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Sage and Aiden finally showed up from wherever it was they had been. Comfortable as ever with each other. It really was no wonder Nox got annoyed with them. But then Nox got annoyed at a lot of things. Cruz got annoyed at them and Nox too. But he supposed that's what happens when you are all close in age and living in the same place doing the same things.

Christian shook his head at the wolf girls request. "Nox and Aiden may have some downstairs."

But then it was Sage who spoke, bringing their presence to the forefront for everyone. They hadn't been quiet, but the noise in the kitchen was more than usual. "Speak of the devil."

Christian was plating food and pouring two additional glasses of wine. And father was taking mother by the hand and grabbing her own plate, "We'll leave you all to catch up. Officer Lih, you may join us in the dinning room, or whichever you like. I'm sure Sage can help enlighten you with text book information he has from Nox."

Christian mother and father were all slipping out into the next room to leave Aiden and his friend time to be. Cruz rolled his eyes they were being the perfect parents leaving the children alone while listening. Cruz was not sure which way he wanted to go he definitely didn't want to be alone with his father.
Detective Dorian’s words made Lih’s heart swell with unexpected pride. He was ready now, to help Dorian and Nox with his first domovoi case. He could see now that, perhaps, they couldn’t do this without him, an earnest and young junior on the force, though in truth, few people could see why this could even be attempted. Atharim matters… the odds were long, the risks unrewarding, the objective… ?

“Yes, sir,” said Lih quietly. A shadow passing across his pale face ...

Vitya Lih put on his camo jacket and buttoned it up. Then he put on his cap and buckled on his officer’s gloves and holster. He could hear the music playing from the halls, the dishes and glasses from around them. The Vega reception was underway.

At least I’m dressed for it, Lih thought.

Turning, Lih smiled at Siobhan from his seat at the marble counter. “Thank you. It is an honor, Ms. West."


A set of tall doors burst open as though they’d been rammed by a siege clearance machine, and a smile of startling beauty crossed Siobhan West’s face as she cried out to the large dog bounding toward them.

Lih looked up. His eyes locked onto the newcomers behind “Lasher" like targeting systems. This was not a fanciful impression. His eyes were literally biological, auto-targeting systems, his scrutiny instantly assessing range, movement, identity and threat level. To be stared at was to be in crosshairs.

“Holy crap,” whispered the albino on the stool, rising. The stool creaked.

The young man Dorian called Sage was lean and striking, and his attractive, narrow face, made hollow with care, had the steel threat of an unsheathed weapon about it despite the grin. Almost at this Sage’s side was Aiden Finnegan, a lithe, extraordinary celebrity whose record needed no introduction or explanatory notes, head of Siobhan’s former band.


Lih swallowed hard. He glanced back at Dorian. The veteran detective had decided it might be better to hover in the doorway than actually stay in the kitchen. Dorian’s son Cruz also loitered nearby, examining some food and drink that had been presented on the counter. It was hard to tell whether the handsome ‘god’ was debating if he was in need of refreshment, or simply puzzling as to leave Aiden and Sage alone.

Lih stepped past the members of his party and walked across the room toward the two entwined figures. He walked directly past the tall glass windows and stopped face to face with the taller figures. He took off his police cap, tucked it under his left arm, and made a bow to Aiden and Sage.

“Two things,” said Lih, blushing slightly; his voice perfectly calm. “First, I’m Vitya Lih… or Moon-King (as Ms. West calls me)… I’m a big fan. And second, yes, on this occasion, you’re missing out on terrific food and wine."
Viktor Lih
Officer of CCDPD
Aiden made his way into the bustling kitchen, Sage’s arm slung around his waist. The two were chattering along and wondering what all the commotion was about coming from the other side of the door. Lasher was yapping a loud, happy bark. The same one that he used to greet Aiden. Who was the cause of that? Hopefully, Rowan hadn’t tracked him down. He didn’t feel like dealing with her yet. Maybe after this upcoming adventure, though…

                Apparently, his sister had opened a Cajun café in the city. Father had a hand in the construction of it all and there were many advertisements across the various media channels. Aiden had been left wondering if she had opened it in an efforts to lure him out into the open. He’d take Sage on a date there. After the adventure.

                They pushed the doors open and there sat most of the household along with an albino cop and none other than Siobhan West accompanied by her ‘familiar,’ Ebony.

