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Vaia Plus Duex
After Nox discharged himself they had a chance to sit down and talk about what he'd found in the tunnels.  Dorian had already debriefed Lih and Sarkozy, but it was Nox's expert opinion he'd wanted.  And there really wasn't - Alistair Pavlo was dead - good and dead - Nox had decapitated him himself.  Surviving without a head would be hard-pressed.

The only thing left was to inform the girlfriend and his company.  The girlfriend was emotional but she had already prepared herself.  Dorian had stayed to comfort her for as long as it had needed.  

Now Dorian was standing in the lobby of Vaia Plus waiting for a meeting with Dr Flynn.  He wasn't Alistair's direct superior, but he was the CEO and he had taken an interest in the case from what he understood.  Though Dorian didn't really understand why he cared, but Dorian would indulge the man.

Dorian's sat comfortably in the reception area waiting on Dr. Flynn's last meeting to end.  The man was busy after all.  And it wasn't like Dorian had anything better to do.  Only a missing blood sample to find.  Nox was certain that was a dangerous thing to have out and about.  He couldn't tell Dorian why, but Dorian trusted Nox's assessment of monsters - he'd learned from a great hunter.  And Dorian was a cop first and foremost - not a hunter by any means.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=24]

The cops had been all over Alistair Pavlo's disappearance and Detective Kao had ensured that he'd not be found, but now there was a cop about to deliver the news. To say Flynn was displeased was an understatement. The Syndicate had failed.

But he put on the smile he was expected and invited the detective to his private office at Vaia Plus just to smooth things over. Detective Vega was a man of immense wealth and power if he chose it but instead, he was a cop in Moscow and he wondered why. He solved unprecedented cases his entire case. Strange things, but rarely did he not find the man to blame. Another curiosity.

Flynn's secretary showed Detective Vega into his office. The younger man wore a suit that spoke of his wealth and place in the world. He was a much better representation of money than Kao had been. Was he a dirty cop too?

"Detective Vega. Take a seat, what news do you bring me that could be so pressing."
The aging man brought him into his office and Dorian sat down in the proffered chair, straightening his pants and tie as he did. "I bring news of Alistar Pavlo. You've expressed interest in the missing person case. I figured I'd bring it directly to you."

Dr. Flynn steepled his fingers and leaned forward, "What have you found?" From the look the man wanted to know more than just the news.

"I'm sorry your scientist is dead. His body was burnt beyond recognition, but his badge was found intact." Dorian didn't say that Nox had burnt the body on purpose. Or at least he assumed the body was beyond recognition, Nox had decapitated the man.

The man smiled but it vanished quickly replaced with grief. "That is a tragedy. I will make sure his family is well compensated." He stood up and offered Dorian his hand, "Thank you for informing me personally. Is there anything else?

Dorian remained sitting. "Do you know what he was working on? The circumstances and his whereabouts are questionable and his girlfriend was not any help. Do you know why he might be found in the tunnels under the city?"
[Image: attachment.php?aid=24]

"I do not know what he was working on. I don't think he should have reason to be in the undercity." Flynn told the detective. "However I can arrange for his files to be looked through and if we have anything that might explain his whereabouts I'll have them sent along."

Flynn stood up. "I have another pressing meeting I need to get to. You will have to excuse me, Detective Vega"

Vega left and Flynn growled to himself. The police were going to end up working this case to death if he didn't put an end to it soon. Alistair was dead. Burnt? Flynn didn't believe it. The officer was covering something up he'd figure it out. But at least Alistair wasn't going to be squealing to the cops. But if he was dead his research was lost with it. Flynn frowned, he was going to have to find another to do the work. But first he had to wipe up Alistair's mess and transfer things around. The scientist had gotten careless and now he was gone.

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