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Yuri came down the hall and was almost run over by the whore he'd paid to go show Peter a good time. "Your friend's in there," she said with a quick head-bob to a room behind her, before speeding past him. What the fuck was her problem? He'd paid for her time, and even if Peter was the ultimate minute man she was still on the clock. Maybe she hadn't been too fond of the bag over her head -- but then again, look at her mistress, that could hardly have been the weirdest shit she'd ever had to do for a john.

He stepped into the room. The kid was crashed, lying on his back with his feet on his floor, pants around his ankles and still standing at full attention like a stout pink flag mast. Huh. Bigger than I thought it would be. Pretty small yaytsa though, like I suspected. Looks like the girl hadn't finished the job, though. Not like Yuri really cared for Peter's sake, but he had paid for the girl. It was the principle of the thing. It was getting harder to find good whores with a decent work ethic these days.

"I got the money, Peter, let's go,"
he said. Not a flicker of acknowledgement or motion came from the kid.

"Listen fucker, tuck your shit in and let's go!"

The kid just lay there. What the fuck, did that damn bitch put him in some kind of sex coma? "Fine, asshole. If I have to drag you out of that bed I'll do it. I'm sick of looking at your cock."
He strode over and pulled the kid's legs up to slide his pants back up around his waist. It was like lifting a dead weight, which spun him into a new dimension of pissed off as thoughts and rage built up, fueled by his drug-induced high: Do I have to do everything myself, spineless weakling piece of crap? I don't care who the fuck your uncle is, THAT'S IT! I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR FUCKING FACE!

He gripped Peter's shirt and flung back a fist as he pulled the kid's head from the bed -- and stopped. Lips tinged blue and a white pallor to a face and drooped eyelids that didn't move. In shock, he let go of the shirt and Peter fell back to the bed.

Yuri backed away from the bed. He leaned out and felt the kid's neck. No pulse. He's dead. No, no, no, this was very bad. What the fuck did that whore do to him? It'd only been like ten fucking minutes since the kid had left his sight. There were no markings on the kid, no visible wounds or anything. He'd seen overdose victims like this, a dime a dozen in the underground, but there wasn't any evidence of drugs in the room that he could see -- and he was good at looking for them. And no matter how ugly that fucking whore's face was, no one could be that ugly, could they? Shit. He'd told Peter to put a bag over her head.

No it had to be drugs, no matter that Peter hadn't seemed the type. Whore must have given something to him and he couldn't handle it. Fuck, fuck, FUCK! This was bad. Fucking stupid kid! Mudak was going to blame this on Yuri somehow, he just knew it -- and that'd bring a whole 'nother shit storm down. And for once it wasn't even his fault - well, of course nothing was ever really his fault -- but he really hadn't done a fuicking thing this time! You fucked me over, you stupid little shit!

There must be something he could do. That girl would probably try to blame it on him. And if he went and throttled the truth out of her it'd probably look pretty bad. He could flee. He should flee. Or he could just burn the whole place down. Kill them all. If Mudak came after him he'd have to kill him, too -- and he wasn't really sure that he could.

Or- How long had it been? Not long. Maybe Peter was still just only mostly dead. Maybe -- just maybe -- Yuri could bring him back.

The Power continued to course through Yuri. He sniffed the air. No telling signs of anything being smoked. And no track marks that he could tell. He must have swallowed something. Yuri'd seen enough pill or booze overdoses to have some idea of what to do -- soak it up and get the right guts jump started again. He looked around -- why the hell would he waste time doing that? Of course there wouldn't be any charcoal in a damn flophouse room. Well, titrazors, if he couldn't soak up the toxin maybe he could expel it.

Flows sprung up. He forced air into Peter's lungs, getting him some air, and pounded on his chest, contracting a band of air around him. It'd get a little blood flowing and a little bit of air to the head. Not enough to keep him alive if his heart didn't start soon, and even so he might never be the same. If the brain didn't get blood for long enough it started to die even if the rest of the body came back, he'd seen that much. He turned the kid over and forced his mouth open, then reached down his throat with another flow, fashioning the solidified air into two -- tubes would be the best way to describe it. He flipped on a water faucet from the stand across the room with yet another flow and dragged the water to it. It spun like a tiny waterspout across the room and down the kid's throat.