                Lasher licked at her face a few more times before spinning around and bounding up to Aiden, giving him the same exact treatment and even bestowed a few puppy kisses on Sage. Aiden scratched at the dogs head, cooing a few soothing words. Lasher sat on his hind legs, tail wagging so fast that it threatened to fly off.

                A wide, goofy smile spread across Siobhan’s face as she shot up from the stool. Aiden’s former bandmate ran at full speed towards him, arms outstretched. Ebony started and walked up to Sage, sniffing at him. Siobhan damn near tackled Aiden, latching her arms across his torso with a violent vice grip. She giggled breathlessly and spoke quickly.

                “Oh, dear Luna! I have missed you more than words can say! How the hell are ya Aiden!?”

                Aiden found himself laughing as well. What an entirely unexpected, yet incredibly welcome, surprise this was. He knew that she was in town finishing up another world tour. There had even been a moment when he had considered taking Sage to see her closing night, but instead, they had ended up romping around in their bedroom. Not a bad night.

                What would possess Siobhan to track Aiden down? He had already told her he had no desire for a reunion tour. Siobhan could be pushy at times, but nowhere near as bad as Rowan could be.

                “Haha! I missed you more, Sio. I’ve been doing fantastic. Simply fantastic.”

                Aiden pried Siobhan off, hands on her shoulders and pushing her out to look her over. He nodded in approval. She hadn’t aged a day, yet looked leaner and more… dangerous? No. But there was an edge to the woman, one that hadn’t been there the last time he saw her. Her hair and makeup looked fantastic, however, no doubt the work of a hired professional. Still. She looked like a Rockstar, a force to be reckoned with. Something more mature than the young punk she had been in Blarney Stoned. Aiden dropped his hands as the cop walked over to introduce himself and the rest of the household filed out into the dining room.

                The young man bowed, but Aiden shook his hand as soon as Vitya rose. So formal! But then, that must have been due to his profession. Cops came in all shapes, sizes, and mannerisms. Was he a friend of Dorian’s? A colleague perhaps?

                “The pleasure is all mine… Moon King?” Aiden shot Siobhan a wry glance, she shrugged and smirked, “Be careful of that one, Vitya. She’s a wild one, as I’m sure you’ve figured out. Thank you for serving the community. I like to think that I’d have joined the force if the arts hadn’t called out to me.”

                Siobhan snorted at that.

                “Aren’t you one of the people that won my contest?” He asked Vitya, “Funny we should meet this way.”

                Aiden looked to Sage and then back to Siobhan.

                “Sage, I’m sure you know who this is, but let me introduce you to a life-long friend of mine. Siobhan West. And Siobhan? This is someone very special to me,” He gestured to Sage with a fond look upon his face, “Sage Parker. He’s my boyfriend and the brightest tech wizard you’d ever meet. Not that I’m unhappy to see you, but what brings you to Dorian’s and how in the hell did you track me down?”

                Ebony had moved on from Sage and pushed at Aiden’s hand with her muzzle. He looked down at the wolf with a bright smile, ruffling her mane and cooing out to her.

                “Yes, Ebony. I am very happy to see you as well. Your coat is looking extra luxurious today. Did you lead Siobhan here?”

                Siobhan West gave Aiden a knowing smile, folding her arms under her breasts and jutting her hips out to the left in a sassy pose.

Russian Dolls and Broken Gods, a new Fantasy novel by best-selling author, Aiden Finnegan, out this December! Preorder online and instore today!
Siobhan flushed, happiness threatening to overwhelm her entire body at the sight of Aiden. He had been her dearest friend in High School and she largely credited him for her rise to fame. If he and Kyle hadn’t formed Blarney Stoned, she’d probably be somewhere in New Orleans or New York, working a minimum wage job and trudging through life without aim. He had been a rock for her throughout it all. The last few years had been a little rough without her best friend, but she was strong.

                But, Luna, it was amazing just to be back in his presence. So much to catch up on. And a new boy toy in the picture? She’d have to corner that one later, interrogate him about his intentions. He smelled fine, nothing sour about him… He didn’t exactly smell innocent, however; but that was hard when Vitya was right next to her. He smelled the sweetest in the room.

                Siobhan politely waited while Aiden made pleasantries with the albino cop. At Sage’s introduction, she pulled the tall, lithe male into a sisterly embrace.

