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Text Message Missions
I suppose I won't cancel then I don't want you sad.

Enjoy the slaying.


I'm glad you won't cancel. Got me to smile - and I've got a great smile [Image: 7.png]

I'm sure I will enjoy it, but I would enjoy more if I had my hero here to accompany me.
Can't wait to see said smile.

I must warn you, you are inflating my ego with all this hero talk.

I will have to make sure our hunt is extra dangerous to make sure I live up to your expectations.

- hoping to see more smiles soon [Image: 2.png]
Oh you'll love my smile. Pictures don't do it justice, so it will have to be a mystery until you meet me [Image: 1.png]

Ego huh - probably shouldn't over inflate that...but then again, not sure I can help it...hehe.

Oh Duckling anyone with taste as impeccable as my own I am inclined to believe about your dazzling smile.

Was that a giggle?

I'll be completely honest with you. I'm not going to have sex with you after our first hunt no matter how horny and worked up you get. You'll need to wine and dine me for that.

Wine and dine,eh. I'm inclined to change our drink into dinner :p

No worries - I don't give it up after the first hunt anyways. It would have to be someone really special to get that.

Oh I'm special. I'll show you. But I can wait. That fabulous smile I've heard so much about will be worth it.

Dinner it is. Hunt then dinner. I'll cook.
Can't wait to see how special you are.

And you'll cook - for me!? Now I feel special. :-)

Edited by Elyse, Jul 7 2016, 09:25 PM.
Why do you sound so surprised? I'm not 5 star quality but I've never had any complaints.

And you are special. I can see it in your reports. Which yes I have been reading while I eagerly await your next message.
Not surprised, but it's always more fun to meet in person. Wouldn't you agree?

Ah, reading my reports! Have you gotten to the one about the dreykan in Tivoli Gardens yet?

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