As he'd hoped, stuff--he didn't really want to think much more about what it was -- started to come out of the other tube. In a flash, he wove another thread to pull the -- stuff -- into a wastebasket in the corner.

Sweat beaded on Yuri's forehead and he felt a headache start to form in the back of his head. This was hard work, the concentration needed to maintain all these different flows doing the same thing. One after another threatened to slip from his grasp and do who the hell knew what. Fortunately the stuff coming up turned to clear water fairly quickly. He continued to run his conduit for a few more moments just to be sure everything was out, before dropping the flows.

Yuri rolled the kid back on his back and started a new flow, pushing air -- gently -- into the kid's lungs, making them expand and contract. He knelt to one side of the body and pushed his hands down against the kid's rib cage hard and fast. He'd seen this done before to get the heart started again, and it had worked -- it had to work this time! There must be some way he could do it with the power -- maybe zap him with lightning -- but aside from the fact he had no idea how to keep it from completely frying the kid, with the strain he'd already put on himself with so many flows at one time earlier, until he recovered a bit he was pretty sure he could only handle the one keeping Peter supplied with air. He wasn't really used to such fine manipulation of the flows.

He continued to pound on the kid's chest. Thoughts of anyone coming in, of finding the damn call girl, of anything but Peter in front of him, needing to not die, fled his mind. "Fucking start beating your own damn heart, you little cocksucker!"

Vlad's wallet rang silently in his pocket. The only person who was on vibrate was Felicia. He sighed, "What shit did they get into there?" It was not often Felicia called him. He usually just showed up or she came to him at Igor's. The firey red head was the perfect mistress, she didn't mind he was married and had a son. Nor did she care what he did in his off time. He answered, "Pogovori so mnoy."

Felicia spoke quickly in the phone , "Hey sweety. I think you need to come down here. We have a problem." And then there was nothing. She'd hung up on him. Other than Peter and his new friend in a bind, what other problem could there be. Peter never had any issues with Danika or any of the other girls for that matter. What did the piece of trash do?

Vlad grabbed his things and walked the few blocks to Felicia's little whore house. Everything was a buzz. Something had bad had gone down, everyone drifted away from him as he entered the waiting room. All eyes were on him. He growled and they all looked the other direction or left the room quickly out the front door. Only the johns watched him, few here knew him personally. They probably knew his product rather well though.

The halls were narrow and the rooms were all quiet. Vlad did not like the feel of it. He stopped in his tracks when he felt the same thing he had the first time he'd met the boy who was supposed to be with Peter. Where is Peter?

Felicia came around the corner, the look on her face was pure horror. She wrapped her arms around Vlad, "It's horrible. I don't know what he's doing."

Vlad asked, "Who?"

"They boy you sent with Peter." She was hiding something, he could tell in her voice. But there were more important matters.

"Where is he?"

She pointed up the hall, "Around the corner there."

Vlad unwrapped the hysterical woman from his waist and walked to the hall. There was nothing but the menacing presence of another with the power. Vlad stepped into the room only to see the boy trying to revive Peter. Vlad laughed as he watched him and the flows of the elements fly around the room. "That's not how you do it boy."

Vlad shut the door behind him. "And he's not worth the effort. His mother will be pissed." He sighed, "I suppose I shall show you the correct way."

Vlad knew that he could kill with power, why not heal with it. Or at the very least get the boys heart beating again. If he were brain dead, that was no problem for him, he wouldn't be anymore trouble for his mother. He laughed at his own thought, sending a vegetable home to the good ole us of a.

Vlad grasped the power firmly in his mind. The rush was far better than anything the he produced. Why this one here did drugs was truly beyond Vlad, it was pure wonder and amazement the power with in. Vlad wove a small net of air and placed it around Peter's heart and started to pump the heart for his nephew. It was no different than how a doctor did it when paddles were not an option.

