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Yoshimura Ichiro
Age: 46

Origin: Osaka, Japan

Occupation: Atharim Hunter

Psychological Description: Yoshimura radiates calm. He is quiet and thoughtful, but isn't afraid to speak his mind when asked. Holding fast to the Samurai traditions and Bushido, Yoshimura is extremely polite, especially to those he regards as being above him in rank. Yoshimura understands that not all hold to his cultural beliefs, however, and although he may disapprove of the behavior of others, he tries not to judge, at least openly.

Physical Description: Yoshimura is short of stature, standing at 1.6 meters (5'6"). He keeps his head shaved and a well trimmed goatee is on his face. Physically, he appears to be in shape, but not too dangerous. However, he is quick and strong. He tends to wear traditional Japanese clothing when alone (gi and hakama), but will change to more modern clothing when in public or when necessary.


Brief History
Yoshimura Ichiro (吉村一郎 Surname: Yoshimura; Given: Ichiro was born on January 1st, 2000. His parents were a part of the Asian members of the Atharim and as a result, he grew up knowing he would become an Atharim hunter. As a child, he had to grow up fast – his parents made sure he was educated by day, but at night after his school work, he had to study the monsters he would face as a hunter – up to and including gods. Any other time not spent sleeping was used to learn and practice the sword. Most of his weekends were spent in martial training – both hand to hand and with the sword. They also taught him how to use firearms, but as a whole, his family found them to be uncivilized.

Yoshimura’s parents also taught him the ancient traditions of his people – notably the traditions of the Samurai and the Bushido code. Although feudal Japan ended two centuries before, his family considered themselves Samurai and took their honor very seriously. They joined with other Atharim near Osaka and formed a sort of Samurai clan of Atharim – hunters who held to these ideals. At age 21, Yoshimura took his vows and received the Ouroboros tattoo on his left forearm.

The Oni Hunt – 2040
The caves near the Abeno Shrine were dark. A few of their number had glow rods to illuminate the cave. Ichiro was not of these. His hands had to be kept clear for drawing his katana. His left hand rested lightly on the scabbard and his right on the hilt. He walked calmly, his friend and colleague Yoshiro on his right and Yoshiro’s brother Katsu on his left. Other hunters followed, but today was Katsu’s big day. It was his first hunt as a full-fledged Atharim. Katsu was in his early twenties, yet there was still some fear from him. Fear was natural. In time, he would learn to control it.

The attacks at the Shinto shrines had begun recently and the evidence pointed to Oni. The Oni were tracked to this cave. Soon the battle would begin. Ichiro was excited, but remained calm, allowing his thoughts to be clear for the upcoming battle.

Finally, the Oni were visible. Four of them were sitting in the cave. As one the group of Atharim attacked, the sound of katanas leaving their scabbards sounding in unison. The Oni were taken by surprise and the closest to Ichiro bellowed in rage. Ichiro took this opportunity drive the blade of his sword through the mouth of the Oni. Foul smelling ichor ran onto his hand and stained his clothing, but no matter. Ichiro stepped back to allow Katsu to face one of the Oni while he and Yoshiro would support him.

Ichiro kept his eyes wandering, trying to keep the whole cavern in sight at once. The other Atharim had engaged the other two Oni in groups. They were experienced fighters and Ichiro knew they would be okay, but his instincts didn’t let him dismiss the other two Oni. Despite their barbaric appearance, they could be quite intelligent. Ichiro turned his attention back on Katsu and his Oni. Katsu seemed to be doing well until the Oni slapped the sword out of Katsu’s hand. Ichiro had urged the young man to carry a wakizashi as well, but despite his urgings he hadn’t done so. Sometimes people had to learn the hard way.

Ichiro and Yoshiro began to move in to assist, but before they could do that, a ball of flame erupted from Katsu’s hand and the Oni took fire. It bellowed in rage and fell to the cavern floor. The other groups dispatched of their Oni and as the stench of burnt hair and flesh formed in the cavern, they looked. Surprise was in most of their faces as they realized what had happened. Yoshiro’s face held shock and horror.

Katsu met Ichiro’s gaze and Ichiro could see the fear as the young man backed up a couple of steps. Ichiro flicked the blood off of his blade and placed it in his scabbard as he began walking towards Katsu. All eyes shifted to Ichiro to see what he was going to do. Silence reigned in the cavern and Katsu seemed to be stuck.

Surprisingly, he didn’t run. When he was close, Ichiro brought out his wakizashi and slashed Katsu’s stomach, disemboweling and killing him. Ichiro flicked the blood off and replaced the smaller blade in its scabbard and the entire group left the cave in silence leaving Katsu’s body to rot with the Onis’.

That evening, the entire clan was outside. Yoshiro sat in seiza on the ground wearing only his gi pants. Despite what was going to happen, his head was held high. Unlike his brother, Yoshiro was not a reborn god. Yoshiro had committed no crime, but because of Katsu, he had to die. Thankfully, their parents had died already and there were no other immediate family members that would come after. Given his service, Yoshiro had been given a choice, and this was the one he took.

Ichiro stood behind him, his katana raised above his head as Yoshiro removed the tanto from its scabbard. Yoshiro plunged the dagger into his own stomach and Ichiro swung the blade, removing his friend’s head. Ichiro was saddened by this, but it was what had to be done. He felt honored that he got to stop his friend’s pain in the end.

