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<<Nika. Jacinda doesnt leave people behind. Not her MO. Nika agreed.>>
(12-29-2018, 09:12 PM)Rune Wrote: <<ooc: Yup.  What she said.  ;P  It's Nika.>>
<<thanks! That clears it up.>>
Her skin prickled like they’d trespassed on the ground of another pack when the girl dropped back into the tunnel. Not a civilian. And Athari rarely reacted well to intrusion. Tenzin’s hands fisted claws, the grumble in her throat bitten free now there wasn’t no one to hear it. She didn’t have a firearm. Plunging into the dark would only add another meat target; humans did not share the instincts of her brethren. Her tongue swiped over blunt teeth. You’re human too. But her hackles hadn’t stopped shivering over the emptiness that set her apart. Her senses strained, desperate. But there was nothing to find.

She choked down the itch to run; run until there was something to find.

Jacinda emerged with a body. The blood was familiar now, the stench of it overwhelming even with other distractions. No smile surfaced at the joke, though she did stalk forward to take Amy’s body -- at least after affirming a pulse, lest Jacinda had lumbered them with disposing of a corpse. Her sense of this rag-tag pack resettled. Though she doubted Amy was going to appreciate the effort.

“Leaving now,” she said, pointedly. They’d made enough racket. Then her dark eyes levelled on the other stranger. Athari or no, she had not blinked at the monsters. That made her sister enough. “You too. Stink. Need bath. Come on.”
Rune dipped her fingers into the murky water just to wash the sludge, mud and blood off her knuckles. She was covered in filth, between flung through the air, sloshing through sewage, and crawling through culvets. She likely DID stink.

Too bad the air was putrid with anger and violence for Rune to even notice. Perk of being a furia - ignorance of your own body odor?

Amy was hauled out over Tenzin's shoulders like a sack of potatoes. Though she looked more like a drowned rat than tater. GAWD would Rune EVER get those french fries?!?!?

But the police was coming and like good little Atharim they were, the exterminators needed to run away like the rats they sought to eradicate.

"You follow and I'm on your heels." She gestured for the dark haired girl to lead the way. Meanwhile, she hitched her bandanna up over her nose and pretended to not want to gag.
Thank god Ten was on the ball. Course even though she crouched down enough to sling this little mess gently to the bottom of the pipe where Ten would take hold of her, her lower back spasmed. She stayed in that position, breathing through the pain until she became used to it. It usually took a minute.

And of course she caught Ten's eye and winked. The girl had a sense of humor, she knew. But only at home. Or at least not on hunts. When they were bulls on parade, she was all business. Which only made Jacinda more playful with her. When she broke through and got that toothy grin, well that was all kinds of nice.

"Oh come on, Ten. You know you didn't want to go to the concert." Playfully she eyed the other waif in mock suspician. Not that she could see much of her, between the water and mud and blood and....well grime. Give what both of them clearly seemed t be, it was a natural joke to make. "Was this a set up? Is that why you had us walk this way?" She shook her head in disapppintment, feeling the last of the pain drain away."Coulda just said no." Another grin. They both knew all of this was on her.

Finally, she could climb down and together they slogged through the mess until they hit the path. What a sight they must be. Yeah, cops would be here. She looked at the woman. "She's not kidding, girl. You definitely could use a bath. We have food too, sister". Innocent look. "Got loads of tofu and rice cakes at our place." A smile.

She walked near Ten, ready to help, tho her back prayed (like seriously) that Tenzin suddenly turn into the Hulk so she could continue without let up. The woman was slim, after all. Still, Jacinda would do her part, if she faltered. For both of these girls. They had taken out a nest of harpies, after all. That meant something. Something worth celebrating too. Later tho.

Finally, at the house she palmed the door. Security scans logged their faces. Slinging her now dirty (bitch harpies!) leather coat to the ground, she let Ten take the girl to the couch. She had a gentle hand.

She pointed to a door at the beginning of the hallway. "Bathroom's right there. Ill bring you a towel and some clothes while you get cleaned up." With the bandana over half her face she looked a fright. She looked her up and down, considering. She had fallen far, obviously. "Anything else you need too," she said softly.

She smiled reassuringly. "You're with family. Be at ease. I'll fix you something to eat, too."
The stranger fell into pack like something natural, and its effortlessness soothed Tenzin in some small way, like she had been prepared to wrestle with a human argument against instinct. Instead she nodded and turned her attention to taking the burden of Amy’s body. The sticky scent of blood buried into the back of her throat. That and something sharp and medically astringent. Fortunate, maybe, given the suspicion of the gravity of her injuries. Her gaze bounced skyward for a moment, remembering those drones, but saw nothing against the night sky.

“Didn’t want to traipse through sewer stink either. Even if preferable to the Katy Perry.” Tenzin was aware of the spark of Jacinda’s pain, though she gave no indication. “Always with the bad jokes,” she said. “But get used to it.” Then, a moment later, as though the clarification was necessary. “Eat real food. Not tofu.”

Relief met return to the den. Amy was small as a child, but her muscles were ready to ease their burden by now. While Jacinda accomodated their new guest, Tenzin laid Amy down and shrugged the feeling back into her shoulders. A little curiosity burned at the ill repair of this new skull-robed sister, though for now she only took in her scent and let Jacinda do the welcoming. She was surprisingly good at it. In the meanwhile Tenzin filled a bowl with water and headed back to the couch.

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