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Elyse felt alone.  She wasn't alone, and if she really thought about it, the word alone really didn't fit either.  Sierra had left, and Elyse was with Marta, Ricky, and the wolves, but for some reason she didn't feel right.  Perhaps it was because of giving Sierra that kiss before she left.  She still wasn't sure if she had been right to do so or not, and mostly she felt stupid.  She had told Ricky, Marta, and Stinging Nose that she had needed some time to herself that night, and they had understood.

Elyse walked through Moscow, just letting her feet take her wherever they wanted to a go.  She opened a door and found herself at a bar, ordering herself a Manhattan.  The drink came and she took a long sip.  Music from the club came from behind her, but Elyse looked at the antique bottles behind the bar and ordered another drink as she finished her first one.  This time she turned around to face the other end of the club. It was then she had realized that she had not just wandered into any club.  She had wandered into Kallisti House of Burlesque.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

Mae and the girls were still frantically teaching a new girl Nox's part of their latest performance. Amaya was showing her the ropes but she wasn't ready yet so Mae was out in the lobby and they had rescheduled a few things to make things work for the night. Juliana wasn't as good as Nox with all the displays of power, but it was still pretty great. And he was always willing to help out with the nuances. He was like a big brother she never had.

Mist wore her classic blue hair, and her gothesque attire as she walked through the lobby seeking out a lonely person to talk to. Usually the men would catch her eye, but today Mae saw a woman blinking as she stared out into the crowd like she hadn't exactly intended to enter this sort of club. There were mostly men lingering around. That was usually the way. Most women came in with men or other women for a completely different sort of game. But this one looked out of place. Mae pulled Mist's smile up and slide her way next to the woman in distress. "The shows about to start." Mae gestured towards the stage in the lobby, the larger show would be later, but there was always a dancer here, but it was less show, and less skit, more dancing and teasing. "Maybe you'd like to take a seat. I can bring you another drink."
Elyse could tell that someone was approaching her, but it still surprised her when the woman spoke. The woman that approached her wore a gothesque outfit and sported blue hair as she approached and spoke to her. Elyse still looked to her side to see if the woman was actually talking to her. She didn't know why the woman would approach her out of all people. Elyse finished her second drink, and almost told the woman no thanks, but changed her mind. She was here, so she might as well try to have a good time.

"Ummmmm...I don't...ummmm...okay." Elyse finally stammered out.

Elyse gave the woman a smile and took a seat at a table near the stage. It would be her first burlesque show. Perhaps it would be entertaining and not nearly as weird as she thought it would be.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

Mae smiled as the woman took her direction. Candy was on stage at the moment playing up the dumb blonde moments. The strap on her blouse slipped off her shoulder revealing a red sheer lingerie. Her hand covered her mouth as if it had been an accident and if anyone was a regular they knew it wasn't. The show was nearly the same each night. Mae brought the woman another Manhattan and placed a dark blue napkin on the table underneath. Her client - her signature, each girl (and guy though the only guy who actually would work the room was Nox, and he wasn't feeling it right now. Who could blame him, missing an arm. Mae had no idea how she'd react in such a predicament.)

Mae sat down on the edge of the chair closest to her new friend, her legs crossed towards the woman and her back to Candy. She didn't need to see to know what she was doing. Mae gave the woman a smile and touched her hand gently with her hand, her fingernails painted black with blue gemstones glittering in the dark lacquer. "I'm Mist." She smiled. "What should I call you? Have you ever seen one of our shows?" Her guess was no, considering the deer in the headlights look she'd seen at first glance of what was behind her. Mae quirked a wicked grin, fresh blood was always so much more fun than a regular.
Elyse sat down, watching the woman on stage move around with the litheness of a dancer. When her blouse slipped and revealed the red lingerie underneath, Elyse wasn't fooled that it was an accident, but she knew that this woman was acting or something. The woman who had approached her returned with another drink and sat down very close to Elyse. She assumed this was normal. The woman introduced herself as Mist and placed a hand on her own. Elyse really liked how her nails were done.

" name is Elyse," she said quietly. [color=gold]"And no...I've never been to anything like this."

Elyse wondered about saying that this was her first time, but she figured that Mist would know she was lying. Elyse wondered how fast news would travel to the other dancers and what sort of "first time" rituals this place had.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

Mae smiled brightly at Elyse's admission. Normally a lap dance by one of the girls was in order. But with the new addition to the 'girls' Nox could do it, but he wasn't here, and he wasn't actually briming with confidence these days. So Mae put it out of her mind. "What brought you our wonder filled show?" Sometimes the strays had wonderful stories, sometimes - most of the time they were just horny men looking for a cheap way to get off. Not that Kallisti was that sort of place. It was one reason she had signed on. Well that and Juliana had talked her into it. She said it paid well, and maybe one day Mae would make it out of here. Or make it big like she planned. She wasn't planning on dancing the whole time.

Mae glanced around the room and smiled at Elyse. "Anyone catch your fancy?"
Elyse was starting to feel more comfortable. The girl on stage with what seemed to be a stereotypical dumb blonde routine was still on stage, and more clothes were "innocently" falling off to expose more of her flesh. Elyse was beginning to have fun as well, but who knows, perhaps that was the booze.

"I've had a rough couple of weeks," Elyse said, meeting Mist's gaze. "I decided to take a walk, and ended up in here. I didn't even realize where I was until I turned around."

Elyse shrugged. "Doesn't seem so bad. Seems like a fun place so far."

Mist gave Elyse a smile and asked if she liked anyone, and for the first time, Elyse really looked around the room. Finally her gaze returned to Mist, and Elyse looked her up and down. "You're kind of cute," she said with a slight smirk.

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