way that Marcus looked at her now. Her skin writhed beneath his gaze in such a tantalizing way, she shivered. How marvelous.

She rose gracefully as a flower blooming in the sun, dipping her head. They would meet soon, and all she desired was within her grasp.

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