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Aria's friend
Nox smirked at the phrasing of the sentence - gentle touch. But Manix brought Nox out of his thoughts by reminding him this man could heal. He of course knew that on a deeper level. The one thing he could never do but Aurora could. She couldn't explain it, it just came naturally to her.

"I don't think you'll get within twenty paces of Aria. She either tried to kill Ascendancy or is considered one of his now. But you could show me."
Nox said with a wide smile.

Nox reached for the power and pulled the glorious dark light to him. It shifted and swayed trying to get free but it couldn't budge. Nox formed a thin razor sharp piece of air as he tugged the sleeve of his left arm up. Above the red and black dragon biting its own tail in a figure 8 Nox pulled the air across his skin. He hissed as the pain leeched past the power but it was just a scratch.

Nox watched the blood well up with a grim smile. "I want to see the weave. My sister could heal but she could never explain it."
Nox didn't think he'd ever have the finesse or the patience to heal, but Cruz - he might. And Nox was very certain that Dorian didn't want his son to become a weapon. But this - this would give the boy something to play with - to be useful and his father's fear would be lessened.

Nox knew there was a possibility of being turned away but he honestly didn't care the scratch was a small price to pay for the opportunity to learn.

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"No. It has taken me years of practice to get to the point were I am now and the weaves to fix the scratch is nothing compared to the amount of healing needed to to probe a body. You could just as easily kill her as heal her. If you want to learn to heal then I can teach, but be prepared to devote a year or more to the training before even touch someone."

Manix didn't know if this would make Nox angry, hurt or if he would actually understand. Healing was nothing to play with. Manix knew of several time that he almost mis-stepped from lack of training and one time nearly burning himself out.

"Aria needs" a skilled healer, if not me than someone. A novice could even burn the power out of ur own body. I have made mistakes healing, nearly costing a sailor his life as well as my own. Please understand this is no macho thing, it is about safety."
Nox grinned. "You have me mistaken for someone who wants to actually heal Aria."
Nox dropped the power quickly. "I have no intentions of touching the power to Aria. I'm not an idiot. My skills lie in other areas. But I want to see it. I want to learn the mechanism. I've nearly blown myself up I know the dangers of the power. Honestly I just want to see the weave. I promise I won't practice it on anything living."

Nox knew it was probably a shot in the dark. But he couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn that weave. And once he made that promise he knew he'd stick to it. Nox was almost vibrating with energy - the need to learn how to use his power. Almost as bad as when he had seen Ascendancy - the potential to learn...
Manix stood quiet for several minutes. He was used to a man's word being his honor, but this was Moscow. "The weave im about to use is only one of many needed to heal. Healing can use all 4 elements and a 5th that comes from the patient, their spirit or willingness to live."

Manix didn't move, he learned that the finger wiggling was nothing more than a charletons trick, the power came from within. HE quickly wove Air water and drew out the spirit from Nox, the healing was simple and the wound closed instantly.

"There, now if you really want to learn come back to me and I'll teach you all I've learn over the last decade."
"It also helps if you have a knowledge of the human anatomy, so buy a book."

Turning around he stopped: "That weave will do nothing more than heal a surface wound, with practice you can use on deeper wounds, but so far i have not ever been able to heal myself".
Nox watched with eagerness. The power the man held was nothing compared to what he'd felt earlier from Ascendancy, but Nox knew Manix could smite him fairly easily had he the mind. But Nox was too distracted by the weave itself that the comparison was only a vague nagging on his mind.

The weave, it was another use for spirit. Nox grinned in anticipation. What else could he do with that fifth element? Nox knew Bas had killed a man by doing something to his heart. Aurora often spoke of the fine line between life and death with the power. Dane used something similar it shook Nox to the core. Fuck!

Nox pushed the thoughts away he wouldn't play with this. No, let someone far sicker than he learn all the nasty things one could do to the human body. Nox shook his head. "I thank you for showing me, but I have little interest in this aspect of my power. But I have a friend who might. Though I'm not sure his father would approve of me bring him to yet another god - and one he doesn't know."

Nox grinned. "Aurora could never heal herself either. Probably why I never tried too much, if I can't heal myself what's the point? Aurora never got hurt she wasn't stupid like me."

He turned to Elyse. "I'm hungry again."
He smiled at Manix. "I'll stop by in a couple weeks to pick it back up. If you still need it then that's fine. I can come back again. By then I'll actually have a wallet I'll let you contact. This one's gonna be ditched soon."
Nox gave him a small bow. "Thank you for showing me. When I come next time I'll bring Cruz, if his dad lets him learn from you."

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"I am no God, Im am only me. I dis-like they call us God-lings because we be not. We are simply being compared to others that would wield the power. Acceptance of think we are God's is short sided on are part, an easy out for what we really are. Humans with a gift." God's tend to run amuck with their power.

Manix offered his hand: "A few weeks is fine and please keep me updated on Aria. We are not really "friends" but i do care what happens to her."

Turning to Elise: "It was good to see you again, if there be nothing more than I bid thee farewell."
Nox grinned and took the man's offered hand and shook. "That is the very reason the Atharim call us gods. Way back when the order was founded we fought against men and women with our power. They were thought to be gods. Zeus, Poseidon, Thor, Odin, all those mythical creatures of legend - they are legends in my world. We hunted them - these gods - for years until we eradicated them. They oppressed mankind, we saved humanity from them. We sank back into the shadows and protected humanity until the rise of the gods again. That is our job. Our credo."

Nox frowned. "With that in perspective. I was raised to believe that people with the power will always become corrupt. But I can hardly believe that of myself. Or my sister. All we wanted to do was protect humanity from the monsters in the shadows. I could fall on my sword as it may and save the world from my eventual corruption. But I choose to believe in Spider-man."
Nox sighed at the memory of his father's comic book obsession. "With great power comes great responsibility."

"We are not gods. We are men. All men are not created equal. Some of us are bad people."
Dane's image came up in Nox's mind and Nox had to push it away. There had to be a way to make him safe for Aria's sake.
"Your right, the power itself is not good or evil, it is the person who wields it that determines that, like The Betrayer. I myself am not corrupt but unfortunity the corrupt often don't see themselves as evil. History as far back as the fairy tales of old shows us that."

With a sigh thinking about the current events and what the future may hold his thoughts turned to his own situation. For generations the Lir' family had a defense ship now they had a permit for 3 battle ships. That in itself was a sign of trouble ahead.

"Again thank you and I'll see you in a few week"
, he gave a short bow to Elise and walked back into his home.
Elyse let the two men talk. She wasn't going to interrupt them, but she was polite. Nox wanted to learn healing magic, possibly to teach Cruz. It was one reason why magic wasn't always bad. It could be used to heal and not destroy. It could be used to protect and not harm.

Manix wished Elyse a farewell and she gave him a smile. "Good to see you too. Farewell."

Elyse turned and followed Nox out. He said he was hungry again, and Elyse smiled at him. "I could eat too."
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