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Internal Affairs
Dorian went into the office despite his desire to stay home with his family. But Dorian had to show up for work. Not only was IA looking into him but an Atharim was also there. Abt was a good officer - he kept many Atharim from being discharged from service in the police force around the world.

But Dorian knew this wasn't going to be the case this time. He'd opened a can of worms that was going to bite him in the ass eventually. That eventually was now.

Dorian wasn't sure what the Captain knew of his involvement in things lately, but Dorian was sure IA knew. They always knew.

There was a note sitting on Dorian's make shift desk that said, "See me. - Abt" There was a flashing light on his desk phone that said probably the same thing. Dorian wasn't even late, the man was in early.

It was best not to keep IA waiting...
Vega was not in early like usual. Jens left the note and sat down in the office he had commandeered for his purposes. He was going to be overseeing Domovoi for the foreseeable future. He didn't care if the Captain wanted him there or not. It didn't matter. He was IA, and Jens was going to be in the thick of it. For the good of the Atharim, and the CCDPD too. Though that came second.

When Vega arrived he was prompt in his arrival. He hadn't knocked yet when Jens called out "Come in Detective."

Vega was dressed as he'd always seen the man in his tailored suit that was expensive in quality and make he probably had it special ordered made out of some Peruvian cotton or something. Vega sat down in the opposite chair and adjusted his slacks and crossed his legs and leaned back. He didn't look nervous, but Jens knew every man or woman who entered IA's office was nervous. Being under IA scrutiny was never good. "You wanted to see me?"

"I did. We have a lot to discuss. But first do you know where Mr. Durante got off to? He was there one moment and then when my officer took a break the nurses said someone came in and snatched him away."

Dorian shrugged. "I last saw Mr. Durante before you showed up. I could say the same of you. You were the last officer to see him."
Dorian knew that line of questioning wasn't going to get him on Abt's good side, but did he really think he was hiding Nox?

"You could. But I did not request a transfer. And that's what the paperwork says to an undisclosed facility."

Dorian shrugged. "It's above my pay grade. You'd be able to determine if I printed or forged some document. So why are you asking me?"

Abt sighed. Dorian must have pegged his exact thoughts. "Then our business here is concluded. You have one hour to settle your affairs."

"Is that a threat Officer Abt?"

The man just grinned at Dorian. "Take it however you feel. One hour."

Dorian had been clearly dismissed. He had one hour to settle his affairs. Meaning the Atharim were going to kill him. But they were giving him time to let his family know. Dorian should have gone home. Hugged Cruz one last time. He should have kissed Ana's cheek a last time. Shook Christian's hand. But instead he made a phone call.

Christian picked up his personal line. "Dorian?"

"My affairs are in order?"

"Always. Is this that call?"

Dorian sighed. Christian had known far longer than anyone that one day he'd call, or someone would call telling him he was dead. No one would call Cruz, or Ana, they would only call Christian and Christian would take care of his family. All of them. And now he was making that one call. The last one.

Dorian wasn't going to run. But he wasn't going to go down without a fight either. "I might make it out today. And maybe tomorrow. But there is a price on my head, same as Nox."

"Yes, sir. I will insure the family is safe. It has been an honor. What should I tell them?"

"Whatever you need to Christian to make sure they don't take action. Especially Cruz. Nox is a bad influence."

"Yes, sir. But if I can interject. Come home. Let us help."

"I can't. If I do Ana or Cruz or you could get hurt. I can't do that."

"Dorian, let us make that choice, we know now. Let us choose."

Dorian sighed. "I'll be there in twenty."
And then he hung up. Christian was right, they had the right to choose their own path, much like Ivan, Alex and Calvin did. Why did everyone want to jump into the line of fire for those they loved. Dorian didn't have an answer to that. But he set his badge and his gun in the drawer in his desk and he walked out of Domovoi probably for the last time.

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Besides Sarkozy there was another Domovoi agent she wanted. He wasn't special like Sarkozy. He was just a pawn to use. But with a record like Vega's and his now known allegiance to a secret agency that is much like the Syndicate, he was ripe for the picking. He could cover up strange occurrences. And still look legit.

Vega could be persuaded. If she had to resort to tactics like Sarkozy she was up for the task, but she was fairly certain this was not the same type of man. He had all sorts of hidden secrets. And the more she had someone else digging into him, the more she found. But there were dead ends too - too many for comfort. Yun wanted him. And what better way to keep Sarkozy and Vega in lie but play them against each other too. Much like Sarkozy's father and partner.

Yun sent Slav after him with whatever men he needed. Abt gave him an hour. Yun would have Dorian Vega in a dark room before then. It was only a matter of minutes before the former Atharim was in a hole waiting on her. But not today - another day.
Dad was supposed to be home. Nox had come and gone with barely any word about where he was going. He looked like he was in pain. He looked tired and beat up but he was going to see Sage. Maybe Sage would help talk him down. They seemed to have a sort of bond. Lost friends and loved ones did that.

Cruz paced while he waited for his dad. Christian looked at him, "Sit down."

Cruz stopped and looked at the man who'd practically raised him. He wasn't his father, but he was more father than his dad ever was. "Where is he?"

"Cruz, your father is a grown man he can take care of himself."

"So why is Nox building walls? Setting traps around our house?"

Christian didn't respond he just let go a heavy sigh. Cruz was right. This was bad. His dad was late - he was never later.

Thirty minutes...

An Hour....

Cruz was panicking. Nox wasn't even here. Where were they? What would they do if his dad didn't come home. Cruz looked to Christian and the man who raised him was there wrapping his arms around him like a little boy. Cruz wanted to push him away, but he didn't. This was bad, and Cruz wanted his father...
Jens had two of his Atharim men go after Vega. He wasn't about to do the dirty work himself. They should be reporting back anytime now. But he hadn't heard anything. Was Vega that good? Had the boy god returned? Was there more going on.

