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((OOC: in regards to my last post - I was not upset that others had joined in - I want to make that clear - glad you guys joined in!!!))
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Mist smiled at Elyse's interest in their newest member of the family. She couldn't help her own curiosity. "How do you know Nox?" She added when she realized that Elyse knew him. He seemed to know a lot of people. Some of them power, others like herself.

Her new friend watched the video but she was more interested in the lost arm and not the fact that he was dancing her at the club. Priorities, she guess. "Not sure. He jokes a lot about it. Raffe might know, they spend a lot of time together." She wasn't going to say they were an item, but they were cute together - since day one. "He's not the same. But would you be if you lost an arm? He's less confident in his abilities. Struggling to find the new normal. He gets angry easily." Mae didn't blame him, "But he's still trying to hide it all. If you didn't see him all day you'd probably never know anything was wrong. That's just him."

Mist decided that regardless of how Elyse knew Nox, she had to see him dance. "You should have seen him dance." Mist pulled up the recorded video that one of the other girls got for Nox - his first performance - and maybe his only - which Mist thought was sad. But the show did go on, Nox taught someone else his part - Juls was learning the tricks of the light he'd done. It was complicated when he wasn't here to do it himself. But they were managing it. He had another skit he was working on - if only he'd get up and dance himself.
Elyse watched as he danced. She was surprised. Nox hadn't seemed the dancing type when she had met, but she knew that dancing itself could be deadly. There was a fine line between dancing and martial arts. The Egyptian thing surprised her too. All in all it was pleasant though. As she watched, her concern grew for Nox. Something was clearly wrong. Elyse couldn't picture him as one who wasn't confident, and a short fuse usually meant there was something. Mist was right. He was trying to hide his pain.

"Thank you for sharing that," Elyse said with a smile. She hadn't answered the first question on how she knew him. Ummm...can you excuse me for a bit. I need to freshen up a bit. After - how would you feel about moving to a more private location." Elyse really wanted to be in a place with a little more solitude.

"For you darling I will agree."

Elyse excused herself for a moment, working her way to the restroom. She sighed and got out her wallet.

Outgoing Message Wrote:To:Nox Durante
From: Elyse Andersen

Hey Nox. I just met Mist and found out that you had worked with her for a bit. I heard about the arm. I just wanted to let you know that I hope you're okay.


Elyse sighed, washed her face and hands, then met Mist again. She was led to a private room. It had the slight darkness that most clubs had. There was enough ambient light to see by, but Elyse's eyes picked up more. There was a plush couch and a table for drinks in front of it. Elyse let Mist lead her into the room.
[[ oops sorry forgot to post ]]

The room wasn't very fancy, was mostly a booth with a small stage, there was no touching allowed by the guests, but there were exceptions made as long as it wasn't over the top. But she was pretty sure that this one only wanted to get alone. So Mist sat on the couch. "Is everything alright darling? That boy got you all upset? If he hurt you I'll hurt him." She didn't doubt Nox had done something. He was a bit of a player, she worried for Raffe, but Raffe was a big boy and Nox did seem to like the other man so it was their business and they were cute together. Not at all like the man Nox was out in front of anyone else. And Mist was pretty sure Elyse knew him even if she said nothing. But it didn't matter. "You want a private dance darling?"
Thanks. I'm good. Hope you and your pup are well. I hope Mist treated you alright." @Elyse

Nox didn't want to elaborate long. It felt strange talking to his ex. The last time through text had been rude too. He hoped this one wasn't. He did hope she was alright. Though he had made a promise, one he'd keep but she was better off away from him.
Elyse sighed. "I'd rather not talk about it, if that's okay."

She did smile as her wallet buzzed with a reply from Nox. She sent him back a quick reply.

Outgoing Message Wrote:To Nox Durante:
I'm well and so is the Pup. Mist is treating me very well...

Elyse smiled at Mist after putting her wallet away. "I think I'd like that very much."

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