We are an online, literate based, play-by-post RP group.  Our main story is related to the Wheel of Time fantasy series by Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson.  Knowledge of the books is not mandatory in this setting, and regarding our magic system, appropriate links to external sources may be found on this website.  In summary, time is depicted as a wheel and contains seven Ages which repeat every time an Age comes again.  The lace of time is depicted as a great Pattern where every individual life makes up a thread in the overall tapestry of events and prominent figures of fate are reborn throughout time, forever.


Sometimes, when the picture of events diverges too far from the balance of the intended Pattern, the Wheel spins out powerful individuals whose destinies are largely controlled by the Pattern itself.  A specific web is spun around these individuals who are meant to redirect the course of history toward a balanced path while everyone else is caught in the maelstrom.  With the greater change to be implemented, the more such individuals will be born.


The setting is a near-future, alternate-earth in the year 2045 and onward.  Our website is set in the First Age, the age before the Age of Legends—also called the Second Age which was described as a peaceful time where humanity forgot the very definition of war and submitted to the counsel of channelers, long-lived, revered individuals with the ability to wield the Power.  Our story begins shortly before World War III erupts, and while the plot has an overall game-master, the events from here on out are author driven.  It will be the consequences of our characters which drive events through the First Age – as the Wheel drives the Pattern back into balance.


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