It was distracting. He had affairs to run here in Domovoi. Keeping an eye on all these special forces now. And when he meant special he meant - special - supernatural. Monsters that needed going down.

Abt was learning a lot about what this supposed unit was for. And it was getting darn right scary. Police with Sentients and gods at the helm. Now all they needed was wolfkin or furia to join the mix. Furia were useful but they were hardly dangerous.

But then again there was a lot of rumors on the network now. A new Regus. A traitor killing Atharim - stealing information, burning down houses. That had to be looked into too. This traitor needed stopping. Thankfully he had eyes and ears out looking for the traitor as he spoke.
Yun didn't go home after she left The Hole in the Wall. She had other business to attend to. Announcements of fundraisers and personnel assignments caught her attention. Little spiders had informed her of other advantageous meetings. And one very happenstance thing.

Yun sent Sarkozy a text with instructions for his next assignment. It wasn't anything he couldn't handle. It allowed for a little more blackmail and it was purposefully worded so that he could implicate himself if all went down wrong.

But that was for the future, there were far more interesting things in the safe house dark room. Safe and secured in the knowledge that if Vega screamed - and he would scream if he didn't play the game right - no one would hear him.

The safe house was an old Russian bunker she'd found on a routine raid back in the day. It had been cleansed of the homeless and was supposed to be re-purposed for the precincts, but Yun carefully made it disappear. It was one of her first jobs in the Syndicate. It it had set her up for the take over. Now it was hers - everything was hers.

Together the syndicate members would make Moscow better. For everyone - not just the rich and powerful, but her, the crime lords, the citizens. Everyone would be happy. But first they needed to get the leverage of these Ascendants and who better than a former Atharim to help them do that.

Yun flipped on the light in the dark room, it was bright and if all had been set up according to plan - as she was certain it would, Vega would be sitting facing the light and when it came on it would blind him with tears. She smiled at the sight when the door opened and she walked in. Two of her men came with her, no one was going to trust this man with her alone. Though he was not one of the Ascendants - just a man - a very dangerous man. But still just a man.

Yun pulled a chair up on the other side of the light. "Dorian Vega. Detective of the CCDPD and a member of the Domovoi initiative. Formerly of the Atharim. Tell me, Dorian, how does one leave a secret society without dying."

Two blocks from the station a black SUV pulled out in front of Dorian, a rocket launcher appeared from the side window and broke through the windshield of Dorian's car. If he'd been in a squad car that wouldn't have happened, but his own that was another story. The cab filled with smoke and Dorian tried for the door but before he could pull it open he slumped to the side.

The next thing Dorian knew he was sitting in a dark room, his hands bound behind his back and his legs tied to the chair he was sitting in. There was no sound, not even an air vent. Dorian could hear and see nothing and that was more unnerving that what Dorian knew was coming next.

Time escaped him. He had no idea how long he'd been there, he had started counting the seconds once he woke up but there was no telling how long he'd been there before. And soon even counting became torture. The knowing his life was ticking away, that he wasn't with his son and the rest of his family.

The door creaked as it opened against rusted hinges. Footsteps behind him moved around and the door closed as the light in front of him flipped on. Despite knowing what was going to happen the light still blinded him through closed eye lids and he blinked away the tears trying to find something to focus on - anything.

A female voice as him a question. A bizarre and informative one. One Dorian didn't know how to answer. He hadn't escaped without dying - at least not yet. He was just surviving the attempt. But Dorian gave the only answer he would ever give his name and badge number. While it was police training, it was the Atharim or rather Martin who had given him the tools to keep repeating the same things. He wouldn't betray the CCDPD or the Atharim. And Dorian wasn't exactly sure if either deserved his loyalty.
Dorian was repeating name rank and serial number like a good little soldier boy and it irked Yun. She rolled her eyes, but it was lost on him. Slav was behind her and he was itching to hit the man so she gave him a simple nod and Vega became his little toy.

Yun got up and moved her chair into the light and sat back down. "I'd like to do this civilly, but you are giving me no choice in the matter. I know you are Atharim. I know that IA Officer Jens Abt is sending goons after you, they likely lost you when we usurped you from your car a few hours ago. I'd like to help you and your family."

The man stilled before her and Yun raised her hand for Slav to stop. He did so with a grunt.

"Normally, I'd just black mail you, but willing compatriots are far more helpful than than someone willing to help. I can promise your family safety from your foes. The Atharim I think would think twice when some of my guys stand guard. You'll look a crooked cop but you are already that Detective. I just want information in exchange for your family's safety. Can we talk?"
Things went quickly. The woman who was in charge quickly had a big man beating him. Dorian's answer never changed. It wouldn't change. At least he thought so, but the words she spoke meant she would also harm his family if he didn't help. Blackmail wasn't foreign to these people. And Dorian's main goal was to keep his family safe.

Dorian straightened and listned to her words. Who was she to protect him from the Atharim. Dorian spit out blood that had pooled in his mouth before he spoke. "Why would you protect my family from the Atharim."

She smiled and waved her goon away from Dorian. "Because Detective Vega, I want you to help my men understand the things the Atharim know. Specially when it comes to these channeler, Ascendants or whatever you want to call these men and women who do magic."

"How does that help you? What I know is how to kill them. nothing more."

The smile on her face grew.

"Precisely. You help me. I help you. And maybe in the over all picture you can keep an eye on a few persons of interest for me."

Dorian asked. He couldn't even beleive he was thinking of going along. Trading one god killing organization for another.


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