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Pyotr Grigory
Pyotr Grigory

Age 21
Birthday: December 15, 2024

Origin: Moscow

Occupation: Waiter

Psychological Description – He is young and naive. He is easily manipulated and can be accident prone.

Physical Description: He stands 5'11. He has short blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. He usually wears black and white waiter clothing, and sticks with plain clothing when not working.

Supernatural Abilities – Channeler

Current Strength: 2
Potential Strength: 10

Pyotr was born into a family that had served the Kremlin for generations. Naturally, he was expected to join in this familial tradition when he became of age. As a result, he was home-schooled. He didn’t have many friends growing up; the only people he saw on a regular basis were the higher ups in society who had no desire to spend time with the son of the servants. As the result of a rather sheltered life, Pyotr is very naïve and can easily be manipulated if someone offers him a chance at friendship. At 18, his schooling ended and he joined the workforce as a waiter in the Kremlin as expected of him. His life continued much that way for three years, nothing really changing until he turned 21. He was serving a table and on the way towards the table, he tripped over his feet, dropping the pitcher of water he was carrying. Not wanting to upset any guests, he brought the pitcher close to his body, preventing the water from spilling out onto guests. Most of the water ended up on him and there was a puddle on the floor. Some of the guests laughed while a few asked if he was alright. Pyotr nodded that he was ok before moving to go change his clothes. Another waiter got a sign to warn walkers of the hazardous floor. Pyotr would need to clean it up, but it wouldn’t really help unless he stopped dripping first. He went to the locker room to get out another outfit, thinking of how much of a pain this whole situation was when he felt the wetness in his shirt beginning to descend. A puddle was forming under his shoes and to Pyotr’s surprise; his clothes were no longer wet. Pyotr was curious about this, but didn’t have time to worry about it now. He cleaned up the mess and continued with his shift. About a week later, he began to have headaches and nausea. These periods of sickness would occur sometime after a lucky situation happened. Pyotr would fall down the stairs, but would stand with no pain or bruises. He would react faster if someone would bump into him preventing spills. To Pyotr, it seemed like he had some sort of ability to deal with these things. He named this ability his “Luck.” The effects of the sickness would appear after every time he used his Luck, and Pyotr began to notice. Not only were they coming more often, but often, they were more severe. His Luck and the sickness were linked, but he didn’t know how. Pyotr would have to find out soon before it was too late.
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Pyotr is approached by a man with powers like his own. Pyotr meets with this man, Marcus DuBuois, the new Sigma, who takes Pyotr under his wing. Unbeknownst to Pyotr, Marcus is just using him.

The Greats

Pyotr has the honor of serving the Ascendancy at the Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Bells

Pyotr meets Jensen James and Alex Pirozzi. After some discussion, Alex and Jensen become aware that Pyotr can channel. Pyotr is nervous of what Marcus will think about this but is glad to have found a friend in Jensen.

Trying to Figure Things Out

Pyotr goes back to work and has a run-in with an old enemy, Yegor. Yegor is a bully and enjoys berating Pyotr for the fun of it. Another worker sticks up for Pyotr after it is realized that Pyotr is attracted to men. Pyotr ends up tripping Yegor with the power for the hell of it.

A Friendly Little Spar

Tired of being pushed around, Pyotr goes to Gracie's Gym to learn how to fight back. He meets Bas and Nox there and inspired by Charlie's words, he decides to stick with it. He goes out for the night with Bas and Nox.


Pyotr goes out with Nox and Bas. While there, he runs into Michelle from work. Also present is Yegor and Stanislav. They pick a fight with Pyotr, Bas, and Nox, and for the first time, Pyotr hits back. He comes out of the fight with a split lip. He also notices he feels an attraction towards Michelle and becomes aware of being bisexual. Michelle is also attracted towards him, and with Nox as a wingman, Pyotr leaves with her. Pyotr starts to feel confident in himself.

The Good Fight

Pyotr joins Nox and Bas in the Underground City. There he comes into contact with Aria and some strange beings. With Aria's help, he becomes embarrassed and channels, but his embarrassment wears off and he uses the power for the first time without being embarrassed, thus breaking his block. The rest of the fight he is useless due to fear.

Pyotr finds himself in the Red Light District where he runs into Bas and meets Enzo. Bas goes crazy and is helped by Aurora. Pyotr agrees to help Aurora meet her brother.
Wanna Be Startin' Something

Pyotr assists Aurora with finding her brother who ironically happens to be Nox. They head back to Nox and Aurora's new place and spar with the power for a bit. Pyotr only does so after Nox makes him.

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