                “Very good to meet you, Sage. Treat Aiden well, otherwise, I’ll sick my wolf pack on you.”

                We will not eat this one, Ebony called out to her over the animalistic bond.

                “You’ll do it and like it,” Siobhan said absently to the she-wolf.

                Aiden smirked, but there was a faint hint at an eyeroll. He cut in.

                “She’s not lying, Sage, although Ebony would never eat someone I care about. I don’t know about the other six… Where are they, Sio? Did you leave them in America?”

                We will not eat him, Aiden, Ebony prattled on.

                “He can’t hear you, Eb. You know that,” Siobhan shot back.

                He knows inside himself.

                “Does not. Aiden, she said they won't, but I say they will. The others are here in the CCD, I had them flown out when we touched down in Europe. They’re roaming the woodlands, scattered, but Ebony or I can call them back together if need be.”

                Tell him of the dream, Ebony urged.

                “I’m getting to that,” Siobhan muttered to her before looking back to Aiden, Sage, and Lih, “Lih, you can stay if you want. Don’t feel pressured to leave on our part. Aiden, Sage, how’d you two meet? Can he Channel too? The others told me you can, Aiden. Oh, and um, you aren’t planning on leaving the country any time soon, are ya?”

                Visions of a cavern and a great beast flashed in Siobhan’s mind as she asked the question. It had been the Wolf-Dream. It didn’t come on her often, and it had never shown her images before… But a few nights ago… It was horrible. She wasn’t sure what it had meant in the Dream, but she had awoken afterward with an overwhelming desire to seek Aiden out. He had to know what she saw flashing across that ethereal sky. Omens of danger.

                She hadn’t seen him in so long. Despite Ebony’s insistence, she wouldn’t launch into some insane tirade about prophecies or dreams. They had to catch up and she had to feel this Sage out. She would work it into the conversation somehow, but they should have been comfortable way before any of that. She turned back to the kitchen island and grabbed a few glasses of wine, beckoning them to the stools.

                “Not my place, but c’mon. Let’s get comfy and talk. Sage? What do you do? Are you taking care of my brother from another mother?”

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'
“Oh, yes,” said Vitya, bright-eyed. His hand stopped dead, the long fingers clamped firmly in Aiden’s hand. The speed with which Aiden had moved to shake Vitya Lih’s hand was quite impressive.

“Dimitri arranged everything for your new book signing…”

Aiden now let Vitya’s hand go. Vitya lowered his hand and straightened up. He smoothed the front of his combat jacket.

“Thank you,” said Vitya, speaking directly into Aiden’s smiling face, "It’s an honor you’re here. You’ve come a long way and you’re contributing a great deal to our culture already. To this day, your name is spoken with praise at every level of Russian life. Did you know that in the nightclub Manifesto alone, there are three public statues of you? I have pictures, if you would like to see them. Feel free to say no, I’m confident you know what you look like. You’re certainly more handsome in person.”

He laughed at his own joke, brightly and rather over-empatheticly. It was his first day with Dorian. And this was an emotional moment. That was understandable. It had taken him a long time to get here, and the pale cop was standing here at last. They’ve all taken a drink. It was the end of a long day, and there were longer ones ahead.

Speaking of drinks… Siobhan West had a drink in hand and was passing more wine around.

“Oh, thank you,” said Vitya Lih, leaning close to Siobhan so he could whisper and still be heard over Lasher and Ebony. Mm, wine.

“Really?” asked Vitya. This seemed to impress him. “You’ve known him all your life, Ms. West? That must be wonderful. What an example Aiden must have set.”

He raised his glass and addressed the room.

"May I say that? I don’t mean to speak out of turn, and I certainly mean nothing inappropriate by it.” He looked at Sage. "I speak only as a fan of his books, in a purely professional regard, and in that regard, Aiden’s captivating prose is quite a potent weapon to have in our arsenal. I mean this purely analytically! His fans will follow him, obey him. They’re devoted to him; surely he is well aware the effect his works have on the common person."

Vitya Lih, fanboi
Sage wondered if this was how things were always going to be. Aiden and his friends? Was it like that with his friends? Did Aiden feel uncomfortable... But it was the pale officers words that made Sage take Aiden's hand and hold to it even as they sat down to eat. It was left overs from the night before. A meal Christian and Nox had both prepared which is why there were left overs with the two of them cooking. Dorian and Cruz never seemed to mind that they ate left overs the next day - it was good, but Sage frowned at his plate and pushed it towards Aiden. There was other food in the house if he wanted it. But right now it seemed this rockstar friend of Aiden's was grilling him.

