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What Wouldn't I Give
Raffe blinked as Dorian pointed out his injury, rubbing his fingers briefly against the scar, and shook his head. Perhaps he would have elaborated, he wasn’t one for secrets, but by then they approached Nox’s room and he caught a first glimpse of within. A few doctors milled about, but Raffe’s attention centered on the ‘not dead’ injury with wide eyes. Surprised horror curdled in his stomach as he realised the extent. “Shit, Nox.” Emotion spread free across his features. There were chairs, but he chose to perch on the bed -- belatedly wondering if the missing limb was even the worst of it. He didn’t want to cause more pain by accidentally crushing broken bones. Too late to consider it though.

“What the hell did that?” His hoarse voice was always quiet, but it was lower now, unsure what the doctors had been told.
Nox couldn't imagine what he might look like outside of the missing arm. But Dorian's dropped jaw and Raffe's emotions told him pretty much he looked like shit. Nox chuckled as Raffe sat down on the edge of the bed. "Oh come on I know it looks bad, but I don't look that bad." He joked as he reached his fingers to rest against Raffe's leg. It was a small comfort.

Dorian went off with the doctors to get their story straight and hopefully fix whatever he could so Nox wouldn't be seeing the inside of a padded cell anytime soon. But he answered Raffe's question with another joke. "I did." Well sorta. It wasn't a lie. Nox sighed, "I truly am lucky to be sitting here alive and well. I saw what happened to people that were bitten by the creature that bit me." Nox raised his missing hand. "Small price to pay to live another day. The one that got me, got a bullet to the brain but there are way too many left like it and their population doesn't seem to be dwindling no matter how often I kill them." That wasn't the only strange thing though. Nox reached for the power again, and again found it covered in sludge and goop enough to make him visibly shudder. But he didn't tell Raffe that as he reached through this time and seized control of the power. It fought harder than usual. I took longer wading through the sludge. But once it was in his hand, it was like putty. Nox used a flow of air to grab a cup of water that was near by. He could have used his hand, but he felt compelled to keep touching Raffe.

"I think Carmen's and the girls are gonna be mad. Not sure how well a one armed dancer is gonna do. " Nox sighed. "Fuck, getting dressed is going to be a challenge. Thank god the power is still with me." Even if it was tainted with something. Nox really wished he trusted the doctors with things. He'd have to tell the Ascendancy or whoever the Ascendancy appointed his direct boss anyway. Maybe they could find someone to trust with it all. It was still his responsibility to keep the human race safe, even if was from themselves.

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