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Another Emergency
Nox was feeling better. Aria was safe even if she was still incommunicado. But at least she was safe. He could wait for more.

Flights of fancy were few and far between as the days passed after meeting Kali. Moments of danger seemed to bring her to mind. A strange deja vu feeling happening every time his adrealine spiked - which happened to be every night with his nightmares. Thankfully Elyse hadn't had another episode of them - not that she told him anyway. He knew she hadn't slept that night after he'd fallen asleep and then woken up from his own nightmares. He had lain in bed just holding her until the sun came up. It was an odd feeling. An odd thing to do but he'd done it because he wanted to protect her.

Sage's plane was to land this afternoon and he had been busy showing Cruz how to erect stone walls around the perimeter of Dorian's estate. A fucking estate! They had started in the back and the walls rose eight feet into the air. They had covered the entire back line of the land Dorian owned before he'd had to leave. Cruz had been disappointed, but Nox trusted him not to touch the power without guidance - at least not yet. It was still dangerous but the man was getting the hang of the simple things.

By the time Nox had reached the airport he'd been thirty minutes late and Sage was nowhere to be found. He had waited an hour before all the while sending the hacker texts. Nox had wondered where the fuck he'd gone.

It wasn't until Nox was back at Dorian's pacing the hall that he got a call on his new wallet from an unknown number. Nox answered it cautiously, "Hello?"

Mr. Durante. I'm calling on behalf of Sage Morgan. Do you know him?"

"I do."
Nox tried not to panic. He was not dead...

I'm calling from Moscow University Hospital to inform you that your friend is safe and in our care. He wishes you to join him at your convenience."

"Thank you. I'll be there soon."
Nox hung up the phone and then let Elyse know where he was going. He also told Christian just in case it mattered. He seemed to know everything anyway.

The metro to the University was quick. He probably could have walked it easily. He'd been there plenty of times now with Cruz, he almost knew his way around the campus. Once inside he found out where Sage was staying and found the door closed. The nurse at the station outside spoke to him. "The doctor is with him now. She should be done soon I'm sure."

Nox nodded and sat down in front of the door and waited. He wasn't exactly looking forward to seeing Sage again. It had been almost 6 years since he'd taken Aurora to the prom and taken her virginity. He almost had the urge to deck the man for doing that to his sister. But Aurora had needed it, he wasn't that mad about it.

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Before Dr. Kinnard could agree with his assessment of the situation the annoying nurse from before opened the door with a frown as she stepped inside and closed the door. She looked to the doctor first and then to Sage. "There is a young man to see you Mr. Parker. I called your friend, might it be him? Would you like me to show him in? If you are done, Doctor?"

Sage grinned at the flustered nurse. She wasn't sure what was going on and Sage was aware of that fact even as inept at reading people as he was. "He can come in. The doctor and I were just discussing the treatment, Nox might as well know what he's getting himself into."

The nurse sighed but nodded and headed out the door to fetch Aurora's annoying little brother. She wasn't gone long before a rather tall man followed her inside. Sage had seen Nox on the camera of his wallet, but seeing him in person for the first time was new. Perception from the digital world didn't always translate well to the real world when Sage was receiving the images directly into his brain instead of through the lenses of his eye. Nox's hair was a mess - like he'd been running his long fingers through his hair nervously - anxious probably because Sage was in the hospital. Sage could only smile to reassure his friend. He couldn't say he'd be alright - things were far from alright.

"Aurora's annoying little brother, isn't so little anymore, probably just as annoying though."
Sage joked at Nox. He hoped it hadn't been too obvious that he'd been checking him out since the moment he walked into the door. Sage pushed those thoughts to the side once he realized he was having them. There was no need to make things awkward - at least not yet.


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A woman stopped in front of Sage's hospital room door and glanced at Nox. There were bags under her eyes and she didn't look like she wanted to be there. She frowned at him, "You here to see Mr. Parker?"

I nodded. "No, I'm sitting her for my own health."
Of course he was waiting for Sage. Nox knew that the hacker was here for medical purposes, but that was about the extent of the knowledge he had for him to wind up in the hospital moments after landing was not a good sign. Nox hoped it wasn't the sickness - that was the last thing either of them needed.

The frown on the nurse deepened as she went into the room and shut the door behind her. Nox could have embraced the power to listen, but really he didn't care that much he'd find out soon enough what was going on.

Grumpy nurse wasn't gone long before she opened the door and waved him inside. Sage was lying in a bed looking rather rumpled. There were the bags under his eyes like the nurse - he at least had an excuse. A pretty doctor stood next to his bed who looked tired and Nox smiled at her but Sage drew his attention back to him before Nox could introduce himself. "Aurora's annoying little brother, isn't so little anymore, probably just as annoying though."

Nox rolled his eyes. "I think younger brother is more accurate, it has been a long time since I was smaller than Aurora. But you are probably right, still probably annoying, maybe more."
Nox had the resonating urge to stick his tongue out like a child, but he didn't he just grinned playfully instead. "You've looked better. I'm sorry I was late. It was hard getting away from my project. Is this your permanent home while you stay in Moscow?"

Sage grinned at the comment. He remembered a time he truly would have gone of the handle about his height or the annoying part. He was such a little brat , but then Sage had pushed every button he saw then just to make her little brother the enemy. Aurora had fallen into his arms with ease. It wasn't a game, at least not at first. Sage enjoyed toying with her brother and giving Aurora the means to placate her annoyance at him. Sage didn't know much about siblings as he had none - and for that he was grateful.

He'd ask about his project later and other things. Right now he was looking forward to getting out of here - for multiple reasons the highest on the list was to be free of the sterility of the hospital. The smell of was giving him a headache.

Sage gave Nox a smile and then turned the grin on his doctor. "The good doctor here has helped me. I don't suppose I'll collapse again while on your watch. I'm sure Aurora would be upset if I died. I'd hate to meet her in the afterlife and have to listen to stories of haunting you. But really it is up to her if I'm to leave."

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