Moments passed, Vlad wondered if he was beyond recovery. Peter gasped a breath of air and looked around bewildered. Vlad smacked the boy across the face and he passed out again.

He turned to the other boy still standing, "Where is it?"

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Yuri stepped back from Peter as Mudak came into the room and he released the flows he'd been working. He wondered if the guy was going to attack him, thinking Yuri had done something to his nephew. Instead Mudak laughed at him and motioned him aside, and Yuri felt the power surge in the other man.

He weaved -- something -- yes, Yuri saw how it'd been done. That sort of thing could work both ways. Start the heart and stop it. Useful.

Yuri's thoughts were derailed by the next thing he'd heard. Not worth the effort of saving? So Mudak really didn't give two shits about whether his nephew lived or died? Fucking little prick! After all Yuri had gone through thinking it was his ass on the line? That fucker was dead for making Yuri think he had to save his worthless hide.

The kid came around -- and then Mudak smacked him with the back of his fist. Heh. That gave Yuri no little pleasure in seeing.

He turned to Mudak, who'd just asked "Where is it?" What "It" did he mean? Better to cover all his bases here.

Yuri tossed Mudak the cash he'd gotten from Felicia, and nodded toward the unconscious Peter. At least his pants were still up. That was another reason he wanted the kid to experience some serious pain...I had to pull up his pants 'cause I didn't want to see his fucking cock.

"Peter's got the money from that other fucker,"
Yuri said. "I wouldn't ask what happened to him. As for whatever that legkiy nephew of yours took, I think he got it from that shlyukha with the face that makes people want to vomit. She was leaving the room when I got here."

And speaking of vomit, Yuri looked toward the trash can in the corner. "Some of whatever he took might still be in there. But if I were you I'd hold my breath if you wanted to check that out."
Vlad already knew what he had taken. He laughed. "I don't need to see it. Seems you did what was needed in time to save his sorry little ass." Vlad shook his head. He bellowed as he turned to open the door, "Danika!"

She scurried into the room, like the little rat that she was. Her posture spoke nothing but submission. An evil smile played on Vlad's face. "Where is it? I know you've been vying for samples."

Danika looked up at him with fear and had the insolence to say, "Where is what?"

Vlad raised his hand to smack the ugly woman across the face, but Felicia stepped in and caught his hand and nuzzled up to him. "She means no harm."

Felicia turned to Danika, "Give him what he wants, so he can leave. He's scared away all the clients." It was not a request it was an order and Danika handed Vlad the small bag with 3 pills left.

Vlad nodded and smacked Danika across the face with his left hand. Felicia glared at him. "Call the custodians, tell them Peter got a little too handsy and let him spend the remainder of the day in a cell." Felicia nodded and smiled. "I could treat him well."

Vlad turned his ire on her, "You will do no such thing. He must pay for his stealing product of a very prominent customer."

Felicia sighed and nodded and she and Danika left starting their performance. Vlad rummaged through Peter's pockets and pulled all evidence from them. He carried only the one bag of drugs and the money that he'd gotten from their first job. It seems it was two down one to go.

Vlad looked over at the boy. He sighed, "What's your name?" The least he could do was call the peice of trash by his name even if it mattered little to Vlad.

He didn't wait for an answer. He turned to walk out the door. "You can call me Vlad, but it's time we leave these premise. We still have a job to do."

((OOC: you can get us out the door if you'd like, I'll set up the next scenario afterwards. ))
Yuri shrugged and looked away from Peter. From the looks of it, he was getting off light -- and so was that shlyukha Danika. Apparently Mudak cared more for his business than anything else -- although Felicia had certainly managed to stay his hand. Looked like a sign of weakness to Yuri. With a supreme and unprecedented act of will, he refrained from kicking Peter as he left the room.

"I'm Yuri, Vlad,"
he said to Mudak. Yeah, he'd figured out the boss' name from Felicia earlier, but in his mind Mudak was always going to be Mudak. "Guess your nephew forgot to tell you."

