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Ascendancy isn't Immortal!
Images of Ambulances leaving the Kremlin. A man who was clearly the Ascendancy with burns covering his head. Pictures of other injuries embedded in the document.

A snippet of a deleted email with personal information redacted stating that a high security patient was inbound on a helicopter.

Rumors of Assassins in the Kremlin. Images of snakes biting their own tail flashed through the rotation.

A medical report summarizing the victims injuries with the time highlighted and the security memo posted with it. Timestamped images around midnight of the security cameras on the roof rolling a man in from a helicopter.

The words Ascendancy in Grave Condition. In Surgery. Not Immortal! Not a God!

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Comment: AscFanGirl2029

Noooooooooooooooooo!!! *cries.
Only darkness shows you the light.

Comment: trano_for_prez

Chickens coming home to roost, man. Surprised it didn't happen earlier.
The Betrayer got what was coming to him.
Comment: AscFanGirl2028

How could you say such a thing??? You're so evil! Maybe you did it!
Only darkness shows you the light.


No I did it!
Comment from user: sretah_eid

How dare you! Betrayer?!?!? Ascendancy has done more for world peace than any other man on the planet in history! It's always haters like you that love to complain. Why don't you go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under, you ungrateful prick! AND TAKE YOUR WHINING WITH YOU!!!

My heart goes out to our glorious leader. Your people are with you! We know you won't fail us.

@sretah_eid hahaha.... it says die_haters. Satan worshiper!!!

Does that mean Ascendancy is Satan??
Comment: AscFanGirl2028

I'll be his Lilith if Asc is the devil. *browwaggle
Only darkness shows you the light.

Comment: Queen_Persephone

@AscFanGirl2028 Back off he's mine b!tch

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