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Call of the Wild
It felt like a homecoming. She sat smiling amongst them, awash with images of names and identities. Inquisitive wet noses snuffled her skin as the pups grew bold. Paws balanced on her shoulders, snouts ruffling through her hair, and warm tongues bathed her ears and cheeks, teeth nibbling playful. She laughed. Fresh meat and full bellies parsed contentment through the curiosity. It soared her heart to see them blooming.

Affirmation followed Chasing Butterflies’ sending to the pack, and Tenzin’s lungs burst with exhilaration as she joined the howl. It dusted the remaining worries from her shoulders, at least until morning. She answered the questions she could and perked her ears to the information offered, some of which she understood and some she did not.

Tenzin had thought to find help amongst her Athari cousins, but had arrived to find them fractured and lost following the death of their Regus. She had no idea how to even get close to the man the wolves believed would break the world, but she was still here despite the desperate urge to return to her pack with her tail tucked between her legs.

She curled onto her side as the wolves began to relax around her, head propped by a hand. I will fight the darkness of this world until my last breath, she vowed. I will make pack proud.
[[ Not sure what else you want to happen so forgive the short post ]]

Chase send her wanderings to the young wolf pup from far away. She was so unlike the others they'd met. The questions that weren't really questions were curiosities. She was more wolf than man, more so than others, yet the sanity was there. Wondered about her pack, her teachers. Where she came from.

But Chase also sent Pack is always proud. Which was the truth, the pack if you survived would always be proud. Hold your own, be useful all things that made good pack. lazy was not in their vocabulary.

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