The brothel was eerily quiet, tags and johns having apparently gone into hiding during the disturbance. He gave Felicia a dismissive wave. "Thanks for the good time, boots,"
he said. He led the way out through the front door, Mudak following closely behind. If Felicia was calling the Custodians to have them come scoop up Peter, it was best if they made themselves scarce as quickly as possible -- especially since Yuri was still holding that bag of pills and the rest of the cash he'd scored from that first job. Thankfully, that first pill was still doing its work -- and with the sudden stress of Peter almost dying gone, the blissful euphoria returned, and with it a renewal of surging strength from the power.

Once outside, Yuri turned to Mudak again. His boss now, apparently. He could do worse for work, especially since it was hardly work to begin with, and so far pretty profitable. But that man's command of the power clearly exceeded Yuri's own understanding, even if Yuri could tell that in terms of sheer power he was the stronger one. That alone was enough to remind himself he'd have to watch his back around the man -- and if he ever thought of screwing him over, he'd better not leave Mudak alive afterward. "So, what's next on your list today, boss?"
The boy still had much to learn, and he'd probably fall short just like Peter had. Why he got stuck with drug addicts was beyond him, but it was hard to find a good drug dealer who rarely sampled their product. How else were they supposed to sell? Vlad found many other ways and didn't, but then there was nothing like the power he held. It was far more addicting and far more useful than any of the products he sold.

Vlad wished that Yuri was trust worthy, it would be nice to have someone else who could make the product other than himself, but it was not something he trusted just anyone with. Not that he had met anyone else like himself in terms of this unknown power until now.

Their next drop off was to Vinnie. He was a visiting rep for one of Rome's biggest dealers. He was your typical Italian, loud and outspoken, but Vinnie came by for Vlad's coke often enough he was willing to give the man a try of the good stuff and he was going to use Vinnie as a guinea pig. Vlad couldn't trust Yuri to sell anything if he partook of the goods.

"I have a sell I need you to make." Vlad had made all the arrangements and had informed him that he was sending a boy as a test for him, that it was not meant as a disrespectful gesture, but just the opposite. He intended to give Vinnie a discount, but he wasn't going to tell Yuri that.

"Vinnie is loud and can be obnoxious, but he's a good buyer. Treat him right and we'll see where it leads you."

There weren't many posh places to stay in the Red Light District, but Vinnie always seemed to find one. The exteriors were always in chambles, but the joint itself was bright and elegant. Vlad wondered who's money was in this. He hoped that the Italians weren't making a play.

"Room 415." Vlad handed Yuri a paper bag with three bags of five pills each. "You need to make the sale. Asking price is 3K. He'll want to haggle, it's your call. I'll wait down here."

((OOC: remember I can npc vinnie)
Yuri took the bags from Mudak and pocketed them. "Room 415, asking 3 large, sure thing Vlad,"
he said, and took the spiral staircase to the right of the lobby. Not too bad digs here. Polished marble floors and dark oak railing that gave off a nice shine. He wouldn't have known the place was so luxurious from the outside. The fucker ought to be pretty easy to squeeze for some extra cash if he could afford a place like this.

There were still a few of pills from that bag he'd taken from the first job and Yuri's high was wearing off -- he looked at the pills Mudak had given him, and yeah it was the same stuff -- so he popped another one on the way up the stairs. 3k for some pills...pricey shit, but worth it. Made Yuri wonder how that dumb fuck Yuri had strangled earlier had gotten his hands on them. Just like that, he could sense the power again lurking there, teasing him and begging him to ride the lightning. Better wait until the high really kicked in, though, as he was feeling pretty drained. He got to room 415 and knocked on the door.

"It's open!" called a voice on the other side. A loud, thickly accented voice. Definitely Italian.

Yuri pushed the door open, revealing an expansive suite. Two couches and an armchair opposite a view screen, a little fridge, and a nice center coffee table. A crystal decanter half full of dark liquid sat upon a silver tray with two tumblers. Nice sitting room.

