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This is Me
[[ oops forgot to respond ]]

Li moved through the kitchen aware of his audience. He pulled the last of the food together and looked up at Nyhsa with a smile."Shower alright?" His heart fluttered and other bits too. The towel wrapped around her body. There was a desire to forgo breakfast, but then the food wouldn't be as good newly warmed.

Li took his companion. He wanted more, but he walked opened a bottle of champagne, and poured some into the orange juice already in the glasses. "Probably not normal, but it's as close as I can get." He offered a fluted glass to Nhysa.

Breakfast was set. Li pulled out the chair for her to sit. "Bon Appetit."

Li sat down after helping Nhyssa to her chair at the table and explained the meal he'd prepared. "A little bit of home and travels."

The small talk and food were nearly exhausted. "I can have my cleaner here and have your clothes cleaned in a little over an hour. We can go for round 2 while we wait, or down stairs in some sweats for a different kind of round."
“What you must do," said Monkey, "is lure the monster from its hiding place, but be certain it is a fight you can survive.” 
― Wu Cheng'en, Monkey: The Journey to the West


Amusement hummed through her, and she laughed to herself more like he’d made a joke than asked a question. Usually, either her lovers were a job and therefore dead by sunrise, or she took what she wanted from them and left when the shadows were still high. Thus there was not usually anyone to ask how the shower was next morning. Not quite a joke she was inclined to share though. 

“I don’t know what normal even looks like,” she said instead, watching him pour out champagne into the juice. Though by the way she said it, neither did she much care about the deficiency; it was just idle observation. A small smirk lingered; perfectly aware of the way his gaze roamed, and perfectly willing to indulge such appetites had he sought to take a bite. The breakfast was good, and she was content enough to indulge that instead, at least for now.

Dark eyes flicked up for the invitation, her smile wolfish as she pushed back from her chair. Her thumb trailed the top of the towel, though it remained in place. “I assume you have something else I can wear in the meantime. Let’s test some of your other skills, shall we?”
Li chuckled as he gave Nhysa a once over again with a salcious smile. He'd like to try those previous skills, but that was something he could do later and waiting made it all that much more fun.

He stood up and offered Nhysa his hand. "I'm sure I can find something. I wouldn't want to upset any modesty." He laughed. "And I'm bein a little selfish."

His bedroom wasn't much different than before, but Li pulled the curtains back to let in light. There was no view, they were frosted for the moment, he could reveal the scenery, but it wasn't pretty -- much of Moscow was not. Li opened a drawer. "I'm sure you can find something that fits. There are some leggings that are more flattering than the sweats." Not that she'd look bad in the sweats, Li grabbed a pair of leggings for himself and a t-shirt. "They allow more movement too."

Li tossed his own change of clothes on to the bed and started removing his clothes. "And we don't want any disadvantages." He winked.
“What you must do," said Monkey, "is lure the monster from its hiding place, but be certain it is a fight you can survive.” 
― Wu Cheng'en, Monkey: The Journey to the West


She followed Li’s lead back to the bedroom. The look he gave her unfurled dark temptation, dousing lust into the look she gave him in turn. Nhysa was accustomed to taking what she wanted when she wanted it, at least on her own time, and the training of her youth blurred the delineation of violence and pleasure indistinguishably at times in her head. One was as good as the other for her, but Li offered an usual unification of both, and for that she was willing to wait. 

“Modesty is hardly the concern, dearest one,” she said with the sharp curve of a smile. “Rather, I do not want you distracted.”

Her gaze roamed a moment before she searched out suitable attire for herself, then she blatantly watched him undress, appreciative of the hard lines of his body. Shadows had robbed sight last night, though she’d been more interested in other sensations at the time. Nhysa observed him now with a distinctly territorial way. Her towel slipped in a tease, unshy of her own nakedness, and perfectly willing to make a show of it. She pulled leggings snug up over her hips, and pulled on a shirt.

“I won’t go easy on you, Li,” she laughed, husky. “Though maybe I will promise to kiss it better afterwards.”
Oh the game. This was such a different one than he usually played. The girls of his past he tired of quickly, this was intriguing. She watched with open interest and he the same. Promises were made -- or offers anyway that made him laugh. "I never said who was distracting who." He winked.

Pulling the last of his clothes over his head he smiled at her. "I wouldn't want it any other way dearest one." He liked her term. He stalked close and put his hands on her hips and smirked "And what about before. Good Luck?" He winked again. "Before the play begins?"

They only had to go down stairs to get into the dojo which would likely have a class in at this particular moment. They would have to wait until the children were done with their use of the studio. But it shouldn't be long. He could show Nhyssa around -- see the trophies of his fights -- not all of which were metals and trophies. At least none that he was proud of. Though fear still plagued his mind as he thought about what that mist creature had done. The oni head made him less doubtful. It would be a good reminder.
“What you must do," said Monkey, "is lure the monster from its hiding place, but be certain it is a fight you can survive.” 
― Wu Cheng'en, Monkey: The Journey to the West


Nhysa laughed, the flash in her eyes like a predator roused to an interesting game. His playfulness lured her almost as much as his sweetness, and it made him quite delectable. She wasn’t the sort of woman others usually thought to tease, and he was doing a more than fair job of the distraction.

“I believe it's customary to rub something for good luck?” She smirked as his hands settled on her hips, though it was upwards her own hands snaked. When they reached the back of his neck, she was not gentle about bringing his mouth down to hers. Luck would not help him. And she rather thought the game had already begun.
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Once upon a time there was a girl who loved the night, and the night loved her back...
Rubbing something was the thought that passed through Li's head just before the kiss landed on his lips and he was 'helpless' to it. It would not be hard to draw it back to the bed behind them. He was a man of hedonistic ways, but the wait in this case would be worth it. If he his theory about the impending spar was the case anyway. Their attraction was more than to the physical attributes but also poweress. And Li wasn't about to show weakness in any facate of his life. Nhysa might devour him alive if he did. It wasn't a bad thought in the end, but Li pulled away with a soft chuckle. "I will need to be careful in future exchanges lest I be drawn in by your womanily ways." Not that he minded and he made sure she knew that as he checked her out. "I suppose that will do." he winked before he took her hand and led her to the dojo down stairs.

They entered into the main lobby near his office. The chaos from a class in session could be heard from the dojo just beyond. Trophies and awards hung on a nearby wall. The physicality of his profession show in movie posters too. The far wall held the more unique items -- an oni head taking center stage in all it's stuffed glory. There were other trophies from his conquests. Not meant as a display of power, but as recognition that yes monsters existed. Li didn't kill all of them -- not alone anyway. But most. He looked upon the Oni head with a nod -- a reminder he was not weak. The mist monster would be a crowning achievement -- if only he could figure out its weakness. Cold was its down fall but it shattered into pieces -- not good for preserving.

Li nodded towards the class in session. "Seems we have a bit to wait. We can watch the young ones?"
“What you must do," said Monkey, "is lure the monster from its hiding place, but be certain it is a fight you can survive.” 
― Wu Cheng'en, Monkey: The Journey to the West



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