Journey to Moscow – January 2046

Rumors had begun to reach Japan – rumors from Moscow. The Regus was there for one. The second was that Apollyon had arisen. More words came to Ichiro from Moscow. The Regus had held a conclave and a new age was beginning for the Atharim. He was creating a new order of godslayers – the Archangels.

Ichiro approached his father and told him his plan. He was going to Moscow. It wasn’t for this new group of godslayers, although if the Regus wished it of him, he would join. The important thing was that Apollyon was alive and the Regus would need all the help he could get. With that in mind, he asked for permission to leave Japan and go to Moscow. When it was granted, he bid farewell to those he had spent his life with and left with haste to Moscow.
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July 2030, Beijing China

Ichiro and his companions, Yoshiro and Haruki, disembarked from the plane. It was not often they left Japan, but they had been asked by one of their Atharim sisters for assistance, and Ichiro had accepted and brought along two of his friends. The Chinese were dealing with a rougarou infestation.

There was still some tension between the Chinese and Japanese - particularly in those of the older generations - but the passing of time was healing the old wounds from World War II. Ichiro had no hatred of the Chinese and neither did his companions, but he could feel the eyes of some of the Chinese following them warily as they approached the young Chinese woman.

The woman was their contact and sister, Cai Mai. She was a hunter with a decent reputation with the Chinese Atharim. When she had called for aid, Ichiro hadn't hesitated to accept. She was his sister, and it had to be done to save countless lives. Cai bowed to them and they returned it before following her. They retrieved their baggage and weapons before heading to Headquarters for a briefing.

The briefing was typical. They had found the rougarou nest and now was the time to attack. They planned the attack, going over maps of the caves. The rougarou had holed themselves in a cave with two entrances. It was agreed that they should surround them in a pincer attack. Cai Mai and the Japanese would come in from the rear where the rest of the Chinese would come in from the front. They sat and planned, going over different contingencies and figuring out what to do in case of victims.

The briefing finished, the team began to check their equipment. Ichiro retrieved his blades and pulled out a whetstone and began to sharpen his katana. He saw Cai Mai checking a rifle and stifled the urge to wince. He understood that technology was a big thing, but he still didn't like the uncivilized guns. As he looked, Cai Mai looked towards him and smiled before eying his sword. "Is that handmade?"

Ichiro returned her smile and nodded. "Hand folded. It was a gift when I received my Ouroboros. Would you like to see?"

Cai Mai nodded and approached. Ichiro sheathed the blade and handed it over. Cai retrieved the weapon softly and pulled the blade out. She looked at it and admired it. Ichiro had used the blade and the rest of the set for nine years, but it still looked new. He had taken care of it. "It is very beautiful."

Ichiro nodded his thanks and took the sword back when she had finished. Ichiro then turned to his wakizashi. He gave it the same treatment. He picked up the tanto last and held it for a moment. The tanto was as immaculate as the other two blades, however, it had never been used. It had one purpose and he would hold onto it in case it was needed. After a few moments, he unsheathed it to check it's sharpness.

When they were prepared they headed out. Cai Mai led them to their cave entrance and when the signal was given, they headed stealthily into the caves. China was Cai's home, so the group of Japanese had no issues following her. This was her mission after all. When they arrived in the central cavern, they came across the rougarou nest. There were some victims there, but Ichiro couldn't tell if they still lived.

Cai Mai knelt behind a boulder and aimed down the sight of her rifle. Ichiro heard her breathing and then it stopped as she held her breath and fired, taking out one of the several rougarou. That was the signal to begin and suddenly Chinese and Japanese Atharim jumped into the cave. Ichiro unsheathed his katana as Yoshiro and Haruki did the same. They approached as Cai Mai release another shot into the group of rougarou.

The rougarou were smart enough to realize that they were outmatched and surrounded. Blades sliced through bodies like butter and shots rang out in the cave. Two rougarou came at Ichiro. He moved, positioning himself they they had to come at him in straight line. The closest one got in the way of the next and Ichiro impaled him with his katana, spun, and sliced the next with his wakizashi as he unsheathed it. Like most battles, it was quick. They had surprised their foe and were victorious. Some of the Atharim had scrapes, but no one was seriously injured. Of course, this was the first of many nests they had to exterminate, and the rougarou might here of the loss of their comrades. The rest might be better prepared.

Ichiro retrieved his katana and flicked the blood off before sheathing the blade. Cai Mai had entered the cave and smiled at him. As a group they approached the victims. One was alive, but he wouldn't make it. The man was pale as a sheet from blood loss. They wouldn't have time to get him to safety and save him. The look in the man's eyes suggested he was in pain, but didn't know where he was or what was going on.

"End it. It's the merciful thing to do."
Ichiro said calmly and everyone looked at him. There was understanding in their eyes, but it was overshadowed by the sadness. Ichiro sighed. He knew that taking a life of an innocent was hard, but the man would die. They dishonored his sacrifice by letting him struggle in pain that wouldn't end until he breathed his last. Ichiro was about to do it himself, but he wanted to give the Chinese a chance - the victim was one of their own.

One of the older men pulled out a blade and moved to the man. He understood at least and was going to end the man's pain. Ichiro watched and knelt down in seiza on the cave floor. He bowed to the victim as the man ended his life, respecting and honoring the man for his sacrifice. The group quietly left the cave and headed back to headquarters. The mission was just beginning.

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