A man came in from the bedroom beyond. Kind of short but had his shoulders thrown back and his chin out which seemed to marginalize the height difference. Black hair slicked back and held in place with some kind of gel and sporting a silk white shirt with an olive-colored blazer and matching trousers. Wingtip shoes polished to a shine and three large gold man-rings on his left hand, a ruby stud in his left ear and thick gold chain around the outside of his shirt. Yeah, definitely a total guido. Yuri saw a bulge underneath the man's left armpit when he moved -- yeah, he was packing.

Yuri remained standing. "Vinnie, right?"
Yuri asked.

The man took a step toward Yuri and stared right into his eyes. A little too close for Yuri's comfort. Fuck, if the man tripped he'd fall right into Yuri as close as he was.

"Depends on who wants to know," the man replied. "And I want to know who the fuck are you? Vlad was supposed to come see me, and what he sends you? You look like a bag of shit to me and I don't deal with that."

Ascendancy's balls, this man loved to hear his own voice. Must be compensating for something. "Look, Vlad sent me, okay, so maybe you can help a guy out? It's been a day,"
he replied, in as polite a tone as he knew how to manage.

He reached into his pocket and retrieved the three bags Mudak had given him. "I got the goods here. This is straight up the best shit ever to come out."

Yuri put the bags back in his pocket. If the guy was going to try to haggle, best to start high himself. The price, of course. Not that Yuri wasn't starting to feel pretty high again himself. "Price is three and a half large for all fifteen."

Vinnie's eyes widened at that. Mudak had probably already quoted Vinnie the price of 3, and it likely would have pissed him off to hear it jacked up. Yuri put his hands up to quell any protest. "Get the right market this shit is worth a g a pill easily, you have my word,"
he said. He reached into his other pocket and fingered his own bag. "If you don't believe me I'll even throw in a free sample you can try."


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Vinnie didn't like this guy right off the bat. Vlad said to expect someone new. He rather expected his good-for-nothing nephew he'd seen lurking around the last time. This time, was someone completely new and even worse his attitude left a lot to be desired. But this was Vlad's business and he could do whatever he wanted including greeting good clients with shit for attitude dealers. He hoped it was just that a test, and not something he was going to send up against his awesome self every time.

The new price was outrageous for such a small quantity. He'd only get a few buyers and no one from Rome was going to pay that price for a bill. But the offer to test drive before buying was something that Vinnie hadn't expected. He himself didn't try the shit. But he had a few running around who did.

Vinnie nodded. "Sure kid." He backed off once the tiny little pill was in his hand. Vinnie turned around and opened the door to the bedroom. Lina was already pretty high, but Valerie wasn't. He smiled brightly at the girls, "Val come try this for me. " She looked at him curiously, "New product from Vlad, give it a go for me." Val came out from the bedroom and sat elegantly on the couch in nothing but the bustier and panties she'd been wearing before he dropped by.

She nodded emphatically and eagerly downed the pill. It was gone in a split second. "Oh, it's sweet." And then she smiled and her nod grew, "It's fast working. I like it baby. Get me another."

Vinnie nodded, "Sure thing babe." He turned to Yuri, "You heard the little lady. But I'm not paying that. 3 as your boss said when we spoke."
Yuri shrugged. So the guy was going to stick with three large. That worked for him, since it was what he'd been told to try to get in the first place.

He pulled the bags out of his pocket and laid them on the coffee table, putting a hand out for the money. "Deal. 3 g."
The guido pressed a fat wad in his hand, and Yuri counted through it. Three g's, sure enough.

Now, as for the other demand...Yuri thought to how that stupid kid Peter had gone on his OD earlier. Vinnie's bitch was probably just the same, unable to take it. Most drugs, you got to build up a tolerance to if you're going to do a lot. Not that Yuri really cared what happened to her. But it'd be a shame if it fucked up a good thing, and he really didn't want to have to play doctor again. Plus, he didn't have many of his own left, and had better get something good for it in return if he were going to give another away. This high was legen.....dary.

"Yeah, she shouldn't have another one, probably,"
Yuri said. "Shit's so strong you don't see the OD coming till it's too late if you aren't used to it."

He put the money in his pocket and turned around, then hesitated. "Course, if she'll cost. The first one was on the house. She wants another it'll be 500."

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