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I've been sick
Cruz smiled at her apology. It was good to be human. He quickly answered her question "Salvatore's Restaurant. It's a small place down near the Kremlin just off Nikolskaya street."

Cruz was surprised to hear she had yet another sister... and coming where he had a minor panic attack another shale girl here in his house. He quickly rationalized he meant she was coming to Moscow. "It should be nice to have all of you together again. Is she coming to stay?"

The alfredo sauce was one of Cruz's favorite from Salvatore's. He ate methodically while he waited for Rachel to respond trying not to embarrass himself by making a mess with the thick pasta and sauce.
Salvatore's. Rachel would have to remember that and take Emily and Mara with her sometime soon. She ate politely despite her ravenous hunger. Taking another bite, she set her fork down before responding.

"Yes, she's coming to stay,"
she nodded. "Mara is a bit of a genius and had some projects to finish up before she left. She's my youngest sister, and probably the most rambunctious of all of us."

Mara was a spitfire that's for sure. She told you the way things were and didn't sugar coat it. Not that Emily or Rachel were liars, but they at least had some tact.
Cruz laughed, "She sound like me. My grand father would have preferred I stayed in Madrid to finish my Masters. But when my Dad came to moscow for his new Assignment I came with him. I can study computerm engineering anywhere. And I met you here so there is that too."

"I don't like keeping this from you. But it is a dangerous sectet. I want to know how dangerous before I share it with you. I want to know I can keep you safe.
Rachel smiled at him. Yes, Mara was a lot like Cruz. The two would probably get along if it came to it. "Yes, she's a lot of fun. I'll make sure to introduce you to her when she comes in."

Cruz once again brought up his secret, and that it was dangerous. Dangerous meant he wasn't gay though. It had to be something else.

Rachel put down her fork and moved her hand to touch Cruz's. "It's okay, Cruz. Share when you feel comfortable sharing."
She gave him a wide smile. "I'm glad you're thinking of my safety. It means a lot."
She removed her hand so she could continue eating.
Cruz was happy to meet her sister. He had already met Emily and had liked her. It wasn't like he had much else to do today. He did have some stuff to catch up on for school. He smiled down at Rachel. "I have some work to catch up with my being sick. Do you want to come up to my room and watch something while I study? I don't want to leave you down here all alone."
Rachel smiled. "That sounds fine."

Cruz smiled and took her to his room, she ignored the horrendous decor through the house. There was a small study with an arm chair and desk. Rachel sat down in the chair, once more drawing her legs up underneath her as Cruz went to the desk.
((due to our short replies we should probably wait till Nox is caught up to finish this off. I don't have much other than. Cruz studied then they went to bed...))

Cruz took Rachel upstairs to his room. The sitting room was still horrid but it was at least toned down with the ghastly wall paper removed. It was the only thing that he and his father had done with the house. Why grandfather had wanted them to live here was beyond him - probably some sort of revenge scheme.

Studying sucked. But he knew he had to do it. Rachel flipped through the channels while Cruz tried to focus on his studies, but he gave up when the day turned into night. Cruz smiled at Rachel. "There is a room across the hall you can use. I'm tired, and Dad said that the guy would be here bright and early. We should probably get some sleep."


Morning came and the world looked a little brighter. It wasn't a mess at first sight. The sun had come up. Cruz felt awake. He practiced reaching for is new found gift like Ivan told him, but he had no idea what it was even good for, he just kept practicing. It was like going to the gym, by the time he'd finished he was sweating and needed a shower.

Pavlo had already made breakfast by the time that Cruz came down stairs. Waffles and bacon with an assorted array of jams, jellys, syrups and fruits to go with it. Cruz was impressed.

The only thing left to do now was wait for his visitor. Cruz wasn't even sure if his father came home last night.
(( I just realized this is a mess, but we'll go with it, timeline isn't very strict in this particular case. ))

Nox absently took the book from Asha with a smile. This turned out to be a very bad morning after his night with Elyse, it turned to shit quickly. Next time he stopped by he'd probably call the shop to make sure Elias wasn't around. The guy was just... Nox really didn't know how to put it.

But once gone from the presence of the annoying twit Nox's desire turned into one sole direction. The monument that now stood in place of the necropolis. Nox vaguely remembered Cain's unphased reaction and as they walked the few blocks to the Red Square Nox pulled up satellite footage of the location. "You should be suitably impressed, but you weren't, so I'll show you."
Nox handed Cain his wallet and when they stepped into the square proper with nothing marring their view except people who were staring in awe at the new structure. "Now do you see the difference?"

Nox didn't wait for Cain's reply as he waded into the crowd that was leaving and mingling and really it was a mess. If Cain decided to walk of with his wallet, that was something Nox would have to deal with, but thus far the man seemed quite complacent in staying by his side. Even with all the freakish stuff that seemed to be going down. Was that what it meant to have a friend? Aria and he weren't exactly normal so he never considered that he would make other friends - Bas and Pytor didn't count, they were like him. They were fun to hang out with, Bas in particular but the idiot got himself killed. Attacking cops in public, how stupid. Nox sighed.

He reached the monument and there seemed to be seemed to be an unspoken ring around it. No one wanted to touch it, but they wanted to stare at it, take a picture of themselves with it. But it was like they were afraid of it as well.

Nox stepped past the invisible line and touched the solid mass. He could feel the residual power still in the air. It hummed across his skin. It was intoxicating. He reached out with his own power and sent earth into the statue to explore it's construction to get a hint at what the Ascendancy had done. Nox was lost in the moment. He wished he could have been here seen the feat. Seen Ascendancy preform his weave - seen it. The power he'd felt was shattering. Nox wanted to learn from the best, but he was certain that Ascendancy would think him nothing but a bug beneath his boot...
Cain raised an eyebrow when Nox said that he clearly wasn't impressed enough. It was definitely a cool monument, worthy of a grand city like Moscow, but the redhead had seen a lot of interesting things since leaving Tees Valley. Nevertheless, he took the man's wallet. It took him a moment of blinking incomprehension to realize what he was seeing. Obviously it was a picture of the square without the monument, but Cain wasn't an idiot. Between Nox's awe at the thing and the comments he'd made about Ascendancy's power, Cain could tell that the structure hadn't been there prior to the massive surge of magic that they'd felt.

The magician craned his head back, gaping at the monument. It was beyond impressive, and Cain could hardly imagine one man having the power to erect it in a single display of might. Suddenly, the redhead realized that his friend had abandoned him, and he started in surprise and hurried after Nox. The brunet seemed to be the only person willing to actually approach the thing, but Cain was no coward. He pushed through the crowd and stood next to the other magician, following the man's lead and placing his hand on the thing. He watched as Nox sent threads of Earth into the structure. Cain could feel the buzz of magic under his hand, but he couldn't muster up the fear required to repeat Nox's spell. He was too shaken by the feeling of awe. Whatever he was finding though, it must be impressive granted the expression on his friend's face.

he breathed, nudging Nox with his shoulder. "There's cameras all over the place still, mate. We should step back or head out before someone starts wondering what you're doing."

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