"I take care of Aiden rather well. He has no complaints." Sage smirked at the wolf sister. Dorian's estate was becoming a catch all for all that was weird. "I don't do anything at the moment. I came to Moscow for a complicated surgery that could only be preformed by doctors and engineers here. It's only helpful that my long time friend was in town and able to care for me in my downed state." It had been a mess... hacking things he'd never hack because it was fun. It was all a waste too. He'd lost everything because of that. And to think that he hated his parents for doing this to him, but he wouldn't be him if it hadn't been done. Now he was The Wicked Truth, Phaser was in jail or worse - even if it wasn't him. Grim decided to do things Sage wouldn't, it was his fault. Sage could live with that even if he missed his friends. But he had his new family now.

"But I take care of Aiden, and my friends here. No one is going to hurt them with out me knowing it." Which was the truth, he had full time scans on their locations, he picked up whatever bio-metrics their wallets did - Aiden's weren't many. He needed to replace Aiden's phone with one of his choosing - specially before they went traipsing off into the world with Jaxen.

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During the lull triggered by his run-in with the rougarou’s, Lih had trudged to the domovoi office for a quiet word with doctor Alex, in the hopes of patching up some of the bad feeling that had begun to eclipse, thanks to weeks of escalating nightmares and the absence of Costa his partner. Unfortunately, Lih has chosen this day to forget his pills from Alex, come over to the Vega estate, and drink wine, as a consequence of which he felt quite flustered. This was a strange turn of events, and it disturbed him.

At that moment, Vitya Lih realized that the wolf sister had said something that had disturbed him more than anything else. In the confusion and excitement, it had been passed over. Only now, with his mind painstakingly running back over the conversation again, did officer Lih see it.

It was a single word, and the word was “channel”.

Aiden, Sage, how’d you two meet? Can he channel too?

Sage was tall, with a slender face and disturbing eyes. Lih couldn’t tell much about the man.

To Siobhan, Sage blinked and said something like, “I take care of Aiden, and my friends” Lih wasn’t precisely sure what he’d said because he was too busy falling over to listen. The counter stool had somehow bumped into him, and the impact, though gentle, had deposited Vitya Lih unto his back. He no longer held his gun.

Officer Lih laid on his back and looked up. Two men and a woman of exquisite beauty were sitting on the counter seats above him, framed in the kitchen light and the white light of the glass shades overhead in circular splashes like pools of sunlight. They were upside down to Lih, and the men seemed to be holding hands.

Lih searched for his tinted lenses, which were, of course, beside his fallen cap and put the lenses on. The blue shades took the edge off the hard, white light.

He reached up and tugged open his wallet with his free hand. As he did so, he saw that his hand was shaking. His hand was shaking, and there was a tiny spot of wine on the back of it just under the knuckle of the middle finger.

There was a word for this type of situation, but it wasn’t one Vitya Lih would ever use around boys and girls. As he sat up, there were no children present, so he used it freely and often.

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Viktor Lih
Officer of CCDPD
Vitya was clearly nervous to be around Aiden, but boy did he have a lot to say.

                “Three statues?” Aiden asked the man, with an incredulous look, “Lord, I don’t know if I’m deserving!” A bark of a laugh erupted from his lips. And at a nightclub? Had he ever even been to Manifesto? There was no memory of such a night, but then again, Aiden didn’t always remember his nights spent in clubs. He’d certainly have to pay the business a visit if they insisted on flattering him… And so publicly at that!

                It was strange to hear someone praise Aiden on his ‘contributions’ to Russia’s culture, but then again, it was strange to be writing a novel in the Russian language. Vitya went on with the praise and flattery, making Aiden flush a little. It was not that he wasn’t used to such words, they had just come from an impromptu performance after all, but Vitya clearly had meant them. He wasn’t some sycophant, at least Aiden didn’t think so.

                “Ah… heh, thank you, Vitya. I am humbled by your praise.”

