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Reacclimating (Kallisti House of Burlesque)
[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

Mist put her hand on Nox's chest and tip toed to kiss his cheek. "Thank you darling."

There was a softer smile on Nox's lips, but he was still wound too tight. He was wound too tight more often than not since losing his arm. "Shoo now." She grinned. "Unless you want to give them a show."

Nox rolled his eyes. "Not tonight, my body is fucking dead.". He looked to Elyse. "Just doing my job. If you have other problems let one of us know." He waved.

Mist giggled as he walks back to his spot and Mist turns her attention back to Elyse. "He's not even on duty. But if he were he might have.." Mist let the sentence hang. He hadn't danced for them in a while. "Don't let the jerks bother you. The boys got it."

The dark hoard presence almost spurred him to accept Mist's challenge. But he hurt. His mind wandered. Nox didn't want to be fun. Fun got him in trouble.

Nox took his spot next to the bar and watched and waited.

Juls tapped Nox's chest and he looked down at her dark eyes. "You should go to bed, Bruno's got it."

"I'm waiting for Raffe."

Juls sighed. "Raffe's not working tonight."

"I know. I want to stay awake. I behaved" Nox grinned at Juls. "Just funny that Elyse is here tonight of all nights." Nox was surprised she couldn't smell Jay all over him, probably not over the stench of the dead hoard and sweat and grime that he'd washed off in the shower -- though he still felt fithly. And for more than one reason.

Nox leaned against the wall and crossed his arms. His wallet felt oddly cold in his pocket. He wished it would beep again with Raffe's tone. He wanted to get this over with and sleep.

[[ooc: feel free to engage with Nox again if you want. Not sure how that would work]]
Nox leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.  He watched dutifuly the floor and waited for something to happen, but the comfort of home and the music playing on stage Nox's eyes drifted close.  Bruno tapped Nox on shoulder and leaned in.  "I got this man."  

Juls was there in her Pyro Moon guise and took his hand and lead him away.  Nox followed methodically.  "I'm fine."

"Go to bed."  

Nox didn't really listen but he did head up stairs to his room...

[[continued back in Falling.  Nox is really tired just gonna move him out. ]]
((Oh shit! I’m not in the habit of posting again, got busy and forgot. Sorry!!!))

Elyse kept seated and looked at Mist with a genuine smile. ”i know they can.”

Elyse gave Nox a sympathetic look. She could tell that time had been somewhat unkind to him. Still, Elyse felt better now that she had seen Nox. Since the breakup she hadn’t seen him. They had talked, yes, but never actually met again. Elyse felt a sense of closure. As Nox left, she could detect a slightly familiar smell as her senses seemed to strengthen with her mental state. She didn’t remember what it had come from. The scents of Kallisti muddled it, and Elyse took a deep breath, exaggerating the effect it had on her breasts in a slightly flirtatious motion. Elyse ordered a drink as a server went by before turning her eyes on Mist. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Nox depart.

”Now, I believe you were giving me a show before we were rudely interrupted by a jerk. Where were we?”
[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

"I was indeed." She picked up where she had so rudely been interrupted. There was a nice song playing while one of the other girls moved and sang on stage. It wasn't a huge attraction, but she had a nice voice. And she had her own gimic of course.

Mist wrapped her blue boa around Elyse's neck and threw her high heeled food up over the other woman's shoulder like any other patron and the men behind her watched with rapt attention, she winked at Elyse and made sure the men got just as good of a show with a slap to her own ass.

Another drink arrived and Mist sat down in Elyse's lap and she purred into the other woman's ear. "If you are friends of Nox's, that means you are likely just as lost as he is. He found a home here with his strange skill set. Maybe you could too?" She smiled brightly. "A pretty girl like you, a great gimic and you could make a lot of money." Mist winked. "And there are other perks. Just ask around."
Elyse enjoyed the rest of the dance and the others watching them. It brought a slight smirk to Elyse’s face. There was something exciting with a “private moment” being watched.

Mist sat in her lap and Elyse enjoyed her warmth. Mist was close enough that she could now pick up the Mist’s scent out of the myriad of others in the club. Elyse closed her eyes briefly, taking a deep breath as Mist spoke.

Lost. Elyse had to admit that was how she felt. She was completely unsure of what she was or where she fit in.

Elyse looked into Mist’s eyes, surprise filling them. ”Are you saying I should become a dancer? You’re joking…” Elyse could smell that she wasn’t. ”No you’re being serious.”

Elyse paused, actually considering. She came here because she liked the atmosphere. She felt welcome here, and Mist’s suggestion proved she had been accepted. Of course, she had money and ultimately this was a business. Still she felt as if it was more than money. She was a welcome customer unlike the fifth that had been ejected earlier.

”That might…I might like that,” she said quietly. ”I can’t do what Nox does. My skills are…different.”
[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

Mist giggled. "You mean his flair for dramatics?" Mist waved her hands and nothing happened except she giggled more. "I'd be very interested in seeing your skills." Mist winked. "But I wasn't implying the flair. He's a hunter, a fighter, a flair for violence. That is how he knows you, I know this. And if you can fight monsters you can tame any man or woman in here with just a slight tweak of things. Brandish a boa instead of a whip, or a cane instead of a sword, the palm of your hand instead of a fist." Mist leaned in and whispered. "Did you know that there is a beautiful dance that is actually teaching women how to fight with a fan?"

Mist stood up and offered Elyse her hand. "Come back tomorrow in the morning, and we'll see if you got what it takes. I imagine our resident boys might show up or they might not, they've not seen each other in a while." Mist looked towards where Nox had been standing. "And if you can tolerate his presence I'm you could be helpful in other ways around here. But that's his show. His promise is the only reason Carmen opened back up." She was talking security of course, he kept the place safe. And when he wasn't galavanting across Moscow he was a pretty good dancer too -- too bad he lacked the confidence after losing his arm. Mist smiled at Elyse. "You should get some sleep. Be fresh in the morning."

[[ can start a new thread or keep going, totally up to you. Or if you want to go do something else with her in night that's great too. Looking forward to what's next ]]
Elyse nodded, smiling. She actually was beginning to like this idea. "Alright. Tomorrow then. Goodnight Mist."

Elyse gave Mist a tip and finished her drink. She hadn't expected this turn of event. She felt the need to talk to Nox, and looked towards where he was standing. The guard that had been talking to him was there. He must of left, but Elyse thought she would check anyways. Elyse stood and as she walked, she tried to focus her scent, if she was going to be here as an employee, it would be good to find different scents in the din. She found it was easier than expected, and a slight shift of her eyes, she could see that she was attracting attention. Mist was right. Elyse was very attractive.

Elyse arrived at the guard who had already sized her up and deemed her not a threat as she approached. "Excuse me," she said, calmly. "I was wondering if Nox was still here and if I could talk to him."
Bruno smirked as the woman approached him. Asking after Nox was not atypical of some of the women here, but they didn't often know his name. He like the rest of the girls hardly gave his true name when dealing with the clients. He nodded to the back door. "He'll be upstairs. But if you think he all save the princess let me give her a reward you are barking up the wrong tree. He's waiting on his boy." Who may or may not arrive, Raffe had called in sick and had yet to return.

Bruno nodded towards one of the other bouncers as he stepped back. "I'll take you to him." He pushed open the back room doors that was bustling with activity as some of the girls readied for their next show. He lead the strange woman up to the bottom of the stairs. "He lives here, so he might be sleeping." He said offhandedly as he stomped up the stairs. He could be alone with Raffe too -- that would be awkward.

But as the reached the top of the stairs Bruno found Nox leaning against Raffe's door his knees curled up to his chest sleeping . Bruno frowned and he kicked Nox's boot gently. "Got a visitor."


Nox started awake when something grabbed his foot. He found that it wasn't his dream but Bruno. He peered up at the man and saw Elyse behind him. "Of course I do." Nox said.

"You know Raffe can wake you up when he gets here. Someone will see to it."

Nox shook his head. "I'm fine."

Bruno shrugged as he turned to leave. "Good luck!"

Nox rested his head against the door jamb and gave Elyse a weak smile. "To what do I owe this pleasure? I don't have much to offer you even in my room, so here is just as good." He nodded towards the floor across from him.
Elyse sat down across the hall from him, and now saw how tired Nox was. She thought that maybe she should do this another time and let the man rest, but at this point it was better to move on.

"I won't keep you long...I promise." she said, pulling her knees to her chest. "I just wanted to say that - well - I've been feeling a bit lost. Especially since my parents..."

Elyse closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "That's why I started coming here. That feeling of being lost just went away. Mist told me that maybe I can find a home here, so I'm coming back tomorrow morning to see if I can work here." Elyse chuckled. "Never would of thought it, but I also feel like...maybe I don't have to hide what I am anymore."
Nox gave Elyse a small smile. "It could be home. Last time you tried to make a home near me it ended poorly.
But my promise still stands. I won't let nothing happen to you."
But his word meant nothing, Elyse didn't know that. There was nothing left to give anyone, he'd given up that when he broke his promise to Raffe. But he still felt the weight of his promise to Elyse even though he'd betrayed her feelings."Ori likes to collect others. You'd fit in, but I will warn you before you reveal what you are to the rest here, you will want to know that they may not take to the golden eyes as well as you'd hope."

Nox sighed knowing how Raffe had gotten hurt. "A brother was employed here. He went feral and attacked here. Raffe, one of the bartenders jumped in and saved them but not without getting hurt himself. I'll vouch for you, I'll tell Carmen in the morning, and let the girls know that no harm will befall them in your presence."

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