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Manix Re: your ships
What exactly are these ships you keep talking about?

Moscow is not near an ocean so I'm highly and utterly confused.
They do cargo ships up and down the Mississippi so I figure something like that along the moscow river.

or he's operating ocean ships from afar.

there's this thing called the internet. and like telephones and stuff.
Only darkness shows you the light.

I'd forgotten about the river...

Nice change in avatar Jay!
Thanks. It's symbolic.

That's right. I can be deeper than a puddle.
Only darkness shows you the light.

haha, well I know you can [Image: 18.png]

But on a note, I don't think the CCD is going to let a heavily armed ship stroll on through their waters without pause... it's not logical. Doesn't the river go right past the kremlin?
Don't most cargo ships have beefy security? *shrug.

Probably out on the ocean then. I think Manix talks about the Arctic Ocean or whatever it is above Europe.

Geography ain't my forte.
Only darkness shows you the light.

Mine either, but he just called for a defender ship to come to him.... so that means it's coming down the river.

But my original question was answered... the rest is for Asc.
Gonna share the answer with the rest of us?
Only darkness shows you the light.

lol you reminded me of the river [Image: 18.png] I forgot the river would tie to the ocean thus the ships could be there. I was trying to figure out what types of ships were around... did we all of a sudden have the flying ships? Or underground waters... I was lost... you found me [Image: 18.png]

The defender coming to Moscow that's a whole other ball of wax
Trying to imagine CCD navy's response to a foreign battleship pullinh in and parking outside the Kremlin. Holy shades of Cuban Missle crisis! Prolly get stopped way way up the river. However rich the family, its one family against the most powerful empire on earth.

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