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Internal Affairs
Yun smiled. She had him. At least she was confident he would agree. Information for safety seemed like a good deal to her. He wanted his family safe, and he wasn't opposed to going against the grain. If he was truly outed by the Atharim, the police and Yun were his only options and how much would the CCDPD actually help a terrorist? Yun on the other hand - they could work out a deal.

"All in due time, Detective Vega. All in due time. First let me have my men escort you to a shower, a change of clothes and a hot meal. Then you and I can have that little talk in a more amendable situation. Unless you'd like to make a run for it in which I'd have to take extradorinary measure. I beleive your wife is home alone while you boys are out doing what it is they do."

Dorian paled, but he nodded. The sickly color did not suit him, he would protect his family. That was was a given, but would he agree outright? But he said nothing more and Yun had Slav untie him and stuff him in another bag. "Only a temporary solution, Detective. I don't want you to find my little hole in the wall here. We'll remove the bag when we get to our destination and if we come to an agreement it shouldn't be necessary again."

Yun's only response was a grunt from the Detective. But he was pliable and they would make good time - no fighting but not surrendered, not yet.
With the bag stuffed over his head Dorian tried to keep track of where he was going, but they were good at what they did. Not only did they spin him around before leaving the building they walked in circles before ever getting into the car. And then they drove around forever before they pulled off the bag in the glaring street lights of the red light distrust. But they didn't stay there, and drove around for more miles. And then finally they pulled up in front of one of the smaller mansions in that particular area. It was a tad larger than Dorian's own, but his estate was larger. The land itself, the buildings were no comparison. His father had chosen a shit hole that needed work. Dorian didn't care, with two gods under his roof there was no telling what other damage would be done now.

They were true to their word and Dorian got a hot shower, clean, pressed suit that looked like they'd purchased off the rack, but it fit rather well. Though it was nothing on what Dorian usually wore. But he'd survive, he was an Atharim hunter after all and he had been known to wear a pair of jeans in his lifetime.

Dinner was set in the main dinning room. She was already seated but there were only three place settings, his and her main thugs it appeared remained empty.

"Join me Detective, we have plenty to discuss. But first, eat. Enjoy the food and the wine, if not the company."

Dorian sat down at the table and waited for what was the first course. He was ravenous, and didn't bother with enjoying the delicate meal. The man across from him chuckled to himself. But it was the woman who broke the silence. "I'd like to introduce myself, Detective. My name is Yun Kao. I'm the leader of the Syndicate."

"I've heard of it. Though I thought Sheng Lo was their head."
Now he understood why she wanted him. They had many hands in the CCDPD, but none within the Atharim. "I'm not part of the Atharim any longer. I threw my lot in with a boy god, and my son and I'm branded a traitor."
That was only the latest of his greatest failures in the Atharim. He'd done more the day he decided Cruz was more important.
The fact that the Detective knew of the Syndicate was a good thing. Yun wondered if it was through his Atharim channels or the police. Likely the former, or maybe Vega didn't care if he worked with corrupted cops and lawyers. He did after all work with them already.

Yun just smiled at Vega as the meal was served. This was a man who expected to be lavished at his home. His own man in service to him for almost as long as he had been married. It raised questions that most people didn't really ask as Vega was happily married - or was he?

But he didn't seem to think he'd be of any use to her, and that would be a shame if he refused. "And that is why you will help me. Your traitor status, your son, and your boy god - you can help me. Assuming you have information, and I will help you."

Yun let there be silence while they ate. The detective ate well for being a captive. Slav looked at him with a concerned looked. "There was a car following us when we picked you up. Who was following you? We lost them, but should we be concerned?"
Yun smiled, it was his job to keep her safe. He was doing his job.
She was right. He'd do anything to protect Cruz. He wasn't a child anymore, but he was his son. And he'd do anything to protect Ana and his father as well.

Dorian took a deep breath. "That was the Atharim sent by the IA investigator who was looking into me."
Dorian thought if I'm going all in, I might as well make it known who is who that he knew of anyway.

Yun nodded and Slav questioned again. "What happens if we don't get him off your back?"

"I expect he'll try to kill me, even if you do get him off my back. The Atharim are relentless. They send person after person against Ascendancy and he's a god. A trail of dead bodies follows him. I know of very few Atharim that live if they catch a reborn god who knows what they are doing."

Dorian looked to Yun his wine glass poised to drink, "I'm not of any use to you if my family is dead. I need a round the clock guard on my house. And a tail on my son and wife. I will help you, And with my help I'll bring you my boy god. He's far more Atharim then I am. He hunted the monsters, he worked inside the system. But he doesn't work for you. He doesn't kill humans, he's an innocent boy with enough problems on his plate. But he will have no problem telling you about the Atharim or about the reborn gods. Or teaching whatever godlings you find to work for you. He's a crude teacher but his skills are good at making things go boom."
A small smile spread to his lips then he drank from the glass and continued on with his meal. She might think she had the upper hand, but Dorian had been doing the whole corrupted cop thing since he joined the force. This was nothing new.

Dorian was negotiating terms. Yun wasn't sure she liked that. She could easily have his boy killed, and his wife too. Then what would Detective Vega do. But this was a man who was also used to modifying the system to do what he needed. Why else would IA be involved?

"Why would your boy god help me?" Yun laughed at the word god. These were men, nothing more and poor examples of them in most cases. None of them deserved be worshiped, well there might be a few... but that was not this situation.

Dorian looked at her with a sly smile as he finished the wine. "Because I said you were a trusted friend. He's naive enough to beleive me, and as long as you don't ask him to kill someone he'll be none-the-wiser."

Yun had to think about it. Slav asked while she toyed the possibilities. "What happens when you return and IA gets back on you?"
Dorian chuckled. "I assume your mistress has an answer. Otherwise he might find himself in an accident only Domovoi can solve." Leading him into Nox's tunnels should be simple enough Dorian thought to himself. There were plenty of monsters to kill him. And Nox knew where those deadly monsters were, the unknown ones. What better way to get Domovoi involved in that creepy case...

A plan was forming. "Well Ms. Kao?"

Yun looked at Dorian like she was taking stock and then nodded. "I want to meet your boy god first. But you will stay with me until we find a means to take care of your IA tail."

Dorian grinned and offered her his hand. "Deal?"

She eyed his hand then shook it. Dorian grinned at her and said. "I think I have an idea."

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