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Platonic Sleepover (fluff piece)
Nox gets in a mood some days and can't shake things so I end up writing them.

This was written shortly after Nox met Raffe and the other girls in A little head clearing  It actually ties in quite well after post #24

Thal liked it and we were torn between using it and playing it out.  Opting to play it out I'm sharing it here.

The room was small, and until recently Nox hadn't though about it, the room at Dorian's had no door and he'd expanded it's depths to provide a safe escape for Cruz if the Atharim ever attacked.  But really it had been an exercise in digging holes with the power with in - for both himself and Cruz.  Cruz struggled but gained strength where as Nox had done it with ease.  It came naturally like a fish to water almost.  He'd gotten used to the flow of traffic past his room, despite it was only Sage, and then later Aiden, though Cruz did use the gym and showers down the hall.  Now closing the door made Nox panic - the feeling of being alone closed around his chest so he left it open.  Nova stayed inside and he was more than happy to sit on the edge of the bed and stare out the door ready to pounce the first person to cross the line.

Nox busily worked on splicing the tracks together.  It was mentally exhausting all this work and thinking.  What he thought originally to be easy was turning out to be more than he bargained for.  It was late, his earbuds kept the room silent except for the scratching and licking of Nova.  It was probably a good idea to take him back to see the Doc, fleas might be an issue.  Or it could be worse.  Nox didn't want to think about it.

Nova stood up and his tail wagged furiously but he didn't move from the bed.  Nox looked up and saw Raffe on the door frame looking in.  He wore a grin Nox was pretty sure meant he was amused at the scene.  Popping an ear bud from his ear Nox grinned back at Raffe.  "Fancying meeting you here."

Raffe tried to laugh but rubbed at his throat - forgetting the damage done, and it made Nox frown.  "You can come in, so you don't have to talk so loud.  Though I won't guarantee I won't make you laugh again."

"I don't know if that's a good idea."

Nox shrugged.  "I'll behave, promise."

Raffe sighed and stepped into the room and Nox watched the spirit string collapse and he pulled at the power again, it hurt less, but he wasn't thinking about it.  He'd been using it all evening making the routine more flamboyant and a spectacle, something worthy of Kallisti and the others here.  He had a long way to go.  "It's not you I'm worried about," Raffe said as Nox remade the trip wire so Nova wouldn't pass.

Nox grinned at him and pulled up his knees and balanced his now closed laptop against his thighs.  Raffe sat down on the edge of the bed in the space Nox cleared.  Nova immediately piled inbetween them and started licking Raffe.  "I think Nova likes you."  Nox watched as Raffe paid Nova his much needed and demanded attention.  The pup was more of an attention seeker than Nox.  Thalia's words rang close in his ear and he couldn't help but smile.

"So, if coming in here is a bad idea, I'm going to assume this visit is to tell me it's not gonna happen?"  Nox felt a pang of rejection but he covered it with mrtyh and humor.  

"Yes and no."  Raffe answered.  Nox waited for an explanation while Raffe ruffled his fingers through Nova's hair.  The pup was loving all the attention.

"The first part of your proposal could lead to the second."

"Just not right now," Nox finished for Raffe.  He nodded and looked as if he were trying to gauge Nox's reaction.  Nox gave the other man a genuine smile, "I told you I was alright with that. Kallisti comes first - it's family.  I'm new and I'm not here to rock the boat."

Nox knew he had to grab some z's his nightmares would wake him and he'd be up soon anyway.  It was like clockwork and he'd rather be up before the sun instead of waking with his heart in his throat when the world was waking up.  Nox picked up the laptop and set it down on the floor and shoved it under the bed when his feet hit the floor.  "I should get some sleep.  I'll be up before the sun no matter the time I sleep."

Raffe laughed, "So like that you throw me out?"

Nox grinned, "You are welcome to stay, but I need to sleep."  There was no pretense when Nox pulled his t-shirt over his head and tossed it on top of his bag and then kicked off his jeans leaving him only in his boxers. Raffe got a good look and Nox blushed slightly under the attention but he tossed the blankets down and sat at the head of the bed.  "You two either need to move, or lay the other way."

Nova hoped off the bed and circled on top of Nox's t-shirt and bag before laying down in the most uncomfortable position had to be ever.  Raffe sat and looked like he was deciding.  "Nothing will happen if you stay."  Nox said softly and leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Raffe's lips.  "Good night."  

Nox climbed in bed at the far edge of the bed, his back against the wall.  If Raffe wanted to lie down he could, otherwise Nova would jump up as soon as Raffe left.  Nox closed his eyes and took a slowing breath to ease himself to sleep.  The bed moved and Nox felt Raffe's hair tickle his hand as he laid down muttering, "You do this often?"

"Sleep with guys?"  Nox grinned as he moved his arm over Raffe's chest and moved closer.  There was a slight shifting which Nox took as Raffe nodding.  "No. New to men, this will be the thrid man who I've shared a bed with.  I don't remember the first well enough to tell you what happen, the second I was just drunk enough to let it happen.  But I've shared a bed platonically with friends before.  It's comforting."  The last few words trailed off, Nox not quite asleep but wanting to be. He was glad Raffe stayed.

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