                Siobhan went on to prod a little at Sage, who was pushing a plate towards Aiden, and at their relationship. Truly, it was a wonder Rowan wasn’t around to add her own two cents in. Sage might not survive their onslaught if the pair had managed to corner him alone. The two women had been fiercely protective of Aiden and hypercritical of anyone he had chosen to shack up with since the entire Kyle-situation, even though it had all been Aiden’s fault. Kyle had done nothing wrong… Well, not until he started bad mouthing Aiden to the media.

                Aiden squeezed Sage’s hand a few times and looked at him fondly before turning to Siobhan to raise an eyebrow. He began to hum under his breath and the blessed Light appeared behind his shoulder. With an effort, Aiden spun out a thin thread of Air and used to pull a glass of wine from Siobhan’s hand. She started at the sudden use of magic.

                “Down girl,” He cautioned playfully. The words earned him a reproachful look from the woman. The wine glass wobbled towards him through the air and he caught it with grace, letting go of the Light and the song on his lips, “You’ll have plenty of time to prod Sage later, Sio, but there really is no need. As he said, he takes care of me very well. It’s been a long time since I’ve met someone like Sage. His sudden appearance in my life was nothing short of Divine Providence.”

                Aiden sipped at his wine, looking back to his boyfriend.

                “Sage, you really should-“

                His words were cut off as Vitya crashed to the floor, wine dancing in the air, glass shattering off to the side. Aiden set his own glass down quickly and jumped up, rushing over to the fallen officer.

                “Dear Lord, are you okay, Vitya!? What happened?”

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Siobhan was up just as quickly as Aiden was at the sound of Moon King falling. What in the name of Diana had just happened? Being an officer, she doubted he was clumsy. Maybe the lithe man couldn’t hold his wine… Not that this was a strong bottle. Fine vintage, but nothing too heady. They’d need something stronger later, if the night wore on, at least.

                Ebony had beat Aiden and Siobhan to the Moon King. She sniffed about him as he pulled on tinted lenses and fumbled with his wallet.

                Shaky, but well. He is well. Eb sent through the Bond.

                I should hope so, Eb. What the hell happened?

                I do not know. He fell. Did you push him?


                Aiden wouldn’t. I don’t know about this Sage. You might, though.

                I never-

                You have.

                Siobhan eyed the wolf and gave her a stern expression. Ebony said nothing more and paced to the back of the kitchen, prowling back and forth. She was getting restless again. Siobhan would have to let her roam the area if they didn’t leave here anytime soon. Wolves didn’t like being cooped up, but Ebony handled it well. She had to if she was going to follow Siobhan.

                Turning her attention back to the little Moon King, Siobhan put a hand on his shoulder and put on a soft expression. She spoke softly to the man, rubbing the spot where her hand lay.

                “You okay, kid? The wine’s not that bad.”

                “Honestly, Sio?” Aiden laughed.

                “What? I don’t see any other reason as to why he fell flat on his ass. C’mon, let me help you up.”

                Siobhan and Aiden both slipped an arm under Vitya and hoisted him to his feet, helping the shaking young man back on to his stool.

                “I should probably get a chair. I don’t trust the stool,” Aiden said worriedly.

                “S’ok. I got him,” Siobhan answered as she placed a steadying hand on Moon King’s back. Aiden began to hum to himself and went back to his place next to Sage. The sound of glass scraping across the ground startled Siobhan. She whipped her head around to see the broken glass being swept up into the garbage by unseen hands. The spilled wine seemed to ripple a few times, but nothing more. Aiden stopped humming and ran over to grab a kitchen towel.

                “Well, that’s just not fair. I want psychokinesis too!”

                “It’s not psychokinesis,” Aiden laughed as he dried the floor, “It’s just magic. I need the practice… Water doesn’t seem to wanna work for me…”

                Siobhan shook her head at that, turning back to her Moon King.

                “Speaking of water, do you want some, Vitya? Or maybe a pain pill? Or a joint? How’s your head? And your ass?”

                Siobhan flashed a wolfish grin at the Officer, giggling to herself.

"We are the sisters of the Moon." - Siobhan's hit single, 'Silver Skans'
Aiden really liked to show off. Sage stood by and watched as the others attended to the fallen man. "I can call the paramedics if necessary." He looked at the fuss over the pale man. He hoped he didn't have to. Having more strangers here was not something Sage looked forward to.

Sage poured Aiden another glass of wine and took a sip of it before he handed it to his boyfriend. Was this really his life? Sage also grabbed a glass of water and pushed it towards the pale officer. "I can get you something stronger."

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