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New Challenges
Elyse winced as she heard the howl and saw the messages. They had hoped to avoid this, but a lesson learned in pain stuck. Hopefully Never would remember this. It sucked that he had to learn it this way.

Sierra's question brought back painful memories. She didn't know a local vet, but she knew someone who did. Someone she didn't want to contact, and didn't know if he would contact her back, but Never was more important than her personal struggles.

"I know someone who does...

She sighed and took Sierra's hand, drawing strength from her friend as she pulled out her wallet.

<dt>Outgoing Message to Nox</dt>
<dd> </dd>
I need to know the name and address of the vet you took Nova to. Please.

The message sent, she sent another to Enrique letting them know they would return soon. Now her survival training came into play. Elyse always had a first aid kit in her pack.

"Sierra if you could get a straight branch from that tree, I can splint this up. we should do that before we move him."

Elyse sent Never an image of what she was going to do, making sure to tell him it would hurt but it was necessary to keep it from getting worse. That it would help him get better.

Edited by Elyse, Apr 20 2018, 09:49 AM.
Nox received the text from Elyse and nearly had a heart attack. It was the last person he'd expected to hear from.

A vet? He almost wanted to call her back and make sure she was alright. But the biggest question was how did she get his new number. The last one got fried, and Sage had.... That was his answer, Sage had hacked her wallet! He did give it to her after all.

Nox sighed and set Elyse the address and an accompanying text.

To Elyse: <small>Is everything alright? Do you need help?</small>

Elyse’s wallet beeped soon after she gave instructions to Sierra. Elyse sighed, unsure of whether it was irritation or not. She really didn’t want to talk to him. She decided a quick response and hoped that would be enough.

<dt>Outgoing Message to Nox</dt>
<dd> </dd>
”I’m fine and don’t need help. Thank you for the information.”

Her response incited rudeness and a bitter taste in Nox's mouth. He almost didn't reply.

To Elyse: <small>Whatever, Elyse.

Nox set the notification for Elyse to silent, he didn't want to deal with her. If she needed help in the future he might not be there to answer. He was being petty probably over nothing, but she was his ex. He had no reason to help her. Other than the promise he'd made - which Nox sighed, was more than enough reason to undo the silence and set it back to normal. Fuck!
Sierra went to do as Elyse said. She knew enough about first aid, but she knew nothing about how to do it on an animal. Oddly enough she'd never had to. Wolves don't get hit by cars usually and if they do they are too injured to fix and Sierra wouldn't have been near the road anyway. The wolves either.

Broken bones in the woods only happened because of humans, and the wolves avoided them as much as possible.

The limb was green but it was probably long enough to help. Sierra had to use her knife to saw the last few pieces off. Green wood was so much harder to cut.

"Here, Elyse."
She handed her friend the limb. "He's going to be alright isn't he?"
A little panic started to set in. Never had been with her all of a few hours already he was going to the vet because of her.
Another beep and Elyse checked her message. The reply was enough to send a feeling of self-loathing and guilt through her. She had intentionally been rude, and that was unlike her. Still she had done it, and she hated herself for it - even if it was to Nox. The wound was still fresh, and she knew that she would cry tonight.

For now, she remained focused on her task, shaking her head to throw aside the feelings of guilt and remorse. Sierra was soon back, and took the limb.

"Yes, he'll be alright,"
she said, giving her friend an encouraging smile. "The wound itself doesn't look bad, so it's likely just broken and will heal up well enough. I need you to calm him as much as possible as I do this. It will hurt, so try to make him understand that I'm helping."

Sierra said, sitting down and cradling the pup's head.

Elyse sent messages to Never telling her that she was helping. She got messages of fear back, and she continued to send calming messages, trusting that Sierra was doing the same. She waited until she got some message of understanding and then worked to put on the splint.

The pup yelped in pain, but Elyse moved quickly, putting the splint on. She made sure to not be careless, but moved quickly so it didn't hurt as long. The splint done, she sat back, apologizing to the pup, but sending messages that it would help the leg heal.

"That part is done, we should probably get him to a vet now."

She pulled out her wallet and showed Sierra where the vet was. "Not too far. Do you want to get a cab or carry him?"

*with Sierra

((OOC: Elyse didn't cover the messages from Nox - so they are in plain sight if Sierra wants to read them or just happens to do so))

Edited by Elyse, Apr 23 2018, 08:20 AM.
When Elyse took the limb Sierra got a glimpse of who she was texting. Sierra looked at the way she was dressed and thought about money. But carrying the pup might be a bit difficult. "Let's take a cab."

It wasn't hard to get one in a city this size, and two women carrying a puppy who was injured the man pulled right over. Elyse gave him the address while they sat in the back seat helping Never keep calm, this was a day of new experiences for the wolf pup.

The cab would also let them talk without the burden of paying attention to the street around them. Sierra held Never in her lap and put her hand on Elyse's thigh for comfort. "I'm sorry you had to talk to him because of me. Are you going to be alright?"
Elyse helped get Never into the cab and gave the cabbie the address. She sat silently waiting for the cab to arrive at it's destination, and calming Never the best she could. She sent images as well as petting the pup on the back.

A hand on her thigh brought her out of her thoughts. "I'll be okay,"
Elyse answered. In time she would be. "It's painful because the wound is still fresh, but this little guy getting help is more important right now."

Elyse paused, turning her attention back to the pup. The pain inside had started to fester again, but it would heal. It had to right?

"I'll probably cry again tonight,"
she broke the silence again with honesty. "But I'll be okay. Healing takes time."
Sierra smiled. "I'm here if you need me."
She squeezed her thigh and leaned against her to comfort her. She'd be there to support Elyse when she needed it. That was what pack was for.

The cab finally arrived to the location given and they got out. It looked like it was about to close as they pushed their way through the door. Sierra quickly said. "He was hit by a car, a friend recommended you. We are new in town. We didn't know where else to go."
The panic in her voice was oddly gone.

Maybe being strong for Elyse was helping her through this. Never was going to be alright. The woman behind the counter yelled out a name. And several others came running out to take a look at him.

A woman in a lab coat looked up at Sierra, "What his name?'


She gave me a smile and turned to her work before her. "Alright Never we are going to take you in back and get you an x-ray."

"I should go with him."

The nurse shook her head and pushed her back. "We got this."

Sierra nodded but she sent Never reassuring message. Don't panic whatever you do, whatever happens it's alright. They are just trying to help you.
Elyse was glad for Sierra's friendship and touch. It helped her calm down a bit. There was still pain simmering deep inside as they pulled up to the vet's office. The vet's quickly got to work and Sierra tried to go, but was held back. Elyse sent Never reassuring messages to let the wolf know they were going to help and that they would be right outside waiting for him.

Elyse took a seat in the waiting room, gently pulling Sierra with her. Elyse had a lot on her mind. Mom had abandoned her, and by extension her dad had as well. Nox had cheated on her and was generally an ass. And now she was being hunted. Hunted...

She remembered what Enrique had said before about registering. She was scared to do it, but scared to not do it. Elyse wasn't a terrorist. She didn't kill people. She wasn't a monster.

The tears started to fall, but her breath remained normal. Elyse rested her head on Sierra's shoulders and whispered so only her friend could hear. "Do you think I should register?"

Elyse wiped the tears and waited. She wasn't sure what to do.

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