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[Devil's Lair] Fear's Little Dance
The kiss was tantalizing, every nerve in her body erupted in euphoric glee -- nothing induced by her friend, though Esper could easily inspire such feelings. But never in her -- at least not without asking first. She wouldn't say no in the moment. Right now she wanted to be with Esper and ignore the reason they'd come. The kiss was just for show. A ritual performed many times over. But it was the offering of after that escalated the soft press of lips that deepened. Shivers rode down her spine and she gasped for breath when they finally broke apart. "Tonight you can collect." Roza whispered and pressed her forehead to Espers while looking around for their precious little mark.

He turned his back on them, she watched as he slipped down the very same tunnel they had found him. "Our little bird is hunting." She giggled and looked deep into her friends eyes. "We could leave him to find whatever he searches for tonight. He forsake us after all." Roza pulled Esper closer and pressed her face against her friends and whispered in her ear over the music. "We can start early."
As Rena entered the circle and approached Sámiel, something extraordinary happened. The dancers around them, caught in the magnetic pull of their combined energy, began to move closer, forming a tight-knit cluster of bodies. It was as though their individual dances had converged into a shared experience, a moment of unity and connection.

Sámiel, still lost in his seductive trance, extended a hand toward Rena as she drew near, entwining his fingers with hers like destiny's threads. As they danced together, their bodies moved in perfect harmony, as if they had been partners in this cosmic dance from time immemorial.

Their dance was a fusion of energies, a weaving of stories, a blend of two souls finding resonance.

Sámiel's embrace enveloped Rena without interrupting the dance. His arms encircled her with a gentle strength, and they moved together as one. Their eyes met, and in that electric gaze, a silent understanding passed between them—a recognition of something he had forged, the magic he had invoked. He drank in this carnal energy that suffused her very being as one might suction the life force from another being. His kiss was the whisper of darkness, devouring as the void at the end of time and enveloping as a death shroud that covered only them. It was the night, and around them, this thrumming lust radiated among the other dancers, unveiling the natural order of human desire almost all at once, and he was at its center.

Sámiel's eyes, still hauntingly beautiful, remained locked onto Rena's amid the club’s darkness, and in their shared gaze, worlds seemed to collide and merge. They continued to dance with ardor and passion, a silent declaration of ownership of one another.

But just as the intensity of their moment together reached its zenith, an interruption came in the form of another dancer—a figure who seemed to materialize from the shadows of so many bodies. This newcomer, with a confident and seductive allure, moved closer to Sámiel and Rena, drawn by the magnetic energy that radiated from the pair.

Their dance, once an intimate connection between two souls, now became a complex and intricate trio. The newcomer matched their movements with a sensual grace, seamlessly blending into the dance as if they had always belonged there.

Sámiel, Rena, and the mysterious newcomer moved in unison, their bodies entwined in a way that defied convention and expectation. The chemistry between them was palpable, a swirling vortex of passion and curiosity that seemed to pull the entire dance floor into its orbit.
Within the depths of this hallowed eve,
Where fears converge and nightmares weave,
The essence of darkness, fears untamed,
Samhain's dominion is now unchained.

☽ Samyaza ☽☾ Samhain ☽☾ Sámiel ☽☾ Samóch 

The thrumming bass of the music slowly seemed to recede from her hearing, no longer overpowering and overwhelming, warping and twisting until it was thudding through her instead, part of her, rather than around her, pounding, thumping, beating, blending into one single heartbeat. The rhythm pulsed, incessant, unending, eternal, calling, sex and life, God and Devil made incarnate, dark winged angel, his beautiful, loving malevolence peering down at her through black eyes, calling.

Her body throbbed and moved in time with that external heartbeat, his arms and hands and chest and torso and groin against her and rubbing her, exploring, roaming, touching and pulling and pushing, the one-ness forming around them. Onyx black stared, peered, seeming to shift, thinning to slits of a dragon's eye, and she felt herself open, yielding to this dark serpent, breathing sharply as if something were being drawn from her, pulled from her in one long, endless stream, a never ending exhale, an eternal silent, singing scream, of pleasure and pain and spirit and soul.

He seemed to drink it in to himself, making her part of himself, and she felt herself twinned and halved and dancing alongside herself and himself, touching herself and feeling her body, tasting her, breathing her breath, savoring her soul, peering and seeing into her, the dark caves her eyes, gold and diamond and jewels flashing, shining from the deep beyond, every memory, every fear, every hope glittering from the darkness.

Love overwhelmed her, love for herself, for the beauty and taste and purity of her soul, for itself; for the glimpse into herself from the eyes of God and Satan, from the beyond, from being seen and known.

And she was at peace. She lost herself to the rhythm, to the dance, two minds and spirits, intertwined, point and counterpoint, harmony and dissonance, weaving, threads of warp and woof in a tapestry, coupled and tight.

And then another thread wove itself into the cloth, not over or under, but alongside, within and without. Through Sámiel's eyes, she saw them, through Rena's eyes she saw them, and a strange smile played across her lips, and now the two were three.
The newcomer was a striking woman with eyes that glimmered like stars in the night and moved with an alluring grace that seemed to pull the very energy of the room toward her. Her presence added a new dimension to the dance, a touch of the unknown that heightened the intrigue.

She spoke a name into each of their ears, “Luna,” pairing the identity with the curve of a smile not unlike the sickle of her namesake.

As the three dancers moved together, their chemistry was electrifying. Sámiel, Rena, and Luna seemed to anticipate each other's every move, their bodies swaying in harmony with the music. The dance became a symphony of desire, a testament to the sensuality and connection that the night had brought between them.

But as the dance reached its crescendo, the nightclub's lighting system malfunctioned, casting the dance floor into sudden darkness. Then the music abruptly cut out, plunging the entire club into eerie silence. In the pitch-black darkness, the patrons exchanged confused murmurs, their sense of sight stolen by the night's unexpected whims. Yet, the trio, undeterred by the blackout, continued to dance. Sámiel’s movements took on an even more intense and tactile quality in the obscurity. He could feel the rhythm of the music in his bones, and against the bodies that he drew to his own, together they moved in response to the invisible symphony of the night. He felt more powerful than ever.

As the darkness enveloped them, his dance became a dance of touch and sensation, a dance that transcended the visual. His traced their forms with a delicate, exploratory touch, his body moving in response to the invisible energy that bound them together.

((You can keep the music/lights off as long as you want. Or you can say it was caused by whatever. I have no plans other than to inject some chaos. *grin))
Within the depths of this hallowed eve,
Where fears converge and nightmares weave,
The essence of darkness, fears untamed,
Samhain's dominion is now unchained.

☽ Samyaza ☽☾ Samhain ☽☾ Sámiel ☽☾ Samóch 

[[ always with the chaos Tongue I do love the chaos though ]]

The music thumped above his head and the lights flickered, but otherwise he was alone with the silence of the long shadowy corridors. They weren't empty, rooms jut off in various directions people lounged against walls with whatever drug of choice, but the music was only that which rattled the walls from back the way he came. The sounds of sex and drugs were all that was all that generated from the rooms Cruz passed.

The lights flickered again... the darkness lasting longer than usual before flicking back on. Sparks settling down from above from the sudden surge. There was fear coursing through Cruz's veins as he stepped around a couple making out, smoke filtering from the man's mouth as they separated. A shared inhale/exhale with a kiss. Romantic ... mostly. Though Cruz minded his own business and just kept walking steadily through the passage way. He had no destination. Only the half memory of the fear that called and pulled him through whatever Cam had give him earlier. He didn't care where they got off too, if they followed or not he'd find out. He wasn't completely strung out of his mind this time.

The ights flickered again. Sparks rained down from above. The music stopped thumping. Everything was silent in the pitch black of it all. Murmurs from all around echoed in the halls and rooms. But no one dashed or ran for the exits. Whatever it was might be normal. Might not be -- but no one was concerned and soon the sounds resumed their normalness.

Walking wouldn't be a good thing with the number of people he'd seen ahead of him. But he closed his eyes and leaned against the wall. His heart raced in his chest. His blood ran hot and he saw flashes of the skull in his mind, in front of him like a phantom laughing at him. Crying, tearing out it's hair. He wanted to scream but he didn't. It wasn't real, but he